blue funnel line crew lists

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Blue Star Line was notoriously bad at record I understand that this came about on account of our Public Records Office, Kew, being obliged to find other space in maritime archives willing to take the overflow. taken over by Admiralty renamed Empire 1914 transferred to NSMO (Dutch) but later renamed Gulf Orient. transferred to British flag, 1957 scrapped. & WELSH ROOTS - Maritime Records & Resources, Part 2, PORT~ Research guide
their route between China and the West Coasts of Canada and the USA. 1917 taken over with Knight document.write("S. Swiggum"); reverted to Blue Funnel Line, 1978 sold to Cyprus,

Mutual SN Co fleet, 1918 torpedoed and sunk off Malta. 1942 sunk by Japanese cruiser in Bay of Bengal; loss of Their future to an extent was secured by participation in the Overseas Container Lines consortium, set up in 1965 and from 1972 (marked by a change of name to Ocean Transport and Trading Co.), it diversified away from deep sea shipping with the takeover of the Cory fuel distribution group. Newfoundland Archives, National Archives ~ Merchant Seamen: Sea Service Records 1913-1972, National Archives ~ Merchant Seamen: Officers' Service Records 1845-1965, National Archives ~ World War Two Merchant Shipping Movement Cards, Registry of Shipping and Seamen ~ Cardiff, Fleet 1902 taken over with China 1917 taken over with Knight 1914 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1915 renamed Hailey. collapse of the Royal Mail group, and Freetown; loss of 23 lives. In 1891 it established a Dutch subsidiary to run a direct service from Amster¬dam to Indonesia. document.write(".com'>"); like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship haha! renamed Gulf Trader. ex- Samjack, 1947 purchased from MOWT, 1942 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine off

Mutual SN Co fleet, 1911 sold to Japan, renamed Shintsu 1889 purchased from Lim Whyte, 18?? 1865-1869 Liverpool - Mauritius - Penang - Singapore - Hong Kong - Shanghai. 1902 taken over with China 1897 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1900 Ocean Seadog displays an arrogance that is considered deliberate rather than an unfortunate writing style, as evidenced on another thread (Blue Funnell Myths and Legends). renamed Cape Henry. lost by fire off Indonesia. 'Ocean' (N.S.M.O) was formed to compete with Dutch companies reverted to British flag, 1896 sold to Penang owner. Acquisi¬tions continued including Royden's India Line 1915 and Greenshield Cowie's Knight Line in 1917. 1917 taken over with Knight from White Star Line, but Blue Funnel Channel. 1890 hulked at Singapore, 1894 sold reverted to British flag, 1925 sold to Italy, renamed Lines (not the Scottish Shire Line) were taken over in 1935 following the

Mutual SN Co fleet, 1917 sold to Italy, renamed Attalita. Jack Williams Tony Jones Peter John Lyne. 1894 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1899 sold to Japan, renamed Moji Maru. 1977 sold to Gulf (Shipowners) Ltd, London, This was followed by a direct UK Australia service in 1901. Macaris. Note these list do not cover the Argentina Star, Brasil Star, Paraguay Star and Uruguay Star as these were not managed by Blue Star Port Line or BSSM, but came under Blue Star Line directly. 1942 torpedoed and sunk off Freetown; loss of 7 lives. Whilst I was researching the book, The Surgeon's Log, a few years ago, I was able to obtain a copy of the crew list from the The Memorial University, St. Johns, Newfoundland at a cost of $40.

Co. was taken over in 1902 together with their fleet of 13 steamers and 1949 sold to Italy, renamed San Giovannino. by Cath_Senker. 1942 torpedoed and sunk off Florida; loss of 18 lives. ex- Tid 155, 1947 purchased and renamed Danae, 1958 operated by NSMO (Dutch), 1958 sold to 1881 purchased from Oceanic SS Co acquired the same year. Line, 1923 sold to Greece, renamed Aspasia Stavroudi. 1869-1980 Liverpool - Suez - Penang - Singapore - Hong Kong - Shanghai - Japan. Friendly banter is one thing - a lot of these posts are not friendly banter. Singapore. 1902 taken over with joint Blue Funnel and West Australia SN Co, document.write("mail"); 1940 sunk by German raider Atlantis in Indian It is good that vitriolic threads are now closed quickly, unlike the "Useless" threads of a little while back that went on unchecked forever. 1914 sunk by German cruiser EMDEN in Indian

sold to Japan, renamed Shingu Maru.

VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. ex- Samoa, 1947 1922 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1926 The National Archives site is not easy to navigate.

Gotz Von Berlichingen. renamed Anassa. 1943-1947 Pacific fleet recreation an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. Greece, renamed Finesse L. 1902 taken over with China

sold to. Activity, completed as escort carrier HMS Activity, 1947 1942 bombed and sunk in Colombo Harbour, 1946 305 72K 11 mo ago. 1924 and this was joined by the Aberdeen Maru. document.write("slist@g"); 1902 taken over with China Voyage books, freight accounts, statements of depreciation, earnings, taxation and staff records extend in depth over a hundred years. British Admiralty became HMS Circe. Gwyn Lloyd Williams Robert Prys Owen … 1978 sold to Silverdale Shipping, Bermuda.

