laser 558 jingles
Radio Laser 558 - Jingles I Spy For The DTI Commercial by The Loanaranger published on 2011-07-28T19:19:04Z. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. This and other antics ensured that listeners were not only tuned in to Laser for the times when they would normally be listening to ‘music radio’, but that they would rush home and switch on a portable and listen rather than watch TV. Stream Radio Laser 558 - Jingles I Spy For The DTI Commercial by The Loanaranger from desktop or your mobile device. You will … It left behind a legacy of its own legend. on radio 1:- “welcome back to the fold” he said. Hey, mail me and remind me how to post new topics. [off-line], Listen to Radio LASER 558 The music station MP.3 @128 Kbps. Of course, like all new ventures, Laser ran out of money and died after a sadly short life. Laser 558 was an offshore pirate radio station launched in May 1984 using disc jockeys from the US. This was the system conventionally used for commercials and jingles, but had the advantage of being able to continue in use during stormy weather at sea when it was impossible to use conventional discs. radiostation. Zoals je kunt zien is de website geheel vernieuwd. Laser 558 - Technical. Like wise I miss some of the great urban pirates that cram the FM band now that I'm no longer a townie. It could have disabled its transmitters and gone to a foreign port rather than a UK one.Caroline survived by being canny and adopting a low profile. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. Recordings of Laser 558 in Real Audio . Meanwhile, in New York the initially sceptical Roy Lindau was still pursuing the idea of launching another offshore radio station off the coast of Britain. A full team of American DJs sailed across the Atlantic with the Communicator, but one of the American management team, Paul Hodge, withdrew from the project before the radio ship reached Europe. Dat maakt een bezoekje aan deze site niet allen Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. “Normal” people did listen though. Happy to talk about it any time of course. Please download one of our supported browsers. Foundation for Art and Creative Technology. The legend of Laser 558, a bit like the legacy of the pirate radio stations of the 1960s, is something that far outshone the reality and it grows greater with the passage of time. visit us: HitRadio Laser . After Laser's demise 86 to 87 were regarded as happy days with a good format. Onze doelstelling met deze website is om de geschiedenis van I have to say I miss Caroline and her current internet/sky incarnation lacks the panache compared to when she was out at sea.


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