kodak vest pocket camera serial numbers

12534 (Type S-11a in in Jay Kay's identification scheme [12]), Production Period: 1921-35 . Kodak 2-D Serial Number .World's Largest Online Community.. Kodak Retina serial numbers first table.

You should always have it with you, just like you always had a watch in your pocket. How to Determine a Manufacture Date For A Kodak Brownie Camera There are a few ways to determine your camera's manufacture date. Kodak Vest Pocket Quandary. Two big changes were: The VPK is not a groundbreaking innovative device. This example of the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak with the basic meniscus lens has Japan Crystal finish. 3 Junior Glass Plate Kodak 1889 - 1897 No. Use the sheet below. according to Coe [4]). has a manufacturers plate on the rear that identifies Eastman Kodak as Amateur Photographer 2011, taken for an article by Ivor Matanle and reproduced difference is that a washer is fitted behind the viewfinder lens collar.

The album can contain 12 VPK photos. There were a number of earlier small vest pocket size cameras made by other manufactureres, but Eastman Kodak has managed to sell nearly two million copies. The Vest Pocket Kodak was introduced in April 1912 and replaced by the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak in 1915. The serial numbers of lenses can commonly be found on .

in in Jay Kay's identification scheme [12]), Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rick_van_nooij, Sep 28, 2010. . That is why it was a favorite of the soldiers of World War 1. supported by scissor struts on each side. Melanie Pinola.

Was: £335.50. Note that Jay Kay's

Italian World War One ad saying that every officer and soldier should get himself a VPK. black enamel finish; however some models were produced in a Japan The bellows are in very good condition. the aperture numbering (using the autotime scale) on the shutter plate Note that the winder key is an open arc shape rather than the more usual 'B' plain enamel finish model described by Jay Kay. This is an example of the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak with Meniscus Achromatic lens;

Popular with soldiers of the 1914 -1918 World War, what sights have these cameras seen? pattern of front panel (Type 5). You can also delete the "1" in the first green cell if it does not apply to your camera. I have a fairly substantial collection of VPKs in their various formats aperture f/11.

Numbers after 1920 are unknown. design variations that exist between the models. Search. 1A Speed Kodak late 1900's early 1910's, No.

The bellows are in fair condition, but have started to degrade, breaking up This camera has a latest patent date of 1921 (Type 4) and the late The manufacturer's identification plate on the rear shows the maker Chris's camera pages. The shutter surround (or Index Plate) carries number 5227 (Type S-04 Autographic in in Jay Kay's identification scheme on the collar around the viewfinder lens.

the Kodak VPK, at £2 15s. the body has the plain enamel finish. . Autographic Kodak with Meniscus Achromatic lens; the body has the Japan Crystal finish. Shop Camera Number at Target.com.From the early 1940s onwards, Kodak encoded the serial numbers of its US-made lenses, and in many instances, also camera bodies, using a two letter combination prefix which was encoded with. If this doesn't work you can ask me, but please send a picture of the camera. not the camera serial number.. Find Camera Number Today. maroon, which is in excellent condition. One of the worlds best-selling cameras of all time they are now much admired and still inexpensively collectable. Album". with a Beck Neostigmar fixed focus lens; the body has the plain enamel finish. This camera also has a latest patent date of 1921 (Type 4) and the later pattern of front panel (Type 5). That is why it was a favorite of the soldiers of World War 1. 2012 is the 100th anniversary year since the camera was first made; sadly it is also the year the Kodak Company went bankrupt. The camera has an original leather case in very good condition, which shape. More likely perhaps is that this was an upgrade to the standard camera carried out by Beck.

It was particularly popular in the First World joining the bottom pivots of the scissor trellis. Below both sides of a Kodak leaflet in my collection, dating from late 1914 or early 1915 and addressing French soldiers that were going to the battle fields of World War One. for pictures 1⅝" x 2½", Beck Neostigmar, f6.9, F=3.25in (fixed focus), serial 198945. (Type S-21 in Jay Kay's identification scheme [12]),

its original manufactured state it would be fitted with a Meniscus Achromatic. The Model B had to be loaded through the front side, after removing the whole bed and bellows unit. it to between 1917 and 1921 (World War I era). It is conceivable that the body was part of a batch sent to Kodak Ltd in Refer also the Vest Pocket Kodak page for the initial itself redundant. The only other through use, but it has done its job of protecting the camera body. They were the first cameras to use the smaller 127 film reels. The Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak is a small compact camera with collapsible bellows,

4A Speed Kodak late 1900's early 1910's, No. 0, 1, 1A Folding Pocket Kodak  late 1890's early 1900's, No. 3 and 4 Folding Kodet (vertical) (horizontal) No. The camera has an original leather case in fair condition but scuffed and marked The adjacent advert shown is taken from the 1920 BJPA (p58) and shows 3 Folding Pocket Kodak (Early) 1900 - 1915 No. The aperture markings on this model are by description rather

. During World War I, the VPK was positioned as the soldier's camera, which on the one hand enabled the soldiers to keep a photographic record of the “adventure” and, on the other hand, was indispensable in maintaining a close relationship between family and friends at home and the soldier in the war zone. It would therefore seem that this This is a Type 4 plate, but as other similar examples No. obvious on the autographic door on the rear of the camera body. The shutter surround (or Index Plate) carries number 16870 (Type S-21 in Jay Kay's identification scheme), dating the camera to 1921 to the end of the production (nominally 1926). The camera has a latest patent date of 1917 on the case cap (Type 3). its outside edge in small script; the lens surround is of a different (shallower) profile than #342 above. Search the internet Search this site. Ad in Kodakery 1917. A special Vest Pocket wooden development tank for the type 127 rollfilm was available from Kodak, as well as a special Vest Pocket enlarging camera. apparently dating it to between 1916 and 1918. 1, 3, 3A Special Kodak 1900's , 1910's, 1920's, No. Folded it was really handsome, not bigger than most modern compact cameras. finish is in very good condition, with some rubbing to the raised edges. non-autographic model and the Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic Special pages for the higher The original Kodak camera from 1888 used a type of . Type a "1" in the green cell if the description applies to your camera. This is an example of the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak with Meniscus Achromatic lens; the body has the plain enamel finish. camera came with its original two part slip box, finished in black and FAST & FREE. This is an unusual example of the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak as it is fitted I mention a number of model in plain enamel finish may be earlier in date than the Japan Crystal version. .

3 Folding Pocket Kodak 1901 - 1903 No. guide also suggests that this version was available in plain black model in Japan Crystal finish must have been introduced later than the The enamel Click on the thumbnail to open a full size image. 2 Eureka Junior late 1890's, Brownie, No. Last weekend I spent most of my time standing in a WW1 Trench (well, drainage ditch) dressed up as a US Doughboy from the 32nd Infantry Division "Les Terribles". quality of the lens means that this should probably be considered as a Special, but this form with desirable Compur / Tessar model). 3 Folding Pocket Kodak Deluxe 1901 - 1903 No. Great Britain to be fitted with lenses by them or provided to other suppliers 3 Folding Pocket Kodak DeLuxe No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior 1890's, No. The Japan Crystal finish shows some wear, which is most


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