if you could change one thing about your past, what would it be essay
Now thats not saying my life has been perfect and I have done things I probably shouldn't. However, I do enjoy the moments with my son for the past 3 years. But I didn't and eventually I am still alone. I did it all backwards! As humans we quite often find ourselves tempted by certain things, some more than others. My life 2 ... Free There is so many regrettable moment of myself thinking about the past. So, with a little delay and with the support of my husband, I accepted... Free It was my destiny to be down the path I am. If the time can turn back,i definitely won't follow Therefore it is wise to be grateful for what has taken place in your life no matter what it was and see how it has helped you. But since I cannot afford the course, I just end up in a small college in which tuition fee are cheap but don't offer engineering course. It's really so bad that we do not have time machine with us but if i had time machine and the one thing i would have changed in my life is that i would have gone back to my college life and would have again studied well and continued my studies upto higher level then only i would have got married. Now at first you most likely would say yes. In fact… It was also likely to occur at home. I have yet to hear of a "perfect" or "near-perfect" job. You probably know that one of the main goals of an interview is for the interviewer to get to know you. If I could, then I would probably tell less bad jokes in my life. If you had the power to change one thing about your past, what would it be? These big changes create either positive or negative turning-points in people’s life. It has a beginning, an end, and the events that take place in between. Take a closer look and you’ll see this much more than you originally If I Could Change One Thing about Me I really hope I will have chance to go back there. Very interesting topic to be discussed here. However, we can train ourselves and certainly be able to get into those states of presence during very specific moments. What would you do? Think of the pain and challenges that defined that period for you—heartache, loss, failure, shattered dreams, mistakes, regrets, doubts, fears. Too bad there's not a time machine. And a big part of being able to do this involves what I’ve been discussing with you today, knowing how to go back in your past and use it to your (and others) advantage. We me, I would say undoubtedly my pay. Are You Standing Up For Who You Really Are? stressful city but I love the life there.It is more happenings and figure out the best way for me. I have personal reasons for this list, and not so personal reasons. But if you could only change one of them what would you choose? But I didn't and eventually I am still alone. The reasons for wanting to do this at first seem to make sense. The idea is to realize this and be grateful for it so you can be in a poised, present, and purposeful state of mind without having unnecessary emotional baggage weighing you down. It may have been in the classroom…the school yard…on the school bus…while walking home. through many life changes, some are fairly insignificant, and some of them change us down to our core. Approximately 25 minutes each way. I would say to my teacher, the man who went away that I 'm so sorry, I love him so much.2 Years, he taught us with all his heart and diligence but we were childish for understanding , we hurt him so much. Other then that I've been pretty happy with what I've done. The ride to the high school was 6 miles. There is a point in life where we all decided to change many can find the way out. I had spent fourteen years of my childhood in Vietnam only to tear away from my relatives, friends and home to start a new life on a city that I have not known much about. We all know it is impossible to turn back time. If I could change three things about myself, I think first and foremost, I would change my desirous of food-ness. Back to the future- Many people feel that our past shapes our future. When they ask if there is anything about your job you would want to change, they are trying to get a picture of the values you find important, what you excel at, and if you can self-assess. On the flight to Seattle I realized this is will be new life that I am about to create. Once again, it’s not about wanting to change your past but to see how it has helped you become the wonderful and amazing person you are. The reason is, because by changing just one thing, even what seems like an insignificant event can and does change everything else that follows…and it can certainly do so in ways that you may not want. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks number-one singles, 2000 albums, My Hometown 902  Words | Take a look at this and you’ll see it quite often. 4  Pages. I am so thankful for the metamorphosis it created in me, and it is my biggest and most significant life change thus far. By: Kimberly C. Essay no.2 19.5.2013 Here in the now- There is this real cool picture I’ve come across and it is of a clock that has the word “now” in place of the numbers one through twelve. The fact is that we as humans are always oscillating in some way emotionally, and certainly some more than others. I dont think i would change anything....pretty happy of how i am now. For instance, the girl I like I shouldn't let her go, and I should make my move and do my best to win her heart. Moving to the United States from Dalat, Vietnam was a dramatic experience that has impacted my life in many different ways. I would've done the same thing-gotten my college degree before having kids. For example, you may have made a decision and taken action on doing something in the past that didn’t go the way you wanted and just the thought of being able to change that would somehow help. We’ve all been in those situations, myself included. Just know that whatever you’ve done or not done in the past is something that has served you and others whether you’re aware of it at any point in time or not. and it would be tragic to inadvertently head my life down a different path by changing something. Premium My parents did advised me to think carefully,but I just can't What this ends up leading to is carrying around emotional baggage and let’s face it, no one wants to be carrying that around and having it run their life. You are right, I wish that I can re - done so many things from the past. Until my husband decided to get marriage and move back to his High school diploma, University, Higher education 931  Words | Prof. Chona Lajom About three years ago, I was miserable with my life, and heartbroken. One of the things I’m referring to is about going back in time and changing certain events in our lives. If, Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks number-one singles, StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Conflict: Also, you’ve got to get (Type text) out of your header I was there for my study and then I managed to get a job I was crying intensely, and as I was trying to a Voice reminded me that I had 3 Boys who needed me , I started to cry and Called on Jesus to please help me.


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