did frederick jones invent the air conditioner

Encyclopedia of World Biography. The young Jones had a love of the mechanics of cars, and strove to spend as much time learning about autos as possible. Do Stainless Steel Appliances Increase The Value Of Your Home? Inventor, refrigeration engineer. These included portable cooling units that were used by army medics to keep medicines and blood serum chilled and safe; similar units were installed in the cockpits of B-29 aircraft to keep the pilots from sweltering. Although Willis Carrier is largely credited with inventing the modern air conditioner, Frederick Jones, an African-American, invented the first portable air conditioning unit. Frederick McKinley Jones succumbed to lung cancer in 1961. He was also married for a time, to a woman of Swedish heritage. ", How to Install Window Air Conditioning Units, Tips for Being More Energy Efficient in the Summer, Summer Must-Haves for your Outdoor Living Area, Stocking your Wine Cooler for Summer Entertaining, Celebrate Summer: Take your BBQ Recipes Up a Notch, Mini Split Air Conditioners Save the Ductless Home, Split System Cooling: The Central Air Alternative, Back to School: Must-Haves for Every College Student, How to Have Luxury Appliances in a Small Apartment, Kelly Ripa, Electrolux, and New York City, Summer Smart: Use your Oven without Cooking your Kitchen. He filed his patent in 1949. [4] Jones left school after 6th grade and left the rectory to return to Cincinnati at age 11, where he got a job first as a cleaning boy and by age 14 he was working as an automobile mechanic. He never patented the machine, which was later patented by a German.

The firm's first refrigerated trucks were used to transport food to troops during World War II, and in the postwar decade during the building of the U.S. interstate system, the company grew immensely as frozen foods became a staple of the supermarket industry. He continued to work on his inventions and participated in musical groups in the town, but eventually dropped his dreams of racecar driving after nearly having an accident while taking a turn at 100 miles per hour. Although Jones had no formal engineering training, he was known for his ability to work with the engineers at Thermo Control, many with university educations.

And the man who invented those original refrigeration units was Thermo King’s Vice President of Engineering, Frederick McKinley Jones.
Jones was one of the most prolific African American inventors ever. First invented truck air conditioners for things such as meats.. Jones was inspired to invent the system after talking with a truck driver who lost his whole cargo of chicken because he couldn't reach his destination before the ice melted. Now Is The Time To Buy.
"Frederick McKinley Jones Innovative Products, German Design, and Surging Sales.

Exclusive iconic brand from Italy, Slate remains the top alternative to stainless, Welcome to Family Hub ? Coyote Deals You Don't Want to Miss! The refrigeration units served a significant purpose during World War II and facilitated the transportation of food, blood, and medical supplies around the world to U.S. military personnel and allies. In 1991, President George H. W. Bush posthumously awarded him the President’s National Medal of Technology.


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