how to divorce if married in seychelles

Become an Owner/Operator of a destination like, Seychelles Hotels booking service managed and operated by, Photocopy of the first picture page of both passport, showing the party's personal details, Photocopy of the couples Birth Certificates, If previously married a copy of the previous Marriage Certificate and the Decree Absolute, if one or both parties have been divorced, If one or both parties of a previous Marriage are widowed a copy of Death Certificate.

6. As we provide you not just the Seychelles’ Marriage Certificate but also the Apostille from the Supreme Court of Seychelles, your contraction of marriage in the Seychelles will be accepted worldwide without any doubts. As we provide you not just the Seychelles’ Marriage Certificate but also the Apostille from the Supreme Court of Seychelles, your contraction of marriage in the Seychelles will be accepted worldwide without any doubts. You’re not obliged to visit the Civil Status office at all. Finland Abroad is a website provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and Finland's missions abroad. • Before the marriage can take place, the banns is publish for eleven days prior to the date of marriage.

For Italian citizens: A copy of the certification of registered domicile, the couple's Town Registration in Italy. A copy of their Certificate of Domicile and  Personenstandsausweis as well as a legal document to show that there is no impediment or lawful hindrance; if not the above are obtainable, an affidavit is to be signed in the presence of the Honorary Swiss Consul in Seychelles, after the solemn declaration of domicile, as part of the marriage. 2. If you are a Finnish citizen and you are granted a divorce abroad, you must notify the dissolution of marriage to the Finnish Population System. The wedding can be held anywhere, on the beach, at the hotel or at any other venue. Troubled marriage spells in Seychelles for stressed relationship, divorce signs, Marital problems, Marriage problems, cheating lovers, Relationship problems. Weddings are generally held between 14h00 and 16h00 - other timings are possible on request basis. Marriage in Seychelles for UAE residents is a hassle-free procedure. Swiss passport holders and residents should travel with 2 sets of Certified copies and all Original documents (applicable for both partners). Property of a married woman before or after the Act to be held by her as a feme sole. An extra 20 Euros applies for the Swiss Consulate to process the wedding documents. Getting married in Seychelles is a hassle-free procedure. Note: Fax copies are not accepted. What document that I need to present? If widowed: Please provide death certificate of former spouse.

Photocopy of parental consent in the form of an Affidavit if either person is less than 18 years of age, By Law Couples must stay 3 nights before weddings date, Clients have to confirm their wedding 30 days minimum before their wedding date. • Under Civil Status Act, Homosexual marriages are prohibited in Seychelles. Short title.

Troubled marriage spells in Seychelles are for Most married couples that sweep their problems under the rug despite being in a stressed relationship, divorce signs, Marital problems, Marriage problems, cheating lovers until it is too late. Translations that have been made abroad must also be legalised. Married woman to be capable of holding property and of contracting as if unmarried. Act not to affect generality of Article 215 of the Civil Code of Seychelles. If you had your name changed, you have to provide a legal proof. UAE residents will require our attested documents package for legalization of their marriage in UAE and in addition also the attestation by the UAE Embassy in Seychelles. STATUS OF MARRIED WOMEN ACT [3rd May, 1948] ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS. All documents have to be in English or French. In the case of other nationalities, a notarised translation must be presented with the original copies. You can send scans of the required documents to us easily by e-mail. We will take care of everything! Documents must all be either in the English or French language. 5. . French passport holders and residents have to follow a different procedure. Our all-round carefree service will let you enjoy your Big Day to the fullest – without any headaches.

If you are a Finnish citizen and you are granted a divorce abroad, you must notify the dissolution of marriage to the Finnish Population System. Documents translated by an authorised translator in Finland are acceptable without a separate authentication. Is there any obstacles to him marrying again without first recognizing the marriage and divorcing outside of Seychelles? Applying for a passport or an identity card, Passport application by persons liable for military service, Certification of the authenticity of the content of a document, Opportunities in development cooperation for companies, Representation of the Seychelles in Finland. 1. After your arrival in the Seychelles you will discuss the last details about Your Special Day with our Wedding Planner. • Birth certificate, • NIN cards, • Death or Divorce certificates where applicable. Indian Ocean Island Games 2011 - In Seychelles! My boyfriend holds Brazilian citizenship and his ex is Australian. Thanks in advance. In principle, all divorces granted in a foreign state are recognised without a separate confirmation in Finland. We will ensure a memorable, romantic and never-to-be-forgotten day. 4. Translated in French should be submitted. All relevant documents should be forwarded to the French Embassy two months prior to the wedding date as publication of forth coming weddings must be now publish in France. All rights reserved. Russian passport holders and residents will need a translation of the Seychelles Marriage Certificate by the Russian Embassy on Mahé (+65 Euro). No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. The marriage was conducted in Seychelles and has not been officially recognized in any other country. For Filipino nationals we can provide the full procedure of registration of their marriage (Report of Marriage) at the Philippines Consulate. Once a wedding is confirmed there cannot refund the full amount due to cancellation because all the cost would have already been committed to the various agents.


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