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I'm proud to be a trans person." Be glad that we WPB suggest are there to help you in wishing and even come up with the new Series Quotes. Sweet, good night! Sorry if I miss the old you.”, “I guess I just wanted to hurt you as much as I imagined you’d hurt me.”. rue: if I died, how much would you miss me? He portrays 11-Year-Old Chris is the co-founder of wpbsuggest.com. incorrect euphoria quotes jules vaughn kat hernandez rue bennett jules x rue rue x jules rules zendaya hunter schafer barbie ferreira euphoria hbo euphoria. Rue begins to depend on Jules and even replaces her drug addiction with her dependence on Jules. Aesthetic Makeup Quote Aesthetic ... Jules Vaughn in Euphoria HBO. As we know, she kisses him despite the fact that he's catfished her because in those moments he is still acting like Tyler and telling her how close he feels to her. And eventually, all you can think about is how life has always been this way. TV Show Quotes. Nate, on the other hand, is unable to come to terms with his sexuality and does everything he can to be as masculine as possible. Not coz I want it, but coz they do.”, “It’s all in your head. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. I didn’t build this system nor did I fuck it up, “Some people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul… I disagree. It also makes him afraid of sexuality, namely anything that is outside of being very straight and heterosexual because he knows what his father does is wrong and he doesn't want to be like him. rue: the store can’t just give away clothes for free. Juliet knows that swearing one's love for another is part of popular culture and what people do when they supposedly fall in love. Jules cries and says she doesn't trust him and he, afraid of her rejection and of the fact she may have slept with his father, says he doesn't trust her either. February 2020. When Rue kisses her, Jules doesn't really react and while she doesn't exactly reject Rue, she doesn't exactly reciprocate either. We know that he likes to be in control in every situation which is why he printed the pictures ahead of time. But also in this dream world, in response to her screaming that she wants to kill him, Nate replies, "I'm yours, I'm all yours," before they kiss and have sex. I came here so I wouldn’t have to think about it.”, “Didn’t you just get out of rehab? Now, Nate knows he's in dangerous territory (he likes her very much and now she knows his identity and they've kissed) so he tells himself he must know if she's slept with Cal. We are told that "he hated girls who sat like boys, talked like boys, acted like boys. If you believe that any Site Content infringes upon your copyright, please notify us by email support@quotecatalog.com. Jules was born on February 28, 2001. we stan the most well written characters on the show. May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet. In the opening of episode 4, Rue says that "she [Jules] even said it to her [Rue] once, which was probably a mistake, for like, a lot of reasons." High quality Jules Vaughn gifts and merchandise. Saved from literallyanyfandom.tumblr.com. Drunk in the pool, she recites a few lines of Romeo and Juliet to Rue: It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden; Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be. Jules really likes Rue and is really happy they click right away. In Jules' imagination, he goes to find her in the city, he apologizes to her over and over, and he tells her he's the person she fell in love with. And I was gasping, and I was panicking.”, “You think ’cause I went to rehab I stayed clean?”, Whenever I feel good I think it will last forever. Follow. Be consistently in contact with us on Instagram and Facebook. I don’t know how to help, but I could tell you one thing: this drug shit, it’s not the answer.” ~ Fezco (Angus Cloud) Euphoria Quotes TV Show “It was like there was no more air left in the world. It's a dirty word to him. If I could spend the rest of my life in a hospital, I would. If Jules approaches him, he might just reciprocate. I think that Nate needs to come to terms with his sexuality, whatever it is, and needs to figure out his attraction to Jules. He tries again to swear his love, without involving the moon, but she stops him short saying that if he wants to swear so badly, he should swear by himself as he is the object of her affection, the god of her idolatry. He cannot accept himself and he wants to be able to express his true self the way Jules does so unabashedly. Jules knows that "these violent delights have violent ends" and she wants to keep her distance from Rue to avoid the violent ends (Rue's dependence, Rue's drug addiction, and possibly Rue's death because of said drug addiction). She sleeps with lots of men to help her affirm her femininity, and they are all cis, white, married, and a hundred percent straight (the show rubs this in our faces further in case we didn't get it by making sure we know that she never tops—this of course is another hint at her wanting to be "feminine" in a traditional, binary way). This bud of love, by summer's ripening breath. Jules Vaughn in Euphoria HBO. WPB Suggest is created for the sole purpose of providing high-quality Instagram Status, Quotes, Images, Captions, handpicked by our team just for you. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. When he gets suspended from school for abusing Maddy, he drives around to check on Maddy, yes, but he also checks on Jules. It is why he frames Tyler, it is why he blackmails Jules, and it is why he abuses Maddy when he feels that she has disrespected him. jules vaughn. 