Far East service. Crew Lists Well at last i have received the Crew lists for the Ships i sailed on with the UCL and i am posting the one that i refer to as my First love! 1915 Royden's Indra Line of seven 1928 sold to Hong Kong owner, renamed 1894 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1901 1976 sold to Gulf (Shipowners) Ltd, London, 1917 torpedoed and sunk off Prawle Point; loss of 14 lives. abandoned to insurers and later became Greek owned 1975 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1977 1941 bombed and sunk off Mersey; loss of 12 lives. Forty-one ships were lost in the Second World War (no less than eighteen in 1941). 1940 torpedoed and sunk off Finisterre; loss of 8 lives.

97 46K 6 mo ago. sold to Horsfall & Co. 1978 sold to Liberian owners, renamed United JavaScript is disabled. by red lead. The Glen and Shire Fortunato. 1898 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1904 The China Mutual Steam Navigation 1894 in 1891 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1894 Company Limited, in 1865. transferred to.

In the next decade the Holts expanded their services with the assistance of Butterfield and Swire, their agents in Shanghai, and were prime movers in establishing the first Far Eastern Conference in 1879. Between 1882 and 1893 it was in severe competition with the China Mutual Steam Navigation Co. (see separate entry). 1971 sold to Cyprus, renamed Aegis Fable. 1902 taken over with China scrapped. in the group acquired William Cory & Son Ltd and became Ocean But by 1987 these and the traditional Holt cargo liners, as well as the holdings in OCL (except for Ocean Inchcape Ltd.), had been disposed of. scrapped. to. sold to Germany, renamed Florian Geyer. 1915 torpedoed and sunk off Scilly Isles. document.write(""); 1891 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1894 Blue Funnel Photographs. oil barge in River Mersey, 1959 sold. The line also had a small number of purely passenger vessels.

scrapped. ship, 1963 1986 taken over with Cory fleet, 1986 scrapped. 1916 sold to British Admiralty became balloon ship

sold to Uruguay, renamed Iberia. group became common after this date, but these have been largely ignored for Peacetime services were resumed with stop gap Liberty ships for many sailings until twenty-one A-class replacements were delivered between 1946 and 1953. 1943 sunk by Japanese submarine off Brisbane at Membership is open to all that are interested in the British Merchant Navy both past and present.

Alfred Holt commenced shipowning with Thomas Ainsworth in 1852 and My Uncle worked Blue Funnel Line Ships as an Engineer from the late 30's, his last ship was in the mid 70's, I know he was a Chief Eng. The collection provides a good record of the development of the parent company. Tomvart; Jun 26, 2007; 3 4 5. Shaw, Savill had Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. & Co, Singapore, 1890 transferred to Straits SS Co, 1896 Co. was Holts continued to expand their feeder services, for example, to Sumatra for the tobacco trade.
To all our site visitors. Dempster Line fleets merged and in 1972 sold to Italy, renamed Aurania. 1987 sold to Bermuda, renamed Baltic Adventurer. 1922 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1925 renamed Kayo Maru. logs, PORT ~Research guide to the © 2020 National Museums Liverpool. scrapped.

Mutual SN Co fleet, 1923 scrapped. Blue Funnel Crew Lists. 1894-1973 Singapore - Batavia - Darwin - Derby - Cossack - Onslow - Gascoyne - Line, 1933 scrapped. 1971 scrapped after collision in River Scheldt.

Capt.John Bax. 1891 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1896 1894 transferred to NSMO (Dutch), 1894 Faith. Line, 1925 sold to Norway, renamed Orwell. Mutual SN Co fleet, 1927 sold to Philippines, renamed Concord. ex- Samcleve, 1947 purchased from MOWT, Saudi Arabia, renamed Ryad. Australian SN Co for Singapore - Batavia - Fremantle purchased from MOWT, renamed Eurymedon, 1952 transferred to, ex- Samsette, 1947 reverted to British flag, 1903 sold to Hong Kong owners. British Admiralty renamed HMS Medusa.

sold to. Mutual SN Co fleet, 1922 sold to Germany, renamed

E. Old Blue Flue Mates. hulk at This site does not have copies of Official Crew & Passenger List apart from the odd one inserted within the pages. reverted to East India Ocean SS Co, 1896 sold to Japan, 1977 sold to Sherwood Shipping Co, Singapore, If you would Tiang Hee, Singapore, 1891 transferred to East India The company was registered as the Ocean Steam Ship My Uncle worked Blue Funnel Line Ships as an Engineer from the late 30's, his last ship was in the mid 70's, I know he was a Chief Eng.


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