1994 chinook helicopter crash victims names

A Parliamentary inquiry conducted in 2001 found the previous verdict of gross negligence on the part of the crew to be 'unjustified'. The aircraft which crashed had recently been refitted. She had left her husband at RAF Aldergrove earlier in the day and heard a report of the crash on her car radio. “The initial point of impact was 810 feet [250 m] above mean sea level and about 500 metres east of the lighthouse, but the bulk of the aircraft remained airborne for a further 187 metres horizontally north and 90 feet [27 m] vertically before coming to rest in pieces. None of the remaining aircraft in the fleet is being grounded. Video. [16] In doing so, the Government accepted Lord Philip's confirmation that the Controller Aircraft Release (CAR) was "mandated" upon the RAF.

[6] In June 1994, the MoD test pilots at Boscombe Down had refused to fly the Chinook HC.2 until the engines, engine control systems and FADEC software had undergone revision. The 2011 Parliamentary report found the reviewing officers to have failed to correctly adhere to the standard of proof of “absolutely no doubt” in deciding the question of negligence.

All the Chinook aircraft in Northern Ireland operate out of RAF Aldergrove and return there at the end of the day’s tasking. An immediate suspicion that the helicopter could have been shot down by the IRA with their known SA 7 surface-to-air missile capability had been quickly ruled out by investigators. This ruling was subsequently overturned by two senior reviewing officers who said the pilots were guilty of gross negligence for flying too fast and too low in thick fog. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

Earlier on 2 June 1994 the helicopter and crew had carried out a trooping flight, as it was unsafe for British troops to move around in certain parts of Northern Ireland using surface transport at the time because of Provisional IRA attacks.

On 4 January 2010, doubts of the official explanation were raised again with the discovery that an internal MOD document, written 9 months before the incident, described the engine software as ‘positively dangerous’ as it could lead to failure of both engines. [1], Around 18:00, Chinook ZD576 flew into a hillside in dense fog. "[35] It was expected that in a FADEC engine runaway, engine power would become asynchronous and mismatched; yet the investigation found the engines at the crash to have matched settings, decreasing the likelihood of a FADEC malfunction being involved. "The documents became part of the history of the families and the history of Scotland," he said. [26] Nine out of ten witnesses interviewed in the inquiry reported visibility at ground level in the fog as being as low as ten to one hundred metres at the time of the crash, however in-flight visibility may have been more or less than this.

TOP 10 Fatal helicopter crash compilation. The RAF has maintained a fleet of more than 30 Chinook helicopters since 1980.

The explosion scorched surrounding heather and gorse as the helicopter was turned into a huge fireball.

Among the passengers were almost all the United Kingdom's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.

On 25 May 1994 a serious incident occurred indicating the No.2 engine was about to fail.[18][19]. They took off for Inverness at 17:42.

[36], EDS-SCICON was given the task of independently evaluating the software on the Chinook HC.2 in 1993. The Chinook crashed into a hillside near the Mull of Kintyre lighthouse in thick fog.

This resulted in a Serious Fault Signal being sent as a warning to other UK Chinook operating units. 1. [32] In the area around the Mull of Kintyre, the safe altitude would be 2,400 feet (730 m) above sea level, 1,000 feet (300 m) above the highest point of the terrain. The points of impact were shrouded in local cloud with visibility reduced to a few metres, which prevented those witnesses who had heard the aircraft from seeing it.”. [44] Information on speed and height were derived from the position of cockpit dials in the wreckage and the wreckage's condition. Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium.

Knowledge of the CAR had been withheld from the pilots; by withholding this when issuing their Release to Service (RTS) (the authority to fly), the RAF had made a false declaration of compliance with regulations.

Information on speed and height were derived from the position of cockpit dials in the wreckage, and the wreckage’s condition. [24], RAF Visual Flight Rules (VFR) require the crew to have a minimum visibility of 5.5 kilometres above 140 knots, or minimum visibility of one kilometre travelling below 140 knots;[25] if VFR conditions are lost an emergency climb must be immediately flown. It was the worst single loss of life by Britain’s Royal Air Force since the Second World War. On the evening of 2 June 1994, an RAF Chinook military helicopter slammed into a mountainside on the Mull of Kintyre in thick fog, killing all 29 onboard.


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