head line palm

Head line palmistry.

color: #333333; The Head Line may start at some point between the start of the Life Line and the base of the forefinger.

This may be a person whose interests are fairly limited, but who may be excellent in their chosen subjects. However, although the person with the separated Line of Head may be capable of brilliance, this only happens if they are able to focus, and have a purpose.

If the Head Line is curved, swooping down towards the wrist, then imagination may overcome logic, in extreme cases leading to self-deception and even delusion. Required fields are marked *.

An individual with this unique line won’t necessarily achieve anything very remarkable, for they may be single-minded about trivia. Several of these might indicate a very rough mental period of time through which one must progress. Head line reveals a person’s wisdom, belief, attitude, ability of thinking, resistance against the difficulties, character and creativity, as well as memory power and more of the similar issues. Combined with a straight Head Line this gives a great deal of personal influence. Head Line. color: #692090; This line begins just above the life line (the 3rd main line) and has a starting place that is somewhere between the thumb and the middle finger. It sometimes goes on through the whole palm and sometimes it can be noticed as a short line in the palm. There are two lines that run across the palm, the Head Line and the Heart Line. font-size: 15px; The head line, also known as the wisdom line (considered one of the most important lines in Chinese palmistry), reveals mental and psychological makeup and intellectual development and intuitive abilities. If the tip of head line is divided into two lines and there is another branch towards lower direction, it means that you have a strong skill to detect and solve the problems. Don’t worry, head line meaning shows the right way for you. You can be a painter, author or poet. Money Line Tells If You’ll Be Rich or Not, Life Line and Heart Line May Show Your Lifetime. The Life Line runs around the base of the thumb in a wide semi-circle that may sweep out as far as the centre of the palm.

Head line in the palm can be defined as wisdom or intelligence line. This line when even, long, and narrow, shows good judgment, a strong will and a clear mind.

Come and make great benefits from it. © Königsfurt Urania.

This can be an advantage, or quite difficult, depending on the rest of the personality. } }. Head line starts at the point between thumb and index finger and generally reaches until the midst of the palm. This doesn’t indicate failure however, for there could also be great determination, especially if the Head Line is straight. When reading the palm, always remember that the names of the lines give hints as to what they represent. If the head line is frequently cut by small lines, it indicates that the subject will have headaches. It is the line that represents intellect, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, and all things related to the mind. .bod_cell { See also 'Your introduction to palmistry' and 'What your thumb shows'. You can glimpse the Line of Head when a person holds out his or her palm towards you, but to interpret it properly, you need to be able to examine it in detail. The fourth major palm line is the fate line, which is sometimes broken, faded, or even missing altogether. This means you are an intelligent and clever person. Of course there are times when you need some knowledge and positive input that you can’t get from analysing your hand. If the line is straight, it means you are a person with analytical and practical skills.

If the Mercury mount is low there will be more learning but less ability. This can also be a sign of a person who is prone to depression. A line that starts strong but ends feathery can indicate that you like to start new projects but rarely finish them.

The Head Line may end mid-palm or continue so that it extends almost the entire width of the hand. A long line denotes that you value pursuits of the mind more than you do pursuits of the body.

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The head line indicates intellectual pursuits, and the lessons one must learn in life. Professional Astrologers now guide you through the stars to show you the future or the past! } All of our Readers are thoroughly tested and bring with them a wide variety of skills and experiences. If the Head Line runs straight across the palm, parallel with base of the fingers, this shows logical thought and the ability to follow a thread of reason, building up information in an orderly manner. You can also see your palm reading, tarot, eye fortune results and get your birth chart via this application. If the space isn’t very wide it shows independence and confidence, and the ability to ‘shoot from the hip’. Of the four major lines, the first three (heart, head, and life) should be relatively easy for you to locate on your hands. Your email address will not be published. The head line is the line just below the heart line, generally starting high up toward the first knuckle of the index finger on the thumb side of the palm and running diagonally downward. If line continues more vertical and longer, these will make your thinking and imaginations skills stronger. The ability to be creative and to use imagination constructively is shown by a line that slopes very gently. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your interpretation. There are two lines that run across the palm, the Head Line and the Heart Line. If your head line and your heart line meet, it means that you are extremely careful or picky in your partners. Use our mobile application and strat to get daily horoscope by our professional astrologists. vertical-align: top; Unlock the meaning of palmistry. If your line is shallow or feathery, it may indicate that you tend to have several things going on at one time, where a deep and clear-cut line indicates focus and concentration. text-align: left; Head line in palmistry is considered as the second most important line.

Generally, “a deep and thin wisdom line” is considered as a positive thing. It is the straight line at the center of the palm. .teaser_div { .link { Once you've selected your Reader and have chosen your reading method, sit back and relax. If this happens to you, you have a strong mental skill.

Very occasionally there is only one line, which means that the Head and Heart lines are joined together. Quite possibly early family life will have had a powerful effect on this person and they may feel a little inhibited and open to criticism. the further across the palm it extends, the stronger the intellect.

Many people believe that if the head line is long, then the person is smart and will achieve good results, and become rich.

} The Head Line is the line that runs across the palm, starting midway between the thumb and the forefinger.

Head line in the palm can be defined as wisdom or intelligence line. You can be successful in maths, commerce, science and technology. Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided. text-align: center;

vertical-align: top; But, there’s no need to look for it far away.

} Life Line. It may stands next to you and you haven’t still aware of it. vertical-align: top; The line on the palm that people are most curious about is the life line. All Tarot card images are published with the permission of Königsfurt Urania. The Head Line is considered one of the most important lines on the hand in Chinese palmistry, and is symbolic of the mental and psychological makeup of the individual. Where the heart line deals with interactions with others, the head line deals mostly with a quality of the self. .HIW_head {

Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! The major line directly below the heart line is called the Head Line AKA the Line of Wisdom and shows those conducting a palm reading what is happening in the mind. It is not very common.

height: 430px; Head line starts at the point between thumb and index finger and generally reaches until the midst of the palm. font-size: 12px; If your head line is curved or has waves in it, it indicates that you tend to be a free spirit and are inclined to take action now and ask questions later.

In palmistry line head is considered one of the four major lines on the palm. text-align: left; } Is Palm Reading A Pseudoscience Technique.

The Line of Head, or Mentality is one of the most important lines on the palm.

In palmistry, it occupies the second position in terms of importance. padding: 2px; If the line reaches until lower part of the pinky finger, it is considered as a long head line. You are polite, tolerant, realistic person and have a strong ability of communication. You might go to attend a lecture over attending a dance class. If the Head Line starts a long way from the Life Line, closer to the base of the forefinger, this person could be pushy and impetuous, always getting themselves into trouble! background: #f6f6f6; If your line is such, you may be really clever.

You have clear ideas. Now take a look at your head line and comment it by yourself, after finding out which of the features below it has. However, if they really concentrate on the exceptional, they have every chance of getting there. Head Line In Palmistry. The Head Line. In palmistry, it occupies the second position in terms of importance.


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