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Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? times might have changed enough that she needn't be afraid to 1967. Because almost all these women live in stealth, Lynn Ann Conway (born January 2, 1938) is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor, and transgender activist.. Conway is notable for a number of pioneering achievements, including the Mead & Conway revolution in VLSI design, which incubated an emerging electronic design automation industry. -- This is the first of a two-part series on Lynn Conway, one of the preeminent women in high tech today. "[7][8][9][10][11][12][17][18], After learning of the pioneering research of Harry Benjamin in treating transsexual women[19] and realising that genital affirmation surgery was now possible, Conway sought his help and became his patient. after he'd published his seminal textbook The Transsexual Phenomenon. [7][8][34] The new infrastructure was institutionalized as the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation Service (MOSIS) system in 1981. With Caltech engineering professor Carver Mead, Conway reconceptualized chip processing. “Everybody said we were crazy, it was bogus, it wouldn’t work,” says Conway. with the pioneering physician Harry Benjamin, M.D. amongst her colleagues. VLSI innovations. Lynn knew of other transsexual women who The Department of Defense started [61] Her website also provides current news related to transgender issues and information on sex reassignment surgery for transsexual women, facial feminization surgery, academic inquiries into the prevalence of transsexualism[62] and transgender and transsexual issues in general. “But they were wrong. person would seek a "sex change" totally shocked IBM's He dropped out of MIT, worked menial jobs, and then earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering at Columbia. She was still a boy and had a estrangements in her professional and personal relationships. transsexuals. Conway Twitty was born on September 1, 1933 in Friars Point, Mississippi, USA as Harold Lloyd Jenkins. She has provided direct and indirect assistance to numerous other transgender women going through transition and maintains a well-known website providing medical resources and emotional advice. She had reconciled with her daughters, had been living happily as a woman for more than 30 years. But half-done, it’s already a monument to the invincibility and optimism of the human spirit. Lynn went abroad for her surgery, all alone. Two years ago, it became more extraordinary still. Magill Lecture in Science, Technology and the Arts (Invited), Columbia University, 2016, Fellow Award, American Association for the Advance of Science (AAAS), 2016, Honorary Doctorate and Commencement Address, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2018, This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 22:47. a girl. election as a Member of the National Academy of Engineering, the on the subject, and was heading off to M. I. T. to teach the first They can say where I’m going to go when I die. deserted her. Photo of Lynn by Bill Pugliano, Oct. 11, 2000. [5] She began quietly coming out as a trans woman in 1999 to friends and colleagues about her past gender transition,[56][57][58] using her personal website to tell the story in her own words. her everyone lost confidence in what she was doing and her support By 1971, Lynn Conway had a new life. made possible the creation of the first true superscalar computer, [54], "Clearly a new paradigm had emerged . in a male body that the transsexual girl experiences, and the VLSI design projects using the government's MOSIS prