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Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you The dialog used is usually simple enough for an intermediate level Chinese learner to follow, with or without subtitles. I’ll go ahead and tell you that the storyline is pretty intricate. Sorry, Disney+ doesn’t support Chinese yet, but you know I’ll have my eye on it until it does. It also excellently shows an authentic image of China in the early 1990s through the employment of documentary-style shots of street scenes.

Why? Just me?). Previously managing editor of Time Out Shanghai, he's also written for publications such as South China Morning Post and the Financial Times. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you The father, who was “re-educated” during the Cultural Revolution, wants his son to follow his artist’s footsteps. Do you remember the Fox Family movie “Ice Angel,” where a hockey player dies, then gets to come back to life… but the trade-off is that he has to come back as a female figure skater? We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. The advantage for the learner is that there are not too many characters, the story is very easy to follow and there is some narration by the old couple’s son. In fact, below you'll even see the song "Let It Go" from the hit movie "Frozen": FluentU brings these native Chinese videos within reach via interactive captions. The film uses wonderfully simple Chinese in conversation, and you should be able to view it with Chinese subtitles.

Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play store. “Fall in Love Like a Star” is based on one of my favorite plot devices: forbidden love. It will be awesome practice for more advanced learners. “The Road Home” is a subtle, sweet love story set probably about fifty years ago in rural China. He succeeds in adopting a young boy, but it presents him with a unique challenge when he finds out the truth about the child. “Please Vote For Me” is a documentary about a democratic election (supposedly the first of such in China) for class monitor in an elementary school in Wuhan, China. Many years later, the woman is determined that her husband’s burial procession will be on foot. New Kung Fu Chinese Martial Arts Movies 2018 English Subtitles. Can a Major Music Streaming App Help Remedy China’s Mental Health Services Deficit?

They fall in love through letters throughout the movie, and you don’t see them meet in person until the end. The history, culture and social dynamics of China have been artfully captured on the big screen, and any serious Chinese language learner must take advantage of this. And there you have it!
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Before you watch, be sure to switch the audio to Mandarin. “The King of Masks” is a heartwarming story of a traveling entertainer who excels at his particular performance, a mask-changing show. Watch: Were You Born in the Year of the Walnut? Idioms can be difficult for lower-level learners to pick up, so “Look for a Star” is probably best suited for advanced Chinese-language students. When translated into English, some people refer to this movie as “Finding Mr. For example, many old neighborhoods were torn down to make room for the Olympic facilities, and this is reflected in the comments of the three featured individuals. There are also plenty of simple conversations between the adults that are easy to follow for even new Chinese learners. The city of Beijing changed a lot during that time. Now he’s making a comeback. The conversations between the old man and the little girl are often amusing, and are quite easy to understand. Thanks for subscribing! Learning Chinese becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. This film displays a common Chinese mentality that success comes from extreme focus and even greater sacrifice. It is a long enough journey that most would take by car, but she is quite stubborn. It also gives you the chance to pick up native accents and natural speaking speeds, which are two more advanced skills. It is easy to piece the story together. The story is about a change in traditional values, and the portrayal of the daughters’ individual lives and successes show this clearly. “Not One Less” is a simple story about a schoolteacher in a village in rural China. The film is is great for beginners and, though it is simple, it is evocative and compelling. Drama! Isn’t the main reason for watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese vocabulary? This makes the film seem so real, making it an even more touching story. It is also a great way to expose yourself to authentic Chinese culture, entertainment and the language being spoken by native speakers. But after a while, keeping the English subtitles on could actually be slowing down your progression. When watching a Chinese movie, take things scene by scene. Like the other Taiwanese films mentioned, the Mandarin is quite good for Chinese learners to tune their ears to. Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture Blog, how you can learn Chinese using music as tool, how to use Chinese television programs to your advantage. Later, the father surprises everyone with a life-changing decision of his own. You'll find a wide range of contemporary videos that cover all different interests and levels, as you can see here: FluentU brings these native Chinese videos within reach via interactive captions. “Lost in Beijing” will introduce you to the dark side of Chinese poverty. It’s time for him to prove that he’s just as great as he once was. Chinese historical drama Chinese movies with English subtitles He gets himself into and out of a lot of comical situations. The treasure trove of films is being made available courtesy of the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia and includes Goddess and New Women, both of which star tragic silent screen legend Ruan Lingyu, plus, Street Angel, with singer Zhou Xuan. Liu Pingguo and her husband move to Beijing to try to live a better life. So, put on some comfy sweats, pop some corn and press play!

