funny old filipino names
Allan's ... Madalas ako mabad trip sa kapitbahay namen..Ang ingay kasi.Mahihiya ang bunganga ng bulkan pag sumabog ang bibig nya. I remember when I was in 2nd grade, we were asked to tell the history of our name- kung bakit daw yun ang ipinangalan sa amin ng parents namen. We may encounter people with weird names, but it doesn’t make them less of who they are. Conversation and people are his passion. Some name their kids from their favorite TV or movie characters hoping the child would have the same personalities. Inodoro Casillas Jr. (“Toilet Bathroom Jr.”), Desidido Macahabal Jr. ( “Decided Copulator Jr.”), Pasensyoso Manigbasay Jr. (“Patient Slasher Jr.”). ), 3. My mom, didn't know this for sure. Di maganda, Julie na lang- that's what we call her. Marie Juan Bagonggahasa (Mary John Newly Raped). Here are 25 names for girls and another 25 for boys: Basahin: 7 na dapat i-consider bago pumili ng pangalan para kay baby. We, Pinoys can be the worst in giving names and nicknames. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1. At magtampo ka na to the highest level kung ang pinangalan sa iyo pagkaluwal mo ay -BABY! hehehe.. kakatuwa! SIDS: Ano ang pinaka dahilan ng trahedyang ito? But still, you can go with the classic old Filipino names. When you're expecting, one of the biggest things that would put pressure on you is coming up with a good name for your baby. If you notice some of the filipino names are unique, funny, sometimes hilarious and worse; out this world. Di kaya magka-anak ang nanay ko at nanay nya? Cristina, Ma. Kakaiba din tayo magbigay ng palayaw. Mariacorazón; Combination of MARIA and CORAZÓN. My dad's name is Salvador-nice name, right? Those names by the way, were considered for your now favorite Starbucks. Here are the common ways parents name their children; Names are what makes us “US”. Before you judge or laugh at their names, let us talk why is that they are given such names. Theresa, Ma. A code where others can identify and differentiate one from the other. A lang. I have a very simple name-Allan. Our name or nicknames make a personality. No effort. He’s fond of travelling, a certified beach and nature lover and would want to explore more of Earth’s riches. Clean” that evoke positive images of joy, clean living, and fun. 8 kwentong pambata na bagay tuwing bedtime story. (TRIVIA: I had a previous student whose name is A CABE-- para nga daw madalig isulat sa papel. Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao, na... Our name or nicknames make a personality. Pero kung di naman masyadong magandang pakinggan- wag ng ipamana please! Hahaha! During that time, ALLAN CAIDIC was a big name in the PBA. In the Philippines, it is common, that even when the baby is yet to be born, parents are already thinking of what they will call their babies when they are born. I can just imagine how he was during the first day of school and we all introduce ourselves to the class- Hi classmates-Im Marvelous! Then, there’s Lithiated Lemon, a lemon-lime drink introduced in 1929. Minsan, di ko din maintindihan kung bakit kailangan gawing 'JUNIOR' ng mga tatay ang name ng kanilang mga anak na lalaki-OK lang kung maganda naman ang name ni father. The following are some of the hilarious business name... What about you? But still, you can go with the classic old Filipino names. Danilyn; Combination of Danielle and Lynn. But his siblings and relatives call him "BADONG". Conrada, Ma. Here are 25 names for girls and another 25 for boys: Girls. © Copyright theAsianparent 2020. And sometimes I wish I had a different name. Ever since, babies born in a society were given a personal code. Tagalog names are considered old-fashioned. My dad's name is Salvador-nice name, right? If you haven't come up with a name for your baby and you want the classic old Filipino names, you're in luck. Remember these? He’s fond of travelling, a certified beach and nature lover and would want to explore more of Earth’s riches. So when I was still a preschool teacher, during the roll call, I'd say: Bernadette May, Clarrisa Mae, Theresa May, Angelina May, Rita Mae, Patricia May--everyone's have MAY on their names.Hilarious! :), @ Joyce- oo nga, nakakahibang minsan ang mga pangalan natenand yes, u have a very nice name- Veronica means 'true image'; and Joyce- lord--so True Image of Lord..nice! May katanungan tungkol sa pagpapalaki ng anak? O yung iba diyan e wala ng maisip talagang pangalan kaya may 'the third' at 'the fourth pa'! A former community theater director, a pre school teacher and a frustrated Star In A Million contestant, Allan hopes of conquering the big stage for a spotlight one day. "Walang himala! Nowadays, a lot of people name their kids uniquely using some Filipino or foreign words. A decade ago, most girls have "May" or "Mae" on their names. I have a very simple name-Allan. Pareho sila mag-isip e! As it was an assignment, I immediately asked my mom about the history of my name- and of course, she has nothing major to say.


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