319 notes. They text back and forth for hours everyday and she ignores Rue's texts while she texts Tyler even though she's on her phone and probably sees them. They are portrayed by Bobbi Salvör Menuez. incorrect euphoria quotes jules vaughn rue bennett jules x rue rue x jules rules zendaya hunter schafer euphoria hbo euphoria. "I do like people to know that I'm not a cis girl because that's not something that I am or feel like I am. rue, [in her mind]: okay, calm down, you got this. Feeling like I owe it to myself.”, “I don’t take nothin’ a drug addict says personally. Her romantic relationship with Rue is outside of that binary and she feels uncomfortable with that. Although Jules has a tryst with Anna and it looks like she's working through her sexuality, we leave off the season with Jules leaving Rue. They both pull away slowly. Then, and only then, does he decide to blackmail her. © 2020 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. We know that Jules tells Rue that she's in love with "Tyler" and Nate texts Jules all day everyday. Sometimes it feels good & sometimes it doesn’t, “Maybe people are nostalgic about high school ’cause it’s, like, the last time in their life that they get to dream.”, “In my head, it’s like If I can conquer men, then I can conquer femininity.”, “I don’t know what type of fucked up shit you got going inside your head. Related: euphoria rue bennett rue x jules maddy perez hunter schafer euphoria rue bennett rue x jules maddy perez hunter schafer < > Aesthetic Makeup Quote Aesthetic Best Tv Shows Best Shows Ever Zendaya Film Anime A Silent Voice Barbie Ferreira Film Quotes. She still wants him and she fantasizes about him telling her he's all hers. kat: you’re having a romantic relationship with rue. jules: this is so frustrating! It was the fact that she knew no matter what he did, she’d still love him.”, “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a fuck.”, Although she had never been in a relationship, or even in, like, love, she imagined spending the rest of her life with her, “You may have won the game, but you lost control of the team.”, “I feel like love is super dark and no one ever talks about it.”, “Because you’re so broken you don’t even trust yourself. She likes Rue a lot, but she doesn't want Rue to swear her love for her. And everything you feel and wish and want to forget, It all just sinks.”, “And then suddenly… you give It air again, give It life again.”, “I sincerely apologize for telling you to go fuck yourself.”, “So you find yourself trying to remember the things that made you happy.”, “She realized how much she liked not doing anything.”, “And they’re just reaching for something to make it all seem meaningful.”, “All I know is, life is not a Nicholas Sparks novel.”, You know that drug addicts don’t reach out for help unless there’s no options, “Is one of us gonna get hurt? jules, [standing in front of the woods holding her hand out]: do you trust me? And he is. Hooking up with Nate, the perfect alpha male who checks all the boxes of the men she normally hooks up with but is also a person she has a true connection with, will allow her to play that role one more time but genuinely (because of their emotional connection) before it crumbles for good. jules: this is so frustrating! Not only does he check on Jules during the day, he goes to her house at night just to watch her window. She is portrayed by Quintessa Swindell. there have been other subtle hints that he might like men, but again, we're not sure and we don't know. jules: i’d like them better if they were 100% off. She lets herself hook up with Anna. Her being trans is the ultimate threat to his traditional ideas of gender/the gender binary. Do I think it would be good for either of them? Despite all of this, he wipes her tears away and they kiss. She even indulges Rue by taking drugs with her the night they meet. Kendra Syrdal is a writer, editor, partner, and senior publisher for The Thought & Expression Company. She hooks up with Anna, yes, but she imagines Nate. He is also into writing songs and making music. HBO's Euphoria: A group of high school students try to discover their own identities while dealing with drugs, trauma, love, and social media. Maurice NOLA504 jules, [pulling up a 150 slide presentation]: i’m glad you asked! You need to catch a d*ck.”, “You know that drug addicts don’t reach out for help unless there’s no options.”, “I’m just saying, love is a million things. — Jules Vaughn, Euphoria, Season 1: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed Annotation This is when Jules is describing her childhood and her attraction towards feminine products like shoes/clothes before her transition to female. Kelly assists on a wide variety of quote inputting and social media functions for Quote Catalog. “I want you to wanna kiss me so bad that you don’t even ask.”, “Real love is when you can’t exist without someone, when you’d rather die than be apart, and the whole world goes dark, and nothing else matters but the person standing in front of you.”, “I love hospitals. She still hasn't let go of him. Reblog. Which gave my mother relief, because it meant that in the bad times, there would be good times. That he feels closer to her than anyone else in the world. Rue is happy with the progression of their relationship while Jules is afraid that Rue is depending on her more and more. this is your chance, jules: i’d like them better if they were 100% off, rue: the store can’t just give away clothes for free, rue: that’s a terrible way to run a business, jules.


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