cage size for 6 budgies
on or cut by (believe me they will find them if they are there!). roadsides which can absorb traffic fumes). The Prevue Hendryx Signature Select Series Wrought Iron Bird Cage (Small) is the perfect size cage for two budgies. One parakeet would need a minimum of 18' x 18", so I just multiplied 18 x 6 to get 108. So once you have found the budgie cages that fit these requirements you Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The most important thing about the As an affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases made from links on this site. Id say that is a pretty perfect cage for 2 budgies!! You are going to If on the other hand you plan to let your budgie outside of their cage for some exercise for two or more hours a day. Not just any cage will work! Cage size I'm considering getting a budgie and was wondering if a cage with the dimensions: 30"L by 18.25"W by 33.75"H My family members believe it's too big but from my research it seems to be an appropriate size confronted with budgie cages of every shape, size and colour how do you For single budgie, the recommended cage size is 50x50x50 cm, about 18.5 inches). The perch should not have any sharp edges, and avoid the sand perches as they can hurt your birds feet. tight gap, panic and hurt itself badly. fits all the following guidelines and will work perfectly, but make sure available and not just the empty seed husks! Make sure there is one at least The cage size is very important. closer together at some points. The single Remember, the bigger the better, wider is usually the best as budgies usually like to fly horizontaly. Remember that the cage will be your pet budgie’s permanent home, so make it the best as it can be. Unfortunately, most cages are made to be taller than they are wide, so you may not have a choice. If you multiply these together you get the volume of the cage. safe for your bird, so start with the ones that are specifically for This cage comes with two stainless steel feeder cups that can be mounted in the cage by the two easy access feeder doors. The internal dimensions of the cage are 24″ L X 22″ W 29″ H. At 15,312 cubic inches the volume of this cage almost exactly matches the 15,300 cubic inch cage size recommended to comfortably house four budgies. All the information on this website - - is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. And when not in use the play top neatly folds back into the cage. These allow plenty or variation in size and texture to exercise the The included stand comes with a storage shelf and built in casters. Your budgie could slip its foot into a The next necessary items are the feeders. they get Avoid rope , plastic straws, and carboard toys as this can be a choking hazard for your budgies. easy is it to remove the perches for an occasional scrub or disinfect? And if you desire the casters provide a convenient means to move the cage from room to room. It is also best to make sure that the cage is not coated with toxic paint or varinish. The A&E Cage Company 24″ X 22″ Play Top Bird Cage is the perfect size cage for keeping four budgies. The cage your Ringneck is in is a great cage; do you have room for something similar for the budgies? Mirrors also works, but can cause psychological problem, as it can cause your bird to bond more with the mirrors and instead of you or other birds (Birds are not usually aware of their own reflection in the mirror and think that it is another bird that they are looking at). So looks like a good one =] and what a cool present for christmas a budgie! Some chew toy, such as a mineral block/ Cuttle bone. where the feeders sit in relation to the perches. And the storage shelf provides a nice location to store bird food and any other accessories to keep them out of the way. on. Even though budgies are a relatively small bird, they still need a larger cage than some people are lead to believe. just slide up and down without a catch to hold them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The cage size is very important. Return to You may find a different type of cage that A good sized cage will allow a budgie to make two or more wing beats, so they can stretch their wings and fly. doing it less than you really need to, so make sure your budgie cage Like most birds, lovebirds will need a large cage so they don’t become stressed. As an affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases made from links on this site. then you can think about necessary features such as perches and feed containers. wider is best- so if you can find a "flight" cage with 1/2 bar spacing that's nice & wide, get it! Check how the door opens and closes, budgies learn how to open the doors that With It also comes with an optional wood stand, lightproof cover, and bird bath. this in mind, do you think the cage is big enough? The bars should be no more than 1 centimeters apart to prevent your bird from getting its head stuck. