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[153] Some academics argued it is ethnic nationalist,[154] although Pilkington stressed that despite their nativist sentiment, most members' sense of English pride was distinct from the "white pride" of fascists. [270] Geller served as the EDL's bridge to the Tea Party movement,[270] but later distanced herself from it, claiming that the EDL contained neo-Nazi elements. [229] At demonstrations, many members—including those too young to legally drink—consume large quantities of alcohol,[230] with some also consuming cocaine prior to the protest. [308] When asked to rank their three most important personal values, 36% said security, 34% said strong government, 30% said rule of law, and 26% said individual freedom. [275] Sectarianism was also a major issue for the Ulster Defence League, which decided against holding any demonstrations in Northern Ireland itself. [199], The EDL's informal structure lacks strict hierarchy,[200] or clear leadership. [273] In June 2010 two EDL representatives attended the Counter-Jihad 2020 conference held by the anti-Muslim International Civil Liberties Alliance in Zurich. [194] A pressure group rather than a political party,[195] its members often stress their opinion that it was not a political organisation. [284] By 2012, the group's national demonstrations were typically only attracting between 300 to 700 people. [239] When a white man was assaulted by Asian youths in the Hyde area of Greater Manchester, the EDL again organised a demonstration, blaming the attack on Muslims, although police had not ascertained the perpetrators' religious background. Tommy Robinson, a former member of the British National Party (BNP), soon became its de facto leader. [115] Chants during rallies included "Die, Muslim, die",[38] and "Give me a gun and I'll shoot the Muzzie scum". [291], Most EDL members are young, working-class, white men. This page will be updated shortly. [95], Although the EDL had declined, the sentiments feeding it—especially anger at immigration and Islam—remained widespread in white working-class communities across Britain. [136] It believes that Muslims view non-Muslims as legitimate targets for abuse and exploitation. Ideologically on the extreme-right or far-right of British politics, the EDL is part of the international counter-jihad movement. Here’s the video: Nine EDL Websites were hacked by an anti-Zionist hacker who left pro-Palestinian messages on the websites, the hacker known as “TriCk” from a group calling themselves “TeaMp0isoN” compromised all the EDL domains, all the EDL Divisions Facebook groups, the main EDL facebook fan page and the EDL Forums. [38], On 8 October 2013, Robinson and Carroll announced that they were leaving the EDL following meetings with the think tank Quilliam. "[112] Its online material nevertheless often condemns left-wingers. The EDL's reputation was damaged in 2011 after supporters were convicted of plotting to bomb mosques and links were revealed with Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik. [271], It has partnered with the Welsh Defence League, Scottish Defence League, and Ulster Defence League, none of which had the same success as their English counterpart. [145] On the EDL's social media, many supporters incite violence against Muslims: examples include "we need to kill", "time to get violent", and "Kill any muslim u see [sic]". [67] Robinson denied any EDL links with Breivik and deplored the killings;[68][69] however, after Breivik was convicted, some EDL members praised his actions. [312] Conversely, members and those wanting to join displayed "greater financial insecurity" and were more likely than average to be unemployed or in part-time employment, and more likely than average to live in social housing, rely on state benefits, and have no educational qualifications. The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right, Islamophobic organisation in the United Kingdom. [237] Police reported that EDL activities hampered their own counter-terror operations among British Muslim communities. [175] She observed gay and transgender speakers receiving a warm reception at EDL rallies, while the LGBT rainbow flag was regularly flown at EDL rallies;[176] at the same time, Pilkington heard homophobic comments at EDL events.


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