bts bon voyage season 1 episode 1 english sub

Aku gk bisa download nih... Pleaseee... Hehehheeee . Their special moment on the last day of trip. Haloooooooooooooooooo!!! I LOVE YOU, bisa kok ^^ biar lebih gampang buka lewat komputer ya, Terimakasih banyak udah mau berbagi, dan reviewnya sangat jelas sekali.. Aku yg belum nonton sekalipun tetep bisa ngerti hehehe, Hi :) I just want to ask why can't I download the video :(( Please help me :((. As the nature of New Zealand embraces the members, how will their newest adventure unfold?

Surprise Party (S01E01) is the first episode of season one of "BTS: Bon Voyage" released o... More Surprise Party (S01E01) is the first episode of season one of "BTS: Bon Voyage" released on Tue Jul 05, 2016.

(with TaeTae's adventure) ... Live Commentary - Season 1 Episode 1. date unkown. Saya sangat senang. tp kenapa gak bisa di download ya min?makasih. Another friendship trip is waiting for them.

Di sini doang di upgrade terus: ').

Humorous and playful tour over the mountains and seas! ditungggu review bon voyage season 2 nya cingu.

How will their journey to the wintery nature unfold? Season 1.


! The first season was aired on July 5, 2016, and took place in Northern Europe.

BeautyTemplates | Distributed By Gooyaabi Templates. BTS had unforgettable dinner at a special restaurant during the last night of the trip. After two eventful days of camping, the members set out to see the incredible glaciers of New Zealand!

From playing games after games at one luxurious stay to enjoying a variety of outdoor activities, what does the free time have in store for the members? What kind of things will happen on their third friendship trip?

How would BTS feel for their first helicopter ride?

aku nyari episode 8 dari atas sampe bawah ga ketemu.

Waikiki's night is more beautiful than your day, A night in Valletta with full of friendship. Limit mulu :(, Min ep 1 2 3 4 5 7 kok gak bisa di download... tolong dong min.....

A trip of their own finally kicks off with a bang! kak kok gak bisa didownload ya? It shows them in everyday situations that every traveller encounters and offers a unique insight into members' lives. What did they write on a bit embarrassing but honest letter?


hiks, udh kaga bisa dibuka lagi min :( pdahal blm sempet ngedownload (gegara keasyikan nonton >_<), cek aja di alamat itu.. nanti ada behind camnya ^^, behind the camnya juseyooo hihihi ^^ akhirnya nemu juga bon voyagenya bts,nyari di yutub rada susah yaa,susah bgt malahgomawoo udh post dr review sm linknyaa. ululuh... gue ngerasa tua ... Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "AWAKE" - BTS JIN SOLO (WINGS ALBUM), Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "NOT TODAY" - BTS [You Never Walk Alone Album], Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "SERENDIPITY" - Jimin BTS (Comeback Trailer 'HER' Album), Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "MIC DROP" - BTS (Love Yourself Album), Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "KO KO BOP" - EXO, DOWNLOAD FULL ENGSUB BTS BON VOYAGE SEASON 1, Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "DNA" - BTS (Love Yourself Album), LIRIK LAGU DAN TERJEMAHAN INDONESIA "BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS" - BTS [WINGS ALBUM], Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "SPRING DAY" - BTS [You Never Walk Alone Album], Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "BEAUTIFUL" - Crush (Ost.

belum download ini :'(, Aku udh pernah download bbrp eps tp skg mau nyoba lg download ko ga bisa ya? Could they make it to the lodging safely? by

Let's have a look together at their last night of the blissful trip!

Woyyyy !!

Then each member wrote letter to themselves. pdhl aku udh pake IDM tulisannya limit harus tunggu 24 jam, bisa kasi solusi gak kak? thankyou, Aku juga begitu kok, tapi aku tunggu besok nya udh bisa lagi hehe^^ Btw makasih ya minnnnn ♡♡♡♡, izin download ya kak... makasi banyak *bow*. tolong balas comment aku yaa min.. terimakasih.. min re upload dong tapi beda judul di daily motionnya biar ga ke ban lagi.

Once more, THANK YOU SO MUCH.Kalo bisa nanti season2 nya di share juga ya~ hehehe, kaaa update lagii yaah pliss ga kedonlot semua soalnya makasiiihh 사랑해요, ka kalo bisa bon voyage season 2 juga ya kak, makasih bgt aku kak klo emg beneran. The videos was claimed by Naver ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ sedih belum sempet download .. so ottoke ottoke??

iya kak, aku juga sama harus nunggu 24 jam terus. :), lahh, bisa kok. They have arrived after 18 hours of long journey and exciting day in Malta begins!

taunya disini adaa. Later in the day, members experience the outdoor activities that they craved, and to find out who is the bravest of all!

