drew bledsoe montana

His ability is very good, but the day-to-day leadership he supplies for that organization and the way he has conducted himself — I mean, he's become one of the biggest stars in the world. “Didn’t hurt at all.”. It's a gift that we've been given in being able to try to effect change in the world by being role models, by giving some of our time, which is awfully easy to do. This article brought to you courtesy of Kay Newell of Sunlan Lighting, Inc. Portland Tribune Insider Lighting Expert. BLEDSOE: I know — it's crazy! BLEDSOE: I didn't like him very much when he decided to let the other guy (Brady) play. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Menu. document.getElementById('cloakda8808dedda0e7ca4e131205773dfbc4').innerHTML = ''; How is he doing? It's the same now with the wine business.

BLEDSOE: Tommy is the only one left I played with, but I cheer for them. To attract the light-and-fast crowd, Montana has put most of its design energy into building all-wood skis that make hiking easy without sacrificing performance. When the snow cloud settles, he’s smiling and brushing himself off. Rather than 'Dumb jock gets into wine,' we wanted the story to be 'Small-town kid goes off, has another career, and doubles back home.' We're giving a couple of magnums of Doubleback (wine), and we'll coordinate it where a group can visit Walla Walla and we'll do the whole song and dance. “Well, that was fun,” he shouts toward where I’m -standing.

The wines have been continuing to improve. We recently released our 10th vintage. He is involved in many charities, both through and outside the Drew Bledsoe Foundation, which focuses on "Parenting with Dignity.". BLEDSOE: The wine thing occupies a ton of time. At lunch, though, I tell Bledsoe I wish they had a bit more sidecut.

As an athlete-investor, he has enjoyed a track record that, while perhaps not as impressive as George Foreman’s, is certainly better than Lenny Dykstra’s. var addyda8808dedda0e7ca4e131205773dfbc4 = 'keggers' + '@'; Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? His wife helps him in his winery business. Officers; Our Mission; Constitution And By Laws 1995 “Nah, I just need to test the skis,” Bledsoe replies, “make sure they won’t break.” Testing is clearly the thing he enjoys most about launching his company.

TRIB: So you're living in Bend but regularly making the five-hour drive to Walla Walla to tend to the wine business. “We have very little overhead,” says Bledsoe. BLEDSOE: It's not a football term, though that's what a lot of people think.

You don't want to make the cutthroat decisions you have to make.

“I’m gonna hike up and do it again.”. Wagner, who sells his skis for $1,750, says it took him three and a half years to sell 2,500 pairs, enough to make the company profitable. BLEDSOE: Every once in awhile, I will use something that I learned in school in running our business. The gem in his portfolio is Ozonix, a company that developed a way to sterilize the hydrofracturing fluid used in natural-gas exploration without chemicals; the outfit recently signed a $44 million contract with several extractors. Thank you. All rights reserved.

You donated more than $1 million to get the foundation off the ground. By contrast, industry giant K2 sold 100,000 pairs in 2010 alone.


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