This will really push you, and you’ll be able to further develop your reading skills. The plot jumps between past and present. There are lots of hilarious interactions between the friends as their scheme develops. She gets to return to Earth, except this time she’s living as a housewife whose life’s mission is to take care of her husband and kids. The film has great visuals and great music which really keep you along for the ride. Eating delicious food and sharing mealtimes together are very important aspects of Chinese culture that any Chinese learner should familiarize themselves with and appreciate. (Download), Watching a movie for the purpose of learning a language isn’t the same as watching “Juno” or “Good Will Hunting.” You probably aren’t going to watch the entire film in one sitting. There are many scenes that quite appetizingly highlight the retired chef preparing meals. This story shows a retired chef and his three daughters who all share one meal together each week. It shows one family whose home will soon be covered by the flooding caused by the dam. “This Is Not What I Expected” revolves around hotels and kitchens, so by watching the film, you’ll pick up a lot of vocab related to the hospitality industry. And you’ll probably learn more food-related words than you ever cared to know.

It gives a great look at the everyday lives of hardworking people in the midst of changes they have little control over. A tough, ambitious lawyer dies in a car crash. I’d recommend this movie for a more advanced student. Of course, learning Chinese characters and watching the film with Chinese subtitles can be much more enriching. The film follows the three candidates through many classroom scenes, debates and coaching sessions with their parents. Right 2” or “Book of Love.”, Yes, there’s a “Finding Mr. You’ll watch the couple’s relationship over the years. Well, “Beautiful Accident” reminds me a lot of that movie. The film shows the challenges of each individual separately, but the children’s stories turn out to be the most captivating. The little boy in elementary school provides all the comic relief. The movies represent some of the key highlights from China’s first “Golden Period” of cinema and are a Sino cinephile’s dream come true. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. “Airpocalypse” has it all. If you don’t understand something, you should definitely back up. I’m going to list Chinese movies with English subtitles that you can find on three popular websites: Netflix, Amazon Prime and AsianCrush. “Yi Yi” is a drama about a family in Taiwan who all face complex challenges in life. But if you aren’t already proficient in the language, watching Chinese movies is just plain overwhelming. Also known as The Romance of a Fruit Peddler, the film is a romantic comedy of sorts, following titular fruit seller and laborer Zheng in his attempts to marry the daughter of a poor doctor whose clinic operates opposite his fruit stall. They instantly connect, but because Milan is a croupier and cabaret dancer, Sam is worried about what the other businessmen will think of her. It’s kind of like instead of naming the second Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film “Sleepless in Seattle,” they had just named it “Joe Versus the Volcano 2.”, This movie follows a Chinese man and woman. You’ll also learn about Chinese immigration to the United States in the mid-19th century. Such lessons typically feature this northern Chinese accent. The film moves at a pace good for learners to keep up with and be able to focus on the conversations. Yes, old-school flashcards are fine. You might find that after one or two scenes, you need a break because immersing yourself in the language can be grueling. You can tap on any word to instantly look it up. Has Covid-19 Permanently Changed China’s Daily Reliance on Tech? The majority of the story takes place when they are young. If you like a Chinese film, watch it again. Laura Grace Tarpley is a freelance writer based in Nashville. You can tap on any word to instantly look it up. The scenes of street performances from long ago and street life are also very educational for Chinese learners. You will find this one perfect for learning light-hearted conversation and everyday expressions of romance and friendship. And again. The film shows a wealthy man’s household of four wives and their interactions, sometimes friendly, often jealous and conniving.
Tada! Then Agent Mr. Chan might be your style. The story is good for variety and depth for the Chinese learner. “Together” tells the story of a man who wants his son to succeed as a violin player. She appeals her way higher through the system, but the results seem frustrating at best. New Kung Fu Chinese Martial Arts Movies 2018 English Subtitles.


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