dundie award ideas

The Office Generator Can Tell You. On The Office, Dundies are a running gag to show the audience what kind of boss Michael is, and are a big deal to Michael. Playground Award: Most Likely to Make Work Fun These awards typically take the format of "most likely to...", but you can also twist them into "least likely to..." Once a mainstay in high school yearbooks, a classic list of Most Likely to Awards includes: most likely to succeed most likely to get married most likely to become President most likely to end up in jail most likely to become a supermodel most likely to be…. Steve Carell, as Michael Scott, hands out a well-deserved Dundie Award … js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id;
Loch Ness Award: Least Likely to be Found. If you’ve ever watched the hit TV series The Office, you will remember the infamous Dundie episodes, where boss Michael Scott gives out employee recognition awards to his staff. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Shop  |  About Us  |  Contact Us1-800-272-7377, 15 Employee Appreciation Quotes to Help You Say Thanks, What to Write on Plaques, Trophies & More, How to Stay Connected to Remote Employees. Humorous, silly, and fun. 18 Funny Employee Awards Your Team Will Love Funny employee awards are a great way to recognize employees for their unique contributions while also connecting people through humor. The Dundie Awards are the trophies given out annually by Michael Scott for excellent work, being hot, and having the whitest sneakers (among other things) at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin.

Punny Award for that very special employee who always makes clever puns and wordplay. Download 101 funny certificates to give family, friends, and teammates. Awarded to Angela Martin, originally given to Dwight Shrute. Mind-Blowing Award: Most Likely to Generate Creative Ideas. In order to avoid a drastic Dundie situation, we have come up with ten recognition award ideas (some funny, some serious) for the employees in your office – to be presented in whichever manner you see fit (although maybe don’t take your inspiration from Michael Scott). Many offices days hold annual events as a means of showing their employees appreciation and celebrating a successful year. Silly, humorous and fun for any business or line of work. On the Dot Award: Best at Meeting Tight Deadlines. Check out 15 funny office award ideas to get you started. Vote up the Dundies that you would most like to win and then get your acceptance speech ready. He does this through made-up songs, horrifyingly embarrassing remarks, and inappropriate skits. If you’ve never seen the show, but you still love awards, then just know all you had to do to win a Dundie was show up to work and be yourself – Michael Scott would take care of the rest. Which Dundie Award Would You Win? BY Natalie Zamora. Messiest Desk Award – Though this may seem a little harsh, if someone is known for having a very … Use promo code 5395016 for 10% on $55+, 15% on $110+ and 25% on $160. Winners of the 14th Dundies Awards (Michael's Last Dundies) Pen stealer ️ Award for the employee who is always walking off with other people’s pens

Phone Tag Award: Least Likely to Answer Phone. On The Office, Dundies are a running gag to show the audience what kind of boss Michael is, and are a big deal to Michael. So which Dundie do you think you would have won if you worked in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin? Most Likely to Awards are a great way to add laughter to any yearbook, school function, family reunion, or office party.


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