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The warnings are necessary as God is telling mankind that the body they have now which is the mortal body is not the perfect body and that the mortal body has expiry date which is a thousand years in the solar system of counting (Gen 2:17, 2 Peter 3:8), so mankind as soon as they acquire this mortal body through the biological birth, should strive to begin to eat eucharists that would come from the God. They pitched at 41 locations after initially crossing the Nile Delta to the east, and then also crossing the Sea of Reeds, to the last station being the plains of Moab. When there was darkness in all of Egypt (the 9 th plague), there was LIGHT in Goshen!

( Log Out /  of lower Egypt, east of the delta. For procreation to be possible, father Adam and mother Eve had to eat from the tree of mortality which shrank them instantly from the supernatural anatomy of 60ft to the mortal anatomy of 6ft, their shekinah glory were also instantly stripped off them and in their fall into mortality which was gradual, going through the four transcends of NEGATIVE metamorphoses signposted as across JORDAN to JORDAN, JORDAN to JERIKO, JERIKO to BETHEL, BETHEL to GILGAL before coming into EGYPT which is this terrestrial earth in the similitude, they experienced excruciating pains of the negative metamorphoses when they were recruiting the vital body organs like kidneys, lungs, liver, heart of flesh that the mortal body would need for terrestrial existence. Coordinates: 30°52′20″N 31°28′39″E / 30.87222°N 31.47750°E / 30.87222; 31.47750 For you to understand the scriptures, you must understand similitudes and adumbration.

Their bodies before the fall were the supernatural kind. That future is here. Why does the beast seem to have a "fatal wound" that "had been healed"?

ESV - GOSHEN (Heb. The PROPHET intercedes saying: Live I, Live I or O live, O live because on the mountain of Olive where the Ark rested, man transfigured. Rev 10:7. A. God designed a plan to send mankind who are born spirit beings without tangible body in the FATHER’S BOSOM to come to a world that is terrestrial (a world where things in that world die) to pick up their mortal bodies (the body that is susceptible to diseases so can host plagues, can age and can die) to run their kingdom race back to their heaven’s world and how to run their kingdom race is to eat EUCHARISTS which are the only food (the food of the spirit) that can metamorphose the mortal body positively into the supernatural kind of body (the kind that is perfect, that cannot host pathogens, that cannot age and that cannot die) and also that can supplant the planetary walls of this terrestrial earth turning it into a heaven’s world; the reason being that God does not want mankind born spirit beings in the father’s bosom to immediately wear the supernatural body, leave the father’s bosom and come straight to the heaven’s world God has built and prepared for them because if God allowed that to happen, man would not have a sense of belonging in a heaven’s world, the building of which they took no part in so man would not appreciate the preciousness of the supernatural body if he did not participate in coupling it from the mortal kind into the supernatural kind of body. In Egypt, a famous wall painting with text from Beni Hassan showing this type of activity survives. God separated Goshen from all the other parts of Egypt. YHVH made a distinction between the People of Israel and the Egyptians.

Donald Redford, "Perspective on the Exodus", pp.139-140, quoted in John Van Seters, "The Geography of the Exodus," in Silberman, Neil Ash (editor). This is where the people of this world were pronounced guilty and this is the divine warning that Malachi 4:5-6 is pointing to. Please check you have entered your email address correctly before continuing.

For zoe immortal cells to be hatched in the mortal body, messages that are divine or Eucharistic must be preached and assimilated into the spirit being of a person for the spirit being to in turn, hatch zoe immortal cells in the mortal body and take the mortal body on the spiritual journey or kingdom race which is going through the four transcends of positive metamorphoses signposted as GILGAL to BETHEL, BETHEL to JERIKO, JERIKO to JORDAN and across JORDAN at the end of which the mortal body would have metamorphosed positively into the supernatural kind of body without the person tasting death at all. Goshen was the residence assigned to Jacob and his family, and it was there that the Israelites lived in Egypt (Gen. 45:10; Ex. God is not careless so would not risk sending mankind straight to heaven after they were birthed without first training them with HIS word because man will rule over all of HIS creations and cannot do that effectively without being trained first so that man will not take for granted the blissfulness of heaven and the precious of the supernatural kind of body like Lucifer did when he challenged God’s sovereignty.



• GOSHEN today is that place where the children of the kingdom can come to and load their mortal bodies with zoe immortal cells and that place is the ARK. (Rv 13:3), What is meant by the "last hour"? It is currently assumed that the name is derived from the Semitic root גוש, i.e., compact, solid, and fertile land, suitable for grazing and certain types of cultivation. Goshen may also refer to the following, most named for the biblical locale: Places United States Cities and towns.

The patriarchs would have traveled on the ancient highways along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt. Or what should I do with it since I do not belong to a church? Donald Redford, "Perspective on the Exodus", pp.139-140, quoted in John Van Seters, "The Geography of the Exodus," in Silberman, Neil Ash (editor). The land of Goshen is the Hebrew name of an area in the Nile delta in Ancient Egypt. • The Septuagint (Gen. 46:28) renders Goshen as Heroonpolis (i.e., *Pithom , Ex. GOSHEN in Egypt then, was a place the Israelites were quarantined in and were safe and this is a place where anyone who runs into in the earth today, will be saved from the COVID – 19 or any plague for that matter. • GOSHEN today is that place where the children of the kingdom can come to and load their mortal bodies with zoe immortal cells and that place is the ARK. Father Adam, His Eminence is the son of God and as the principal ancestor of the mankind race, He had to sacrifice His supernatural body by altering the zoe cell system of His supernatural body before the body could metamorphose negatively into the mortal kind for procreation to be made possible else you and I would not have had the opportunity of picking up bodies that are mortal in order to have active existence in this terrestrial earth and run our kingdom race back to heaven. Leading the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land is the spiritual journey which the LAW Moses interpreted literally by trekking the Israelites through the wilderness from a geographical location in the terrestrial earth called Egypt to another geographical location in the terrestrial earth called Canaan. The LAW, Moses did not feed the people he led with the hidden manna but rather, he fed them with manna – what this means is that Moses did not bring about the accurate interpretation of the LOGOS (John 6:32), he did not know that when the God told him to tell the king of Egypt to let the people go that they might serve HIM, that what God meant was for Moses to lead the Israelites (all the children of the kingdom) out of the bondage of mortality in this terrestrial earth (Egypt) and lead them into the Promised Land which is the heaven’s world for mankind known as Eden. What did David mean when he said, "I RUN to you to hide me" in Psalm 143:9, NLT? The Ark is GOSHEN today and the gathering of individual Arks is the CHURCH of the first born – the CHURCH of father Adam – the Ark of Jesus Ministries International.

It is that YOU SHOULD LOAD YOUR MORTAL BODY WITH ZOE IMMORTAL CELLS TO ENABLE YOU ACQUIRE THE SUPERNATURAL KIND OF BODY WHICH IS WHAT WILL GIVE YOU ACCESS INTO A HEAVEN’S WORLD AS YOU RUN YOUR KINGDOM RACE BACK TO HEAVEN WITHOUT YOU TASTING DEATH FIRST TO GO TO ABRAHAM’S BOSOM IN THE GHOST WORLD TO AWAIT RESURRECTION BEFORE TRANSFIGURING TO NOW COME INTO HEAVEN because the mortal body you have now can host diseases both epidemic (regularly occurring and not so deadly) and pandemic (the uncommon but deadly) ones. There is the period of adumbrations and there is the period adumbrated for. Who occupied Israel during the 400 years the Israelites were in Egypt?


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