andrew van de kamp sleeps with bree's boyfriend
Bree soon realizes Sam is emotionally unstable and tries to fire him. Ho, hum, Betty. Orson later tracks down Andrew and gives him fifty dollars, he finds out that Andrew resorted to light prostitution when he was desperate for money, Orson manages to convince him to come home where he is welcomed by his mother and sister. He says that his mother hit him while drunk. ("Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else"), Andrew calls Bree to tell her that she has been nominated for Businesswoman of the Year. [19] There, Rex reveals that Andrew wanted to see him alone because he fears he is gay. She wonders what has happened to Andrew as she has grown accustome to him being gay. Andrew uses his creativity to get Bree into the house. USA ("Everybody Says Don't"), Andrews grandparents come to town and offer to take Andrew away with them, Bree does not want this but he does. The Van de Kamp/Hodge house, 4354 Wisteria Lane. I mean, he did make that statement [that’s he’s bisexual]. On ''Desperate Housewives,'' Andrew finally gets his revenge on Bree by seducing her boyfriend; plus, Susan confesses to Edie, and Gaby and Carlos try to rent Xiao Mei's womb. 20:10. Along with his sister, Andrew notices Bree's increasing alcohol consumption, and uses it against her. Later on, she forgives them both. While drunk driving, Andrew ran over Juanita "Mama" Solis, resulting in her falling into a coma, and ten years later, the end of his mother's second marriage.Andrew gets married to Alex Cominis in season five, but Alex leaves Andrew in season seven. Andrew merely laughs[14] as he is actually developing a relationship with Justin, who confesses to Gabrielle Solis that he and Andrew have been "fooling around" for some time. Bree Weston (née Mason, previously Van de Kamp and Hodge) was Wisteria Lane's resident neurotic and perfectionist homemaker, whose strong resolve and proper demeanor were both her greatest assets, as well as the source of nearly all her personal trouble. Andrew shaved his head after the 1st season. Lynette exercised some similar restraint in her interactions with Tom after she learned he had done something bad involving flowers and ”a show” in Atlantic City. ("In a World Where the Kings Are Employers"), Orson begins to steal things and tells Bree that he will only stop if she sells her company. The time given is accurate to within 10 seconds, excluding commercial breaks. ("Who's That Woman? By the fifth season, a more mature Andrew has inherited traits that he once ridiculed his mother for having, such as blunt sarcasm. Season 2, "I Know Things Now", approx. Eva Longoria Parker, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman star in the soap set on the dangerous Wisteria Lane, Credit: At the hospital, Andrew treats the situation lightly and is yelled at by Orson for doing so. When Andrew comes round, he discovers that Orson has actually been trying to protect Bree, and their relationship returns to normal.


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