lake moomaw water temperature

They also have free maps and helpful brochures. Data prepared Sat 31 Oct 2020 10:55:09 AM EDT Data prepared Sat 31 Oct 2020 10:55:09 AM EDT This data is not screened for errors. (More Info), The value given is a total predicted for the previous 3 hrs and includes the time of the forecast being looked at. West Winds around 10 Mph with Gusts up to 20 Mph. October Temperature Lewisburg / Greenbrier (24.2 miles) 2020 September October. 10 oz. Black crappie, bluegill, and redear sunfish are the big three panfish species in Lake Moomaw. (1994) Group camping, no electric, vault toilet, open year-round, Greenwood Point (Midlake) (1999) * State record, Bolar Flats (North end of the lake) Temperature 8-14 Day Outlook. Lake Moomaw is the second largest impoundment in western Virginia. Hot Springs, VA 24445 The state record yellow perch was caught, then surpassed, then caught again at Lake Moomaw in 1999 (2 lb, 7 oz). Brook trout – 5 lbs. It is in this zone that stocked rainbow, brown, and brook trout thrive. The indicators are that Tuesday 10th will have the most precipitation with an accumulation of around 25.0mm. (More Info), The wind direction we use on this page is the direction the wind is coming from, given in a 16 point compass format. These small, silvery fish are truly the “backbone” of the lake’s sport fishery. The mean minimum temperature will be 6°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of Tuesday 3rd at 0°C. Lows in the mid 50s. Expect the coming week to However, only 50 in aggregate may be creeled daily per angler. (More Info), Here we try to capture the feel of the weather as an image � it will never be perfect but is useful for a quick overview. 540-839-5409 When trout are stressed, then tend to eat less and eventually lose weight. Approximately 35,000 McConaughy and 35,000 brown trout finglerlings are stocked each year. Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Gathright Dam Construction - 4, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers They are abundant, ubiquitous, and, seemingly the prey of choice for trophy fish that are caught from Lake Moomaw.

11 oz. James River Ranger District, United States Forest Service Fishing licenses and bait, Bolar Flats Marina (North end) *No fishing licenses for sale Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Gathright Dam Construction - 9, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers Sunny. Verona, VA 24482 Hinge trees and brush shelters that work well for bass also benefit the crappie. James River Ranger District Bullheads were abundant in a couple of farm ponds prior to the lake being filled, hence they were introduced “accidentally”. With this in mind, the lake was stocked with thousands of largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish in 1980.

Lows around 40.
Neither a trout license nor National Forest Stamp is required. 517 Lee Highway P.O.

P. O. Some landowners adjacent to the Jackson River claim that the riverbed below Mean Low Water is their private property. have mostly dry days although Monday is likely to see a significant amount of rain. Lowest 21 January, 2020 … Quick Links Moomaw Lake News Moomaw Lake Photos Moomaw Lake Videos Highs in the upper 60s. Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Gathright Dam Construction - 5, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Expect 0.11 In of precipitation over the past 3 hours. have some days seeing a little precipitation and some days with rain. (1994) 0 oz.

US Dept of Commerce Not as cool with Highs in the upper 50s.


No size limit, 10 fish per day daily creel limit. Lake Moomaw is a gorgeous setting for this event. Latest observed water temperatures (within last 24 hours). Lake Moomaw has 9 portals, distributed vertically along the outlet tower, that enables the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to meet downstream water quality requirements. On the whole winds are likely to be light. Fingerlings switch to natural food quickly and reach quality size in a couple of years. Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District Image Gallery, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers Route 1, Box 30 For more information regarding Lake Moomaw, contact: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries 15 oz. Brown trout have done extremely well, and it is not uncommon to catch brown trout in the 3-5 pound range. Sunny. Bluegill and redear sunfish have been coming on strong during the 1990’s. Neither a trout license nor National Forest Stamp is required. Large silvery rainbows can be caught during late winter through spring in the Jackson River as far as Highland County. Brown and rainbow trout have been stocked annually since the early days of the lake. They grow up to 7 inches, but average 4-5 inches long. Biologists determined that a “lake-run” strain of rainbow trout would thrive in Lake Moomaw as well as the Jackson River above the lake. 4 Thank Pennymohr . (More Info). Next forecast at approx. Sunfish – 2 lbs. Eagle Lake rainbow trout have been mixed into the stocking plan. 540-962-2214 Precipitation 8-14 Day Outlook. Middle Atlantic RFC328 Innovation BoulevardSuite 330State College, PA 16803(814) 231-2400Comments? Unlimited horsepower: there are no boat motor restrictions for Lake Moomaw. Lake Moomaw weather forecast issued today at 10:15 am. Feet MSL. Largemouth bass prefer the numerous shallow flats in the lake’s center, particularly around Greenwood Point, the swimming beach, and the islands. Clear.

15 oz.

Latest observed water temperatures (within last 24 hours). Once a school is located, it is not uncommon to witness stringers of quality size fish. A U. S. Army Corps of Engineers project, Lake Moomaw was constructed for downstream flow augmentation (water quality), flood control, and recreation. Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Gathright Dam Construction - 3, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers Expect 0.00 In of precipitation over the past 3 hours. The initial stockings of stunted black crappie from Rural Retreat Lake in the early 1980’s have produced generations of 2 pound fish over the years. This review is the … Expect 0.02 In of precipitation over the past 3 hours. Summary of all available data for this site Instantaneous-data availability statement . Those that remain, or return, to the lake can be found in trophy proportions.

The lake has an excellent visitors center, and its staff will show where the 'good spots' are at and can give you exact figures on oxygen levels, water levels, clearity, and water temperatures. Rented a pontoon boat from Lake Moomaw marina and had the lake virtually to ourselves. The coming week will have mixed overhead conditions with some days dry and some seeing a …

Lake Moomaw averages 80 feet in depth, with a maximum depth of 150 feet at Gathright Dam, and the state and Federal agencies recognized that water drawn from the depths could provide a steady supply of cold water for trout downstream. The Lake Moomaw One Mile Open Water Swim takes place amid the beautiful mountain landscape and breathtaking scenery of the Alleghany Highlands. The impoundment is “drawn down” between 10-15 feet annually, beginning slowly in June and reaching its lowest level usually by September. Questions? (1994)

Before it was completed, fisheries biologists determined that Lake Moomaw had the potential for a “two-story” sport fishery. This simply means that the reservoir would be deep enough for both warm water fish (bass, catfish, sunfish, crappie) and coldwater fish (trout). National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration For the shorebound angler, the lake is nearly totally surrounded by public property, with steep but fishable shoreline. maximum, 5 parts per millions dissolved oxygen). Yellow perch – 2 lbs. NWS There is no size limit for either channel catfish or yellow bullhead. Lows in the lower 40s. P. O. Surface plugs provide the best action in early spring, but pickerel can be take year round with plastic bodied jigs. Try plugging or jigging around weedy areas, old roadbeds, and grass beds in 8-10 feet of water for best largemouth bass results.

Rock bass – 2 lbs. Warm Springs Ranger District 1-Day 3-Day 5-Day. There is no size limit on black crappie and rock bass at Lake Moomaw, but only 25 per angler may be taken daily of each species. Two trout per day with a minimum size limit of 16 inches. Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Gathright Dam Construction - 7, Gathright Dam, constructed between 1975-79, by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Channel catfish have done very well since they were introduced in the early days of the lake. Eagle Lakes appear to be less migratory and can devote most of their life gaining weight in the deep waters of the reservoir. The river would normally provide limited habitat for trout, since low flows during the hot summer months would result in water temperatures too high for trout.


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