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. If your budgie will spend most of its time in a cage then you should be saving up for a flight cage. Remember, the bigger the better, wider is usually the best as budgies usually like to fly horizontaly. wires is that they are close enough that the budgie cannot squeeze its Choosing a cage for your budgie can be a daunting task. I have an interest in web development, UI, and UX design. The play hook is another nice feature of this cage, the hook will be a great location to hang your budgies favorite treats or toys. doors some cages have to put the feed containers in through. There are some good know which one is best? How The two ladders are curved and cross the entire cage from front to back. This also applies to the outside of the cage as well. I prefer bowl types (though not so good for determined to breed hens who may try to use them as nests) The Geo Bird Cage from Omlet (Buy Online) is a beautiful bird cage with a unique geodesic design . As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. millet sprays and cuttlefish. Return from Budgie Cages to Budgie Care 101 thats what i got last year, and i have loved them ever since. last but not least is how will it accommodate a few special toys. Cage Requirement there are no sharp edges or pointy bits that your budgie can get caught And the flared out seed guard will help contain any messes your budgies may try to make. SOVRN//Commerce and Clickbank are also used to earn fees on some links on this website The Pet Supply Guy also partcipates in the Walmart, Ebay affilate programs where we earn from qualifying purchases. budgies and go from there. And for three budgies a 11000-12000 cubic inch cage will suffice. The internal dimensions of the cage are 18″ L X 18″ W 31.5″ H. At 10,206 cubic inches the volume of this cage more than meets the recommended 9,720 cubic inches required for two budgies. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I like to use branches from non-poisonous trees. Then in that case you might be able to get away with getting a slightly smaller cage. From there you can work out the minimum size by having a volume of 3800 cubic inches (62271 cubic cm) per budgie. If you have all six in one cage, you'll need one huge cage, for example, 18" x 108". Please consider carefully the size you get as it will determine how active your budgie can be and this will effect the health and happiness of your bird. So much depends on how much out-of-cage they would get. And if you ever need to move the cage, the stand is very portable thanks to the built in casters. For single budgie, the recommended cage size is 50x50x50 cm, about 18.5 inches). yummies. That’s why it’s very important that you try to get the largest cage you can comfortably fit within your home, and your budget. Well, firstly, it needs perches for your bird to sit and sleep and play Now you have narrowed the choice down to a few budgie cages that are The easiest way to do this safe and practical it is time to think about yourself! The large perch can easily hold four budgies, and it has two spots to hold water and food bowls. Size instead of wondering the smallest size (24 x 24 is the min for two), start at the minimum and go up fom there. down the vertical ones if it likes). The cage has a large floor to ceiling front door, which will provide you with a way to get quick access to anywhere in the cage. With this in mind, we recommend […], Table of Contents What are Bird Years?Budgie Age in Human YearsCockatiel Years to Human YearsBirds Age ListHow Long do Parakeets Live?How Long do Cockatiels Live?How Long do Parrots Live?How Long do Macaws Live?How Long do Lovebirds Live?How Long do Finches Live?How Long do African Greys Live?How Long do Conures Live?What Bird Lives the […]. good choice (then your bird can climb the horizontal ones and slide The cage comes with three stainless steel feeder cups, and it has three easy access swing out feeder doors. The first feature of a budgie cage that you should consider is the size. A nesting box is only needed if you are plan on breeding your budgies. how easy is it to remove the base and replace any lining your use? The play top has a large staircase and a perch. A cage cover isn’t really needed, but if your house is in a nosy area, the cover will help your budgie sleep at night without any distractions. The biggest budgie The two large doors on top of the cage allow your budgies to move easily from inside the cage to the top of the cage. Change ). Check This cage also has a very large front door so you can easily reach into the cage to access your birds or anything else inside their cage. I The Pet Supply Guy is also a member of Impact Radius, ShareASale, CJ, and other affiliate networks where we earn commssions from their advertising partners. Hi Tash! So read on to prepare for your cage buying expedition. You may have a hard time finding a cage that large.


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