Kak tolong perbaharui yahh saya baru nemu blog ini soalnya terimakasihh, Kak pleaseee eps 7 gabisaa di downloaddd.. reupload kak pleasee , sebelumnya makasih min udah baik hati ngasih link nya :). What happened in Bergen? TerimaKasih Min, Aaaakkkkk makasiiiihhh min gils gegara pusing sama bon voyage season2 , dahal season1 belom nonton. The following BTS: Bon Voyage Episode 1 English SUB has been released. Gimana min? gomawo yo..... kepjjang bange nih mimin-nya sangat membantu army yang low budget seperti saya lolllll ditunggu min bon voyage season 2 nyaaa!~~~, kak sumoah aku cari cari ga ada lohh. Thank You.

Kak yang episode 6 nya gabisa didownload ya?

Gue balik lagi kedunia bon voyage setelah hiatus dari review Bon Voyage Season 2 ! Ada link lainnya buat nonton bts bon voyage? They reunite with V again who came all the way alone. makasih yaa.. aku udah lama nyari gak ketemu mulu kena banned. How precious would it be to have memories while spending time separately and together?

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behind scene nya semua ga bisa di download ? Kutunggu bon voyage season 2:))), bon voyage season 2 nya ditunggu ya kaaak, loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dah buat kakak :) <3, Kak thx video bon voyage season 1,:), Tapi, kak bentar lagi kan bts bon voyage season 2 keluar, cepat di upload ya kak kita semua menunggumu :) :)THANK YOU KAKAK KU TUNGGU BON VOYAGE SEASON 2 :):):), ROMANIZATION [Jimin] Nae pi ttam nunmul nae majimag chumeul Da gajyeoga ga, ROMANIZATION [Punch] Naui du nuneul gameumyeon tteooreuneun geu nundongja. Berlangganan update artikel terbaru via email: thank youuu... memang jarang sih ngomen disini tp aku makasih bgt kalau km mau ngepost behind-nya, makasih... aku mau behind camnya juga dong, Keep working dear, youve done a great work here.


gue apdet 1/2 hari set... [BUDAYAKAN MEMBACA SEBELUM MEMULAI!] Goblin), Lirik Lagu Dan Terjemahan Indonesia "STAY WITH ME" - Chanyeol (EXO) ft Punch (Ost. akhirnya keluar juga Bon Voyage yang ketiga ! Pit-a-pat.

Hehe.. *mianhae*, kan itu sebagian HQ :))yang behind cam nya aja yg enggak karena rata2 behind yang di upload gak HQ, Kak yang eps 5 kok ga bisa??? kalau mimin punya waktu+kuota tolong share yak min.

At last, it's the adventure of BTS, by BTS, for BTS! makasih min. The only RESPECTABLE places to watch Bon Voyage is either VLive or Weverse.

. Balas. As they camp out for the first time in the wintry night of September, can the members spend the night safe and sound? Makasih banyak min ������, hello thanks bgt udda upload video ini. itu kan pake google drive, Min pengen nanya. Sama aku mau link yg behind cam nya. i still dont know many things about them (bts), and its so difficult for me because i came from japanese fandom world, i really have zero information and guess what, your blogs saving me, now i feel full of them, i would like to thank you for sharing your collections, keep it update so anytime maybe there is a stray cat like me will bump in here too someday, i really mean it, thank you so much, Created with , reupload lagi dong huhu TT jgn link dari youtube kalo bisa TT, kaga bisa didownload.

Lav you ❤ ehe ehe. BTS: Bon Voyage is a reality show about members of South Korean boy band BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) travelling.

Ep 1 2 3 4 5 7 gak bisa di download tolong dong min... bisa semua kok.budayakan membaca ya..di atas sudah dijelaskan :), maaf min, mau tanya kalo "quota exceeded" itu maksudnya gimana ya? It shows them in everyday situations that every traveller encounters and offers a unique insight into members' lives. yaampun kak makasih banyak ya kak, Min makasih yak udah mau nge share BonVoyage dll disini. ternyata waktu kucoba lagi akhirnya bisa... Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang. The members headed to Gozo Island to enjoy Malta’s sea and activities there.


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