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Ao Kuang fled to the Jade Emperor’s court to plead for vengeance, but Nezha followed him there and beat him severely, ripping off 敖廣/敖光, oft auch Ao Kuang) ist in der chinesischen Mythologie die oberste Drachengottheit und der Drachenkönig des östlichen Meeres. Daraufhin schickte der Drachenkönig seinen dritten Sohn Ao Bing, welcher in einer erbitternden Schlacht ebenfalls von Ne Zha getötet wurde. Regardless of which human soldiers the enemy masses, the player will have stronger counters. Obwohl Lu Ban Tag und Nacht arbeitete, hatte er am dritten Tag noch immer nur eine Grundstruktur fertig, ohne jegliche Details und Ornamente. Name: Ao Bing Pronunciation: Aow Peeng Alternative names: Ao Ping. Due to the people's immense fear of the dragon king and his sons, they have never reported Ao Guang's actions to the Jade Emperor. Ao Guang (chin. Ao Guang, also called Ao Kuang, is the Dragon King of the East Sea in Chinese mythology. The pilot can manually shorten the duration of the flight at any time, which will cause the Ao Guang to land and stop firing its built-in missile launch… Dies ist der Grund, warum Tempel und Paläste in China meist mit Drachen verziert sind[3]. Range: 8 meters. In der Lotos-Sutra ist seine Tochter Longnü. Dragon Scales East Sea Nezha’s Defeat This weapon was originally a tool for measuring the depth of sea water used by Yu the Great in his flood control and treatment efforts; hence its ability to vary its shape and length. Crush Should you wish to use these images, commerically or otherwise, please contact me. Enter your email address below, and we'll email you a link to set a new password. Major gods Als der Affenkönig Sun Wukong auf der Suche nach einer mächtigen Waffe war, erfuhr er von einer mächtigen Waffe im Palast des Drachenkönigs Ao Guang. Annoyed, the Dragon-God set forth his favorite scout to kill the child, but Nezha defended himself and the scout was slain. 4 Pierce (Copyright notice.) 80%. Doch da er festgenagelt war, konnten sie ihn nicht vom Boden lösen. Um die Leben Vieler zu retten, opferte sich Ne Zha schließlich selbst. When Dragon Fangs is activated the robot rises into the air with increased flight speed of 61 km/h, gains 80% damage resistance from all weapontypes for the duration of the flight, and can damage enemies with a built-in homing missile launcher. Furious, Ao Kuang ordered his third son to destroy Nezha, yet Nehza slew him as well. Dort angekommen bat Sun Wukong Ao Guang nach Waffen, die seinen Fähigkeiten ebenbürtig waren. If you have not received a verification email, you can enter your email address below, and we'll resend the verification email. He was just preparing to take over from his retiring father and ascend the throne when he was killed by Nezha. After a long discussion on the matter with his friend, Ao Guang, by now extremely angry, ascended to the heavens to state the issue to the Jade Emperor. When Wukong neared the pillar, it began to glow, signifying that the Monkey King was its true owner. Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders. In this form, Ao Bing rides around the Eastern Sea on his war stead, Bi Shui Shou (逼水兽 bī shuǐ shòu), which is said to resemble a rhinoceros. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. [3][4][5][6], Ao Guang ist auch eine Figur in dem berühmten chinesischen Roman Die Reise in den Westen. Hit points Human Soldiers and Navy. Da die Leute den mächtigen Drachenkönig fürchteten, erzählten sie dem Jadekaiser nicht von seinen Untaten und brachten Ao Guang weiterhin Opfer dar. So enjoy the new build i made for ya. Ao Kuang is a Mythic Age Chinese minor god in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Technologies Speed Ao Kuang Chinese After discussing the matter with his friend for a long period of time in a state of great anger, he ascended to the heavens to state the issue to the Jade Emperor. Introduced in sun-and-wu . Ao Guang (chin. Er kommt in den klassischen chinesischen Romanen Die Reise nach Westen und Fenshen Yanyi vor. This website is created and hosted by's Site Builder. In the dragon palace, he tried out several kinds of heavenly weapons, many of which bent or completely broke as he wielded them. Azure Dragon Dragon Turtle Despite his defeat, Ao Kuang is still revered as the most important dragon king. Nezha, wishing to free them, offers the dragons all of his internal organs in exchange for his parents. Another famous dragon king was known as the White Dragon, or Pai Lung. Found this site useful? Wukong solicits Ao Guang's aid later in the journey to overcome Red Boy, a demon that had captured Tang Sanzang. Ao Guang stimmte zu, ihm den Palast drei Tage lang zu leihen. All images shown on this website are watermarked for a reason, they are original art work created by the artist shown at the bottom of each image, and are the property of 敖廣 bzw. After Ao Guang's favorite investigator Li Gen and third son Ao Bing were both killed by Nezha, Ao Guang set out to talk to Nezha's father, Li Jing. After Yu left, it remained in the sea and became the "Pillar holding down the sea", an unmovable treasure of the undersea palace of Ao Guang. Ao Guang personally agreed to Nezha's resolution with happiness and brought his internal organs to the Jade Emperor. 敖光, auch Ao Kuang ) ist in der chinesischen Mythologie der Drachenkönig des Östlichen Meeres. The story tells that his tendons were made into a belt by the young hoodlum. In der Astrologie wird er mit dem Azurdrachen identifiziert. Als eines Tages die Gottheit Ne Zha, auch bekannt als Der Dritte Lotusprinz, an dem Ufer des östlichen Gewässers wusch, versuchte er sich an seiner neuen Waffe, dem Kosmischen Rad, wobei er dabei ungewollt eine große Erschütterung im Meer verursachte. Ao Guang provides torrential rain in an attempt to stop Red Boy's fire but the fire could not be stopped by ordinary water. Der Drache nahm den Vorschlag an und gab die Organe an den Jadekaiser weiter.[2]. Seiten, die Referenzierungsfehler enthalten, In addition to the magic staff, Wukong also forced Ao Guang to give him other magical gifts; including golden chain mail, a phoenix-feather cap, and cloud-walking boots. Amphibious: Can travel on both land and water. Please do not steal. Tale of the Dragon Princely son of Ao Guang, the royal Dragon of the Eastern Ocean. Recharge time: 20 seconds. For land battles, he also grants Dragon Scales which provides more hack armor to infantry, archers and cavalry units. He also wields a powerful halberd called Fang Tian Hua Ji (方天画戟 fāng tiān huà jǐ), which legend says holds the spirits of the Eight Wild Fire Dragons (八荒火龙之灵 bā huāng huǒlóng zhī líng) and is hot to the touch.


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