eu4 gain imperial authority

Is there a ton of Imperial provinces under France or Denmark? How to use imperial ban to gain imperial authority? 10 free IA for every Habsburg asshole you boot out of the throne.

This one's in all caps because it can grind you to a halt, as you are seeing. It also means you have more vassals in the post Revoke swarm and more land in the HRE in general. This website is not affiliated with Europa Universalis IV, or Paradox Interactive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Are there 7 Electors? I just finished fighting a war against France using the Imperial Ban cassus belli on Luxembourg. And at least for me, Imperial Peace was a nice bonus when it happened but never to be counted on. hell, if the situation is good for you, you can even carve out the empires provinces out of poland,denmark or france.

This was you don't produce a lot of AE. It's possible to do it way earlier, but 1) I wanted more vassal princes, and 2) I'm terrible at this game, so you can probably get better advice than mine. There is a cheesy way where you convert to another religion, leave hre, then convert back to christianity, become new emperor and readd all provinces.

The power of the Emperor was still considerable. Sure, you'll lose Mil to Strengthen Government, and have a shitty king every now and then, but the HRE is well worth it. :)). Get re-elected, that means actively abdicate whenever you get the chance, and make sure your ruler is a general to make him die quicker. This also allows you to quickly get a CB against nations with CoR to stomp it out.

I'm not sure how to do this because I only gain .1 imperial auth per month even though i have been doing the imperial ban wars. Just treat small neighbors as targets and nothing else. imperial_authority [amount] [country tag], Search Our Database of 304 EU4 Console Commands. How do you get more Imperial authority? Crushing the Reformation is a long term goal that you may want to prepare for decades in advance, or bulldoze everything else to get if you have to. theres only 3 ways to add any significant amount of ia, 1 force release of princes in peace deals, for 3: take a single province from hungary in the peace when you force PU to connect to balkans and expand there.

Compared to earlier centuries, when the Emperor wielded more control over his territory, the Empire by the EU4 timeframe had become greatly decentralized, and its member states acted with great autonomy. Why do you need imperial authority to form Germany? CRUSH THE REFORMATION.
Attack the French and release nations that’ll join the Empire? Having a new king every 20 years means one extra reform per century, at least, without having to do a God damn thing. Specifically after the Landfriede reform. Good luck, and go have some fun Uniting the Christendom! Abdicate! Oct 17, 2015 @ 9:34am Ok, thanks. Europa Universalis IV.

Internal peace itself is 0.1 IA per month, equivalent to 25 extra princes. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... imperial_authority [VALUE] #1. armzngunz.

Playing as Austria, year is 1518 cant get above 0.07 per month even as i run around trying to out down centres of reformation as fast as i can.

Specify negative numbers to remove imperial authority. its a chore, and immediate gains are low, but after a few decades you'll feel the gain. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. The "fair" way is taking more and more lands and fight reformation. Make sure to always have the small things looked at, to not let the monthly tick drop for silly reasons or lose IA. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Wait out the truce and go to war with the new country to Expand Empire on their asses. How to gain decent Imperial Authority in patch 1.30.3 Question Playing as Austria, year is 1518 cant get above 0.07 per month even as i run around trying to out down centres of reformation as fast as i can. All HRE provinces belong to HRE princes, which you know already. break them up in small pieces, and then improve relations with the various OPMs to the max so you can offer them the free city status. Maybe.

I just abused "return province" button to create tons of OPMs. Also there always seems to be few states at war so i rarely get the +10 for internal peace . More nations, more provinces and same religion. All the other guides I've seen are outdated, Edit: accidentally said Germany and not HRE. You can just make more princes, but frankly, that costs a lot of diplo points as compared to just having reduced unjustified demands cost and telling people to give you lots of 3 dev provinces. I'm trying to form the HRE for the first time, and i need to gain imperial authority faster.

I have converted everyone to Protestant apart from the Papal State and put all my provinces, apart from one island, into the HRE, also all the surrounding countries are too scared to attack the empire. Take lands, core, return.

As many princes as you can get, that also means you should aim to prevent the shadow kingdom. Those are the main things.

No CB, strip Free City status and No CB, No CB an ally, just break those things. Only burgundy's provinces are not held by the empire.

This is imperative to forming HRE early, so take provinces and border all the HRE princes as you can, and warn everyone so they can't go to war against each others without dragging you in. The Holy Roman Empire was the dominant political power in Central Europe during this historical period.

Imperial incidents (I have no idea how or when it triggers) when a duchy wishes to join the empire 2.

It paid off, because I did. Didn't find it on the wiki. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. You can only form it if you are not the Emperor and not the (unified) HRE. Given that there is now more reforms in the hre and adding provinces no longer gives IA, i presumed that it would give you more base IA amount than in previous patches.

Is there something im missing here? Having Bohemia, Hungary, Milan, Poland and Lithuania integrated for zero Dip points made my game SO much easier. Internal Peace, which ties into #3, as no war = more OPM = more IA. It happened for maybe 40 non consecutive months over 120 years for me. Anyway here's how I did it.

Keep an eye on the notifications and demand unlawful territory when a prince annexes another one. What I did was find any excuse to be at war with France (and Aragon), and always ask them to Release some nation in the peace deal. Up-to-date, detailed help for the Europa Universalis IV (EU4) command imperial_authority. Are you declaring an Expand Empire war at 47 IA instead of waiting, passing a reform, and declaring at 0 IA? (Through conversion through war, which automatically convert enemy capital to your religion, killing the CoR positioned on their capital, or take it yourself to convert). The main source of IA is new provinces (makes sense, right? This command can be used to increase or decrease the imperial authority of a specified country's emperor.

Give up hope on volunteers and peace. after some testing, the only viable ways I found to gain IA besides passive bonus are: 1. Also got Voltaire's nightmare this way. Use expand the empire CB against small nations to get IA depending on nation's size. This command can be used to increase or decrease the imperial authority of a specified country's emperor. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Ever. Do WHATEVER it takes to cripple those CoRs. Press J to jump to the feed. Press J to jump to the feed. I annexed Luxembourg after finding that I could not return the core to Austria like I intended, and also ordered cores Metz and Cuneo returned to Austria and Milan.
I took Religious Ideas just so I could have Cleansing of Heresy in the off chance I neighbored a heretic. The amount of imperial authority you wish to add to the emperor. Which I did and it was AWESOME. Expanding CB also doest give a huge amount, i only got + 16 for the whole of Naples and cant get any ai, even opms to join without the cb . I have four reforms passed. He had the power to intercede in the wars and affairs of the member states of the Empire.

Then bully the other nations around with your PU Bohemia and Hungary so you can core, add more provinces to HRE, and release vassal for more princes. This command would increase the imperial authority of your current country's emperor by 3. And if you are a member of the HRE when you form Germany, you automatically leave the HRE. This page includes help on how to use the command, argument explanation and examples. You get Imperial Authority for Peace inside the HRE - which is pretty hard to enforce until landfriede Number of HRE princes.

No matter what. No one has ever joined the HRE in my game.

The tag of the country the emperor you wish to change the imperial authority of belongs to. You also have a better chance to Inherit your PUs! Border as many hre nations as possible and warn everyone so they don’t declare war ich to each other which will increase growth. Keep everyone Catholic, that means killing CoR ASAP and Deus Vult anyone that converted away from Catholic to force the religion.

A lot. Well, the easiest way is to wait for the league war (gives you a big modifier to imperial authority gain),and conquer the garbage land in scandanavia and western russia, and then add it … How can i force Hungary to join the HRE before I integrate them?


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