best double stack subcompact 9mm

It has got cheaper too. Thank you to subscribers, Patreon supporters.

These guns are, in our humble opinion, the best subcompact 9mm pistols you can find out there. The Sig XRay3 day/night sights sit atop a stainless steel slide that marries concealability and a decent grip in all conditions. An optional 12-round extended magazine is available as well. One is, it’s very easy, rounds per ounce. With every manufacturer getting in on the exploding interest in self-defense pistols, there has been a flood of new subcompact guns in recent years.

For what it is worth, my LC9 has the Lasermax sight which I find completely useless.

Other than grip length and overall width the Glock 43 is similar in size to the Glock 26, however, it’s easier to shoot and handle with it’s longer, thinner grip.

But, there’s a three way tie between the XD suncompact, the XDM or the XD Mod 2. • Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011 Target acquisition is quicker, but you lose precision over 20 yards. And it beats several double stack guns on the list. Like most Glock weapons, our testers found the gun to shoot consistently, with controllable repoil and quality sights. There is a slight stagger in that mag too. To make things fair, I’m going to do a little mini top three of just the single stack guns. You can’t go wrong with the LC9S in my opinion, but see if you can take one for a test drive at a range.

It’s a different kind of carry handgun to the polymer-framed subcompact pistols and their largely internal safeties.

That’s why I read these articles…to help me narrow down choices. It’s a simple frame-mounted thumb safety, a cross-bolt safety that gives the micro-compact champion an added dimension.

Glocks outsell everything because they’re reliable, accurate, simple and basically the white goods of the firearms world.

Trigger with short travel distance (a short travel distance increases the speed the trigger can be fired) and easily identifiable and short reset point; Trigger with a smooth consistent press for every shot (less need to transition between presses & make adjustments); 4.

The two things really aren’t meant to go together and you need the included moonclips to make it work at all., Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 3.3” And it beats several double stack guns on the list. My first carry was the LC9S. The subcompact 9mm Walther shoots great. Even the sturdiest holster will struggle with an unreasonably heavy gun. We really like how you don’t have to completely release the trigger in order to fire follow-on shots thanks to the safety system.

This excellent grip makes the pistol easy to shoot accurately and handle even when in a quick response scenario, and when coupled with the easy-to-use thumb safety is a big plus for a concealed carry pistol. While night sights would likely be preferable many situations, the stock sights on the M&P are very good. That gives us room to manoeuvre and include a couple of options you might not have considered, without just rehashing our list of the best compact pistols for EDC in 9mm Luger. Even the grip angle seems better, a bit…. The magazines are proprietary, and quality too. Whatever your lawful purpose and practical need, subcompacts provide you a solid, reliable platform for deep-concealment primary and backup guns.

Custom Glock, 27 Best Concealed Carry Guns For Sale – 2019 – USA Gun Shop, Springfield Armory Hellcat: The Sig P365 Killer? So it’s about finding you a concealed carry gun, not getting a cheap deal or even necessarily the right model. Truthfully the palm swell of the single stack M&P Shield simply fits some people better.

})(); "Col Ben" is retired with 30 years service in the U.S. Air Force, with joint services Special Ops duty and training, and is Air Force qualified as "Expert" in small arms. to just a few, thus 14. The Hellcat is coming on strong and the optics ready version, with a slide prepped for the mini reflex site, is really finding a home. That probably adds a little bit more width to the slide and makes it really a larger gun. All of our testers were able to put together tight groupings at 10 & 15 yards that would be more than acceptable in self-defense or concealed carry situations. It more or less flew under the radar when it came out, but since then it has garnered a really strong following and is considered one of the best subcompact 9mm pistols that you can buy today. If you were going for the single stack anyway, this is nicer to hold and operate., Taurus Millennium PT-140 G2 * This personal opinion article is meant for general information & educational purposes only and the author strongly recommends that you seek counsel from an attorney for legal advice and your own personal certified weapons trainer for proper guidance about shooting & using YOUR firearms, self-defense and concealed carry. - USA Gun Shop, 25 Cheap Guns on Sale Now - August 2019 - USA Gun Shop, Best 10mm Concealed Carry Handguns For Sale in 2019 - USA Gun Shop,, 11 Cheaper, Better Glock Alternatives - USA Gun Shop, 19 Best 9mm Compact Handguns For EDC - 2020 - USA Gun Shop, Coronavirus Ammunition Shortage: Where to Bulk Buy Ammo - USA Gun Shop, 14 Best Online Gun Stores in the USA - USA Gun Shop, The Best Glock For Sale in 2020 - USA Gun Shop, The Ultimate Home Defense 3-Gun Kit - USA Gun Shop, Does The Taurus Judge Polymer Work?

Can you narrow the options down to 3 or 4 to chose from?

Kimber’s new striker-fired pistol has caused quite the stir. If you don’t care about the cost, then you’re one of the elite few that can justify the additional bucks that goes into the Heckler & Koch VP9SK. They’re great pistols – and the Glock 19 has been a law enforcement staple since its introduction in 1983., Smith & Wesson M&P45c

With size, again, we divide into capacity but the number we divide in is the height of the gun times the width of the gun in inches. A ported slide means you’re well on your way to a custom Sig P365 for a few extra bucks.

Our testers put a lot of ammo through the XD-S Mod.2, and it proved to be a very reliable pistol at the range Given Springfield’s history in the firearm industry they know how to craft a pistol that will serve you for years.

That $75 mod is in our custom Sig P365 parts, accessories and upgrades post here. Mar 14, 2016, Stay in the know with the Personal Defense World newsletter, Biden Doubles Down on Assault Weapon Ban Days Before Election, SCCY DVG-1: The 9mm Pistol That Puts 10+1 in a Sub-$300 Package, Kimber Moves Corporate Headquarters From New York to Alabama, Stevens 320 Thumbhole Security: Defense Shotgun Gets New Stock, Gun News, Gun Reviews, and Self Defense Tips, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our.

Our team took a close look at each of the below subcompacts and believe most shooters who want to carry and conceal a self-defense firearm should consider one of the below.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanfirearms_org-box-4','ezslot_2',123,'0','0'])); They’re small enough to conceal easily, provide a quality shooting experience, have solid sights and are accurate out of the box.

The more bullets a gun carries, the heavier it will be. The fit and finish are near perfect, enhanced night sights are already in place and you just know it’s going to look good for years. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanfirearms_org-leader-1','ezslot_6',126,'0','0'])); One of the biggest pluses of the Sig P365 Subcompact is its short and smooth trigger pull.


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