leopard gecko breeding chart

Your leopard gecko needs live insects, and you need to keep your insects alive until it’s time to feed your gecko.Gut loading is the process of feeding your crickets, mealworms, etc. Breeding a female too young can hurt its growth. I am obsessed with reptiles and have been keeping them my entire life. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to address such issues before pairing your animals. Incubation Just use tweezers. Because of this, giant mealworms cannot be bred.You can refrigerate giant mealworms just like you can regular mealworms. I have been doing a lot of studying up on leopard gecko raising/caring/breeding etc as one day I would like to be a small time breeder and possibly breed new types morphs. You often only need a healthy male and female leopard gecko to get fertile eggs. A leopard gecko that is overweight will have fat rolls on its body.

Superworms have less chitin (this is the shell or exoskeleton)  and more meat than mealworms , which makes them easier to digest. Do not change the position of the eggs when you remove them. Notice the darker coloring in the head and tail, and it’s easy to spot a superworm. This method is long and tedius and unlikely to produce reasonable results, although the breeder may be able to jump to starting point 1 on year two and produce a patternless albino on year three. male. If it doesn’t move, it doesn’t so much as pique his interest. Incubation temperatures of about 87 degrees will usually produce a mix of both sexes. be getting all of the nutrients it needs. Another way of delivering supplements to your leopard gecko is through dusting the food that it eats. Hemipenile Bulges are found in male geckos and are two very distinct bulges just behind the vent.

Below I have listed both the Phenotype and Genotype results of the pairings in a table format. The ultimate in reptile tracking software, and best of all - it's completely free and will be for life! For example hatchlings could have a gene for Albino, Blizzard or Patternless but would not express the trait outwardly as only one half of a set of paired genes has the mutation.

But if that isn’t possible, you may want to consider reviewing as many photos of the relevant region as possible. Females should be about two years old to breed.

In fact, leopard geckos are not built to digest plant matter. Males will be ready to breed much sooner than females. On year two half of the double het. we want to create a multi gene morph from scratch we have several options depending on what animals we have to start with. Keep in mind that female leopard geckos can usually be housed together without a problem, but cohabitating males will usually fight.

Breeding leopard geckos is not a difficult task. In either case, look for the presence of two things, which indicate that the lizard in question is male: It is always easier to learn how to determine the sex of any species by examining a large number of individuals. Leopard geckos typically do not bask in sunlight like many reptiles, and may not get enough vitamin D3. Dubia roaches do not develop a smell like crickets.Though they are active, they cannot climb smooth surfaces and do not jump, so are less likely to escape in your home than crickets. Leopard geckos lack the digestive enzymes to break down the cellulose contained in plants, and simply cannot digest plants they may have eaten. A small plastic container works well, just cut a 2-inch-diameter hole in the lid to provide the lizard with access to the interior. Other genes are recessive, and only affect visible appearance if the full pair is carried. Mating & Egg Laying Leopard geckos are typically very easy to breed, and they make an excellent subject for keepers interested in breeding lizards themselves.

But before you begin this part of the process, have your veterinarian examine your intended breeders and screen them for illnesses or parasites.

You’ll want to add an egg deposition container to the female’s habitat within about one week of the initial pairings.

The chart to the right shows the results of pairing a Male Albino to a Normal female, all the offspring will be het albinos. It is not uncommon for a new breeder to have success on the first attempt.

Too much will cause the vitamin to build up.

This means that the hatchling is carrying the gene for a specific trait but only one gene out of a pair is of the special trait. Brumation is a type of hibernation experienced in leopard geckos from around one year of age. Now lets examine a grid where we breed an Albino Male to a Het Albino female. Mealworms are general too smooth for much of the dust to stick. Essentially, a leopard gecko morph is the same gecko with a different paint job, achieved through genetic combinations. Most geckos will reach their fully grown weight by the time they are one and a half years of age. So, this means you’ll want to spend one to three months feeding the lizards heavily. Double Het Example : Breeding can be taxing for the animals involved, so it is important that the animals start in tip-top shape. Wizard shows chart and interactive results of morphs, with clutch stats, and links back into inventory. Waxworms have a high fat content and should be offered only as an occasional treat. You will notice that your gecko will grow the fastest from four to six months of age, during this time they can grow almost thirty grams in only two months.

Vermiculite works best for controlling moisture. Handling leopard geckos to determine sex isn’t always easy. This would cause the hatchling to express the given trait in its Phenotype. This is most common among young or old female lizards, as well as those who’ve already produced a large number of eggs. The base of the tail will be thick. I have chosen 3 viable starting points for a breeding project.. The container can be any clear plastic container with a few holes for circulation. There are two telltale signs you are looking for: You are going to want to wait for your leopard gecko to reach at least one year in age before you consider breeding.

The breeding pairs on subsequent years would have to be shuffled around to identify which traits the breeding pairs carry or until a pair produce a Patternless Albino. Sexing No. Use care to ensure that you place the eggs in an incubation container in the same orientation in which they were deposited so that you don’t cause the developing embryos to die. No. In the wild, they will brumate during the cooler months of the year.


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