country songs about tijuana
But back in the ’90s Mr. Quintero tried a different approach when he wrote “No Sólo de Traficante,” a rare narcocorrido about a man who chooses to not make a living from selling drugs. “We have tried doing some songs about drugs and violence from a more critical perspective,” he said. “I think that’s probably why I decided to sing about all this. Whether you like to drink your tequila on the rocks or in true Cinco de Mayo fashion with a cold margarita, there are plenty of country songs to enjoy while you sip it down. “He executes, kidnaps and gets the payments.”, It was not the first time that Los Tucanes (the Toucans) paid tribute to Mr. López in a narcocorrido, a controversial, time-honored and immensely popular Mexican song form that in its current manifestation typically turns news accounts of drug trafficking and drug violence into bouncy accordion- and brass-accented ballads. “When I play private parties, I even use Messenger to tell my fans about the new songs I play, and then I tell them what time they can start downloading them.”, The fiestas privadas, or private parties, Mr. Hernández refers to — typically given by suspected drug dealers and their friends — have long been well-paid gigs for Mexican singers of all types, from legends like Juan Gabriel and Vicente Fernández to the teenage pop act RBD. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - S.R.O. Los Tucanes’ odes to Mr. López, as well as a song they wrote about his former boss, the suspected Tijuana kingpin Teodoro García Símental (called El Teo) — none of which have ever been officially released by the band, and are only available on YouTube — led Tijuana’s secretary of public security, Julián Leyzaola, to order that the group be investigated by the Mexican attorney general’s office for suspected cartel connections. Herb Alpert turned to jazz's Shorty Rogers -- then toiling in the L.A. film and TV studios -- for voice and string arrangements on his Christmas album, and Rogers in turn went all out for schmaltz. “Drug dealers reinforce their role-model status thanks to the music that portrays them as heroes. Herb Alpert turned to jazz's Shorty Rogers-- then toiling in the L.A. film and TV studios -- for voice and string arrangements on his Christmas album, and Rogers in turn went all out for schmaltz. “I could get shot or they could do something to me. “Propiedad Privada” is dedicated entirely to narcocorridos (though less explicit than the unreleased songs appearing only on YouTube), and “Soy Todo Suyo,” which was nominated for a 2009 Grammy for best norteño album (accordion-based music rooted in northern Mexico and the American Southwest), is full of love songs and perky dance tracks like “La Chiqui Baby.” It’s a dual-identity marketing strategy that Los Tucanes have been following since they formed in 1987, one that’s helped them sell more than 13 million albums worldwide, land more than 50 songs on the Billboard Latin charts and log nearly 150 concerts a year. The song, “El Más Bravo de los Bravos” (“The Most Vicious of the Vicious”), heralds the exploits of Raydel Rosalío López Uriarte, better known as El Muletas, or Crutches, a suspected hit man and trafficker high up in the ranks of the Tijuana drug cartel who had become as infamous for blood baths and beheadings as for his fleet of bullet-proof trucks, his crew’s uniform logos styled after MTV’s “Jackass,” and a low-budget street DVD that fictionalized his exploits. “A very dangerous man who doesn’t fear the Devil,” Los Tucanes sing, listing Mr. López’s favorite guns (R-15 and 50-caliber rifles) and comparing him to Rambo. Drug violence is to blame for narcocorridos.”. In December Mexican authorities broke up a Christmas party in Tepoztlán, in the mountains of central Mexico, thrown by accused members of the Beltrán Leyva cartel. Complete your Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass collection. Mr. López has been immortalized in songs by Los Tucanes. There were nearly 8,000 drug-related deaths last year alone, and the new year has gotten off to a dark start with hundreds of assassinations, including the massacre of 16 teenagers and young adults at a student party in Ciudad Juárez. While their safer material might get the Grammy nods, Mr. Quintero insisted that it’s the narcocorrido albums that keep Los Tucanes in business, generating about 80 percent of the band’s overall sales. “Nobody asks for them. NHB. For Heriberto Yepez, a leading Tijuana writer whose 2008 novel “Al Otro Lado” is set amid the city’s drug culture, narcocorridos should not be defended as artistic responses to the drug war, but critiqued as advertisements for it. “It’s infantile,” Mr. Quintero said. He runs his own YouTube channel, which includes his official music videos and a Web series he calls “LHVIP”: dozens of homemade clips that feature Mr. Hernández singing along with his songs in the car, talking to fans and firing off rounds from some of his favorite guns. “If we were connected to a cartel, we would be the only mafiosos in history to last more than three presidential administrations.”, The monitoring of Los Tucanes’ music is part of a wider effort by the Mexican government to crack down on narcocorridos.


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