graco nautilus 65 crash test rating

Graco Nautilus 65 is powered by steel reinforced frame that provides strength and durability. Before, parents could only use the four lower headrest positions when in the harnessed mode. We know that the Nautilus can withstand these temperatures. Even though it does offer reclining positions, it doesn’t do much to help your child’s head.

Graco My Ride 65 Vs. Nautilus 65. You can check today’s price of Graco Tranzitions on here…. While all seats in this review have passed Federal requirements, and are, therefore, considered safe, some seats have crash test results that are better than the competition and indicate an additional margin of protection.

These are handy convenience features not seen on some of the competition. Graco offers other similar versions, such as the Nautilus 65 DLX and the Nautilus 80 Elite. Graco never fails us, and they added a few other safety features we love, such as: If you tried a Graco Nautilus a few years ago, you might notice some changes to their newest model, the 65 LX. Watching those little active steps or that fast and excited crawl brings warmth to a mother heart and most times a chance to do finish that book you had pushed aside.That's why we are there to advice & guide mothers to solutions that will keep their minds at rest. We can also find 5 one-hand adjustable headrest positions in Graco Nautilus 65 that can accommodate your growing child so that they are properly fit and comfortable.

This product earned above average for quality, which is the best score the Graco earned in any metric.

Graco Nautilus 65 is the model that positioned higher than Graco Tranzitions so It’s also higher in price. Graco comes with machine washable seat pad, harness and buckle covers so that You can clean it easily.

The main difference is the no-rethread harness, and parents appreciate that change. They ran the car seat through many accidents, even using side impact crashes to make sure your child is safe. We can find 3-positions recline in Graco Nautilus 65, while Graco Tranzitions doesn’t come with any recline positions so It simply sits straight up. From the table above, We can see that there are few differences between Graco Nautilus 65 and Graco Tranzitions. The Graco result is below the maximum but higher than the average for the group and 7 g higher than the best results in the group of 39 g. The Graco is fairly easy to use, though not the top of the pack.

With 3-recline positions, You can keep your growing child comfortable. We can also find integrated cup holder on the right armrest of Graco Nautilus 65 to help your child easily reach their favorite drink during the ride. The maximum allowed by law is 1000 where the lower the results are the better. You also will need to remove the crotch strap. First and foremost, the Nautilus 65 is a different type of safety seat. Graco comes with machine washable seat pad, harness and buckle covers so that You can clean it easily. To make your child more comfortable sitting in this car seat, Graco Nautilus 65 comes with 3-positions recline.

While it isn't the worst option in the group, there are higher scoring choices, with better crash test results that also cost.

EPS pulls the harmful energy away from your child in the event of an accident. The construction of the seat makes the car seat secure and safe. Any reclining position can be used at any age, weight, or mode of the seat. Graco used their SafeSeat engineering to craft a durable and reliable seat. We recommend you to order Graco Nautilus 65 directly from here…, Graco Tranzitions is a good alternative choice for you if you have less budget for your harness booster car seat. in short order, they became one of the world's leading manufacturers of baby products. Unfortunately, this reasonably priced booster did not perform well in our crash tests earning below average results compared to the competition we tested and it is heavy and large making it a poor choice for carpoolers or those who may want to use it on travel.

No one wants to have to continually tighten and adjust straps.

The Graco Nautilus 65 LX is a high-back booster that can convert to a backless booster for children 40-120 lbs. In this article We will shortly review Graco Nautilus 65 and Graco Tranzitions then talk further about their differences. 120 pounds will allow you to keep your child in a backless booster until they can sit properly on a vehicle’s seat without the assistance of a car seat. How can we improve BabyGearLab? After some time, Gray left and Cone hired an engineer specifically to create baby gear. How about their price difference? So if you have more limited budget for your child’s harness booster car seat, then you should consider Graco Tranzitions as your choice.

I’m sure that It’s the key question that We should answer before We can decide which one to purchase. That’s several years, and the price of the Graco Nautilus isn’t outrageous.

With Steel reinforced frame, Graco Nautilus 65’s foundation is more sturdy than the foundation of Graco Tranzitions. That’s a perfectly acceptable forward-facing weight limit, and it can safely keep kids harnessed until they’re five to six years old, or longer!

Safety matters when it comes to our children, and that’s one area that Graco always exceeds expectations. Being a parent is a great experience that can sometimes be scary and exhilarating at the same time when you watch your baby from sleeping soundly in your arms to crawling out of them to play freely. This product is relatively nice quality and little ones can buckle themselves in without help once they are big enough to reach the buckle. Graco Nautilus 65 is positioned as the higher harness booster car seat than Graco Tranzitions. Let us know! Parents are going to find the most significant number of differences between the My Ride 65 and the Nautilus 65. This change was adapted from their Argos car seat.

Graco Tranzitions is also completed with one-hand 5 positions adjustable headrest that easily adapt to your growing child. LATCH can still be used when the seat is in booster mode which means your booster won't be flying about the car when your child isn't in it. Want to stay in touch? This one seat works from the time your child forward faces, around 2-years-old or later, until they reach 120 pounds.

The innovative swing sold millions and was responsible for putting Graco on the map in the baby gear world. The head sensor in the crash test dummy used in the Graco had a result of 759 HIC in our crash tests. The Graco Nautilus 65 LX is a 3-in-1, forward-facing only car seat that will last from 20 to 120 pounds. Where should you order Graco Nautilus 65? Graco spent time crash testing this car seat to ensure it’s safe for your child. It comes with similar modes and weight limit as well as most specs and features. Attaching the booster to the car isn't too difficult and can be done using LATCH (above left) or the vehicle belt (above right) depending on the size of your child or your car. Switching the modes on the Nautilus isn’t tricky, but you can’t do it in a flash. The headrest release button is easily accessible (above left) even with a child in the seat. Do you want to talk more about those differences? Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Parents complained about the short crotch strap design on the previous models of the Nautilus, and Graco listened to their customers. The seat does have a recline feature with a lever under the seat bottom, but it doesn't recline enough to really improve napping possibilities. You might think that one of the modes include a rear-facing car seat.

CR’s goal in creating the new test wasn’t to recreate the wheel. It comes with 3 different modes : forward-facing with harness for 22-65 lbs toddler, high-back booster for 30-100 lbs kids, and backless booster for 40-100 lbs kids. The Graco is somewhat wide and heavy. The Graco Nautilus with Safety Surround is the latest version in the Nautilus line of combination carseats. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.Com. Another change they made was the headrest position allowances. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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