hardest geometry dash level
For you which is the most difficult level of all Geometry Dash? It's debatable. Rated as the hardest by the community, can confirm it's hard, Don't think this is rate-worthy. ! Numbah eight: Theory of Everything. According to geometry dash wiki this is harder than yatagarasu and sonic wave so it should probably be at number 1. The duals are instantly asimetric, which made the gameplay REALLY hard. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Be. The King of the official levels. 0%-26%: Harder than it looks until you memorize. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Now there can be a harder level but that level would be impossible in order to be harder. More "masters of the game" please. Once it was rated Demon, but Cyclic found out a hard-to-find secret way. This level is a harder version of sonic wave and it is up here?!? 26%-34%: This is way easier after an extensive period of time. It's contender is Bloodlust, but Bloodlust is limited since it is based off of a pre existing level. It is just too hard. Good luck for those of you who want to play this, because be prepared to punch some holes in your wall lol. 7. Clutterfunk (I physically hate the coins), 8. News. The coins are mostly easy. Sonic Wave truly is the ultimate challenge. Honestly just ridiculous on how this isn't number one. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath, This is the hardest level in the world. Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! Extremely hard. © 2023 by Kathy Schulders. The hardest extreme demon by a long shot. Artificial Ascent2. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Currently the hardest demon in geometry dash, soon to be beaten by Bloodlust. ), p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545}, Deadlocked (Do I really need to explain this?). Electrodynamix (Really, Clubstep should be insane, THIS should be demon) 60%-67%: Pretty easy actually. This level is very very hard. Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL. Cycles (It f***ed me off, but after I beat it, this is EZ) Clutterfunk features some really hard gameplay, such as the ending or the second ship. Time Machine (You are Michigun, if a triple spike never killed you) The hardest level that has been verified legit is Sonic Wave by Cyclic. 7. Do not try if you value your sanity. 68%-80%: Really the only reason this is on the list. 12 stars is still to much >~<. Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Tight rocket spaces, precise square and ball areas, ufo timing areas, and deadly wave parts. Blinding gameplay and intense timings. It features Straight Flying, 4-spike jumping, and spam orbs. 10. Use brain cells please, Maybe slightly harder than 41 maybe potentially you know, Insanely cancerous demon by Krazyman50. Many GD players have said that this is the hardest demon. Twoots. Geometry Dash Forum. It is going to take good skills like Cyclic, Riot and more intermediate players to beat it legit. Full and original gameplay, hardest timing demon in the game. Back on Track (Not just hard, but impossible.). Zodiac is easily the hardest with the 4x speed cube and tight spaces. I know lots of people are gonna complain that Electrodynamix is much harder to Clutterfunk, but no, Clutterfunk is harder, I'm sticking to MY OPINION, and I don't care about other peolpe's opinions. The wave is nearly impossible. Anyways, I chose this because it is legit the hardest timing demon there is. I agree that Sonic Wave is harder, because the wave is the absolutely tightest wave EVER! This is a level that I would say is harder than Tartarus, I find demons with massive variety in difficulty are normally harder than people believe. The only slightly hard part is the memory, and that’s easily fixed by doing about 10 practice mode attempts in it. I have to say, comparing Bloodbath to Sonic Wave is like comparing Stereo Madness to Sonic Wave. 24%-30%: After Theory of Everything 2, this part is nothing. There are many hard levels in Geometry Dash. It took me like 500 attempts to get just 1% no joke. 51-70%: Hectic but easy. Anyway what did I do? More posts from the geometrydash community. #2. guy. The Official Demon List formerly sorted out a total of 50 demon levels and was extended in October 2017 to 100 and in June 2019 to 150, dividing the list into a main and extended list with 75 levels each. ToE 2 (2k attempts, 1st coin is 9999x harder, than 2nd. One of the hardest demons of all time, definitely harder than everything on the list except Yatagarasu. 96%-100%: DO NOT TAP HERE UNLESS YOU ARE POSITIVE YOU CAN GO BACK THROUGH THE LEVEL AGAIN. Some parts are easy though, such as the first dual ship. I think Sonic wave has the title of hardest legit level though. Anyone with decent skills like Cyclic, Riot, Souls TRK and more intermediate players can beat it legit. A superbuff of Sakupen Hell. This is, without a doubt, the hardest demon in Geometry Dash. Which levels are in this list? 60%-67%: I try to skip the transition (yes, it's possible) because it has a chance of messing with me. The ending is very difficult. I only have two percent on this though, I'm pretty screwed. If this level wasn't 55 seconds long, and a little bit, this level would be easily the hardest gd level. Bloodlust comes 2nd and Crimson Planet comes 3rd. http://geometrydash20apk.wixsite.com/geometrydash20/single-post/2017/01/10/Geometry-Dash-app-review. 2. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm not that good at the game but the demon list says it's the hardest and I trust the large group of great players that create that list. You are out of your mind. 14%-29%: I'ma big kid--I mean, midget now! 0%-35%: The amount of triple spikes here is inhumane. Sonic Wave(I have 89% on Bloodlust). The hardest wave parts in any rated level ing game. Easily harder than bloodlust. Clubstep (This is the level that caused the most suffering for me.). Mini-Profile Background: {"image":"","color":"ffffff"}, Mini-Profile Name Color: {"image":"","color":"19abe6"}, Mini-Profile Name Color: {"image":"","color":"e858ff"}, Mini-Profile Background: {"image":"https://i.imgur.com/CdNpLJh.jpg","color":"ffffff"}, Can you peeps please play my levels? 1. Hello guys, Shaded here. 43-51%: I screw up at this part about as often as I find four-leaf clovers. 82%-100%: Tricky, but not extreme. Since Sonic Wave is no longer on the servers, Bloodbath by Riot is the hardest level that has been verified legit. 12 stars is still to much >~< Mine is: Stereo Madness 1/10 Polargiest 1.2/10 Base After Base 1.5/10 Dry Out 1.5/10 Back on Track 2/10 Can't let Go 3/10 Jumper 3.8/10 xStep 4/10 86%-100%: I feel bad for you if you screw up here. Well, it is said that this level is actually impossible, and I agree! I am still working on this level so it isn't quite done yet, but I believe it might be harder than Bloodlust when done. 1. 6%-18%: Second Mario texture pack confirmed. I have devoted half my time playing GD to this level. Bro time machine took me 150ish attempts but it feels like it took 193749404, why yall think time machine is harder than cycles cycles has freaking medium demon gameplay, This is definitely coming from someone with below 10 demon completions, For the time you beat it, cycles is hard demon, Blast processing is a 1/5 (same difficulty as jumper). User Levels are unofficial Geometry Dash levels created by players using the level editor. Buffed + extended rebirth of Sakupen Hell. Fun boss battle :). if yatagarasu were on, I'd vote there, but if stereo madness were on, I'd vote on it, no questions asked. It was uploaded by noobass right? like actually insane. 73%-86%: Pretty much impossible not to get nervous. I'm ashamed to say I died at 95% twenty minutes before beating it ;-; 3. I saw the preview, medium demon, get off of this list. 87%-100%: I started freaking out as soon as I got here because I KNEW I had already beaten it basically (4 practice attempts). The intense mini wave sections cause you to rage absolutely, and this is also the level that made me break my phone. I used to play geometry dash but I quid a few months ago the game seems interesting again so I'm coming back to the geometry dash community a better player. Post your videos, levels, clips, or ask questions here! ), 67%-82%: Like being hypnotized by a person that's saying: "You will feel the intensity. This is so hard that it can't be completed in one day. 1. Crazy memorization and extreme ship and UFO sections make this level a real challenge. #wave parts are hell. ... BTW Miracle didnt wanna do the hardest level list so he gave it to me. It makes no since. 57%-64%: Kind of extreme, but you just got to go with the music. Bausha Vortex5. Deadlocked (Not hard, but the wave and memory ship. Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. The first coin is the real nusiance IMO. Everything in the level is clustered together. Well everybody knows that noobass uses the speed hack so it's no surprise he uploaded it. 0%-14%: Thank God these levels at least START OUT easy. However the timings MUST be perfect. While there is some memorization, the difficulty relies on the insanely hard ship sections. Fingerdash (First introduction to the dash orbs was not fun at all.) It's all about timing and perfection which is what makes it so tough. Otherwise you'll get 1% like me. And if this is gonna be your first Nine Circles demon then I recommended you to play Ultra Paracosm or Problematic Before even thinking about trying this level. 2. Just over a minute of almost pixel perfect, tight timings with no rests in between. Welcome Guest. If I hadn't specified "legit", the hardest levels would obviously be the impossible and "silent" levels which the community has, annoyingly, started to make. And the beginning is pure cancer. Definitely one of the hardest, with so much detail making it hard for you to see what to do, and don't forget the length! ), Fingerdash (First introduction to the dash orbs was not fun at all. Old Down Bass7. List of the hardest levels in GD, including non-rated maps. Deadlocked (that wave is just HELL ON EARTH! The end is extremely annoying! 71%-100%: Kind of tricky, but not that bad. Aug 4, 2015 @ 10:14pm Originally posted by 6359_: It's debatable. 0%-13%: Like always, a basic start. Geometrical Dominator (One of the easiest 10 star levels out there.). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzTNcwF2ZXg, 10. This part's kind of easy but you can get nervous. 9.


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