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The estate was in probate because Tupac died without a will and everybody was suing because he had no contracts with producers and songwriters. I might not be the richest lawyer in the music business, but I sleep well at night. He came up and started talking about underage pregnancy and “will we ever see a black president?” and people started listening to what he had to say and, guess what, it created a movement! I was also the president of the college concert board and got in trouble because the shows were making money — it was a student union, which wasn’t supposed to make money. They didn’t have a music business program at the time, so I petitioned the music department to let me develop my own minor in arts administration — not one music professor would sponsor me, so I had to get a theater professor. The firm encourages all its members to step forward with new ideas so that the firm can stand out among the rest. Such data is stored for a maximum duration of 3 years or 10 years if the present accreditation is completed. Within two weeks I took the LSAT and failed miserably because I’m dyslexic, but I met this African American woman who said I should call the dean of the law school at John F. Kennedy University in the East Bay. Has she compromised on one thing? It all comes from the principles of my 12 Step Program: You cannot lie, so if I have an artist who’s in the middle of a bidding war and one label gives me an advance and another label wants to know how much, I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes you just need to get people in the same place instead of all these emails and phone calls. Dina even presented a TED Talk on the importance of standing up for songwriters. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. I called Michael, drunk off my ass, and said “I’m ready.” I haven’t had a drink since. Dina LaPolt Through Miss June, I’d met an attorney who I ended up interning for. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered like how the artist did in that market the last time they performed, how music sales have been that market, and what the current industry customs are. What advice would you offer to a first-time entrepreneur? © 2020 Ungerlaw, PC. I’m an alcoholic — I haven’t had a drink for eight years.” I’d known I had a problem for a long time, and I’d never heard anyone admit it like that, so free and easy. of Justice. Mailing Address: Notably, Dina earned recognition for her work on the MMA as Midem’s as 2018 Top Lawyer, one the 2018 Executives of the Year for Billboard’s Women in Music, and the Recording Academy’s 2019 Entertainment Law Initiative’s Service Award recipient. Both professional and relaxed, the creative culture of LaPolt Law strives to embrace all its members equally. No way! In addition, keep your expenses low and prioritize what expenses you actually need to have. They handle a lot of the day to day work that needs to be done in order to service the clients and keep all their needs met. No. That came on the heels of MIDEM naming her Music Lawyer of the Year in 2018. Once you allow someone to bully or walk on you it’s very hard to change that dynamic once established. I mean, look at Billie Eilish: she is true to herself! If it was profit, I would put it in the firm’s profit share. What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it? Tell us about the project you’re currently working on. I could not do what I do every day unless I had my team behind me backing me up. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dina LaPolt, owner and attorney at LaPolt Law, P.C. How are gay people going to change the laws if we can’t get into law school?” He agreed to let me in for a year and stay if I passed the “baby bar” exam, and that’s what happened. I was excited to work with her — Afeni was a hero to my activist mother for her teachings about the Black Panther Party — and as I was telling her this, she started dropping all these slogans we use in the 12 Step Program. She is also one of the few executives you’ll ever hear unpack the intricacies of copyright law and intellectual property in thick New Yawk-ese with a heaping dollop of f-bombs. You may exercise your right to access, obtain, correct and oppose the use of your personal data by writing to: privacy center. It’s like if Tupac came up here and started talking about things that were irrelevant, rap music would’ve never crossed-over. Dina LaPolt is a top music attorney who owns her own law firm representing numerous high-profile artists. I didn’t plan to open my own practice, but one day David Cohen, head of business affairs at Interscope, called me and said, “Afeni says you’re opening your own law firm and I have to help you!”. Dina LaPolt sheds the light on her approach to business, the importance of independence to be trusted and influential, as well as the need for artists to stay true to themselves to succeed and have an impact in our world. I ended up going to SUNY New Paltz; I played in bands and graduated with a degree in classical guitar. In accordance with Article "Privacy and Data Policy" of the Rules and the Organiser"s Privacy Policy, as well as the California Consumer Privacy Act Notice, this data is processed by Reed MIDEM, for the purposes of (i) carrying out its contractual obligations: fulfilling request for information or content, registration, Online Database, or for (ii) newsletter, promotional communication or promotional analysis. I had an epiphany, because the only lawyer I’d ever met was Kiss’ attorney, this old guy in a bowtie. LaPolt Law focuses on personalized service, quick response time, and a creative billing practice that always considers the objective of the client and the results that need to be achieved. We also encourage our clients to embrace these social media tools as well. Late in 2009 I met Steven Tyler and became his lawyer. It was awful. In 2015, she helped found the Songwriters of North America (SONA) and a year later orchestrated the filing of a lawsuit against the Dept. is a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property and entertainment law. It was all hard work, consistency, studying, and finding mentors that I respected and emulated. She struggled with substance abuse for years; her take-charge nature has rankled some. And the bottom line is that they all built their companies on the backs of music creators. gives fans a look into the world of their heroes. Be the tortoise, not the hare. There is an inherent understanding of each person’s role and contribution within the firm. of Justice on SONA’s behalf in connection with the DOJ’s mandate requiring 100% licensing by ASCAP and BMI. The good part about technology is it enables the music artist to really have an intimate one on one relationship with his or her fans in a manner that has never been explored before which makes that relationship special, unique, and authentic. 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We are working on several record albums that are scheduled for release this year as well as agreements relating to concert tours, merchandising, sponsorships, and endorsements. I’d been involved in advocacy before that: I testified before the House Judiciary Committee for the Songwriter Equity Act, which I realized wasn’t going to pass, and it became crystal clear that the streaming services needed a compulsory license. Look at this girl! My band, Irresistible Impulse, was doing well — we worked a lot in the San Francisco area playing with bands like 4 Non Blondes, and in the summer we played all these gay pride parades. Dina established her own firm, LaPolt Law, P.C., in 2001 and has worked tirelessly to build an A-list roster of rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, pop and singer-songwriter clients. I got into music as a kid and went to Concordia College with a music scholarship but got kicked out in a year — I had a terrible alcohol problem that stalked me until I was 32. She is also intimately involved in legislative advocacy on behalf of music creators, serving as the attorney advisor to the Songwriters of North America (SONA), an organization for which she was a catalyst, and as one of the advisors to the GRAMMY Creators Alliance. Read Next: ‘Baby Shark’ Is Most-Viewed YouTube Video Ever, Topping ‘Despacito’. One of my bands had a showcase at a music business conference in San Francisco, and I went to a panel with three music lawyers: one looked like a linebacker, the other had long hair and the other had two earrings. What is the number one thing you wish you could learn more about, and how will you learn about it? Yet her path has not been a smooth one. And she’s had to fight hard. Through Miss June, I’d met an attorney who I ended up interning for. It took nine days — there were people five times richer than Savage who had been there for months — but a lot of influential senators and members of Congress helped. Once I get in the car and start driving to work, I start making calls. And also, no conflicts of interest — I either represent you or I don’t, because when the shit hits the fan, I have to know which side I’m on. Facebook allows for the quick spread of important press or ticketing links. Dina is an expert at strategizing and solving complex and sophisticated legal and business issues relating to contracts, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and litigation. By now, I’m 32 years old and I’m a lawyer but I’m unhireable — I’m a woman, I don’t have any experience, I didn’t go to the right law school, but mostly because it’s because I’m out all night drinking, so I’m waiting tables in West Hollywood to support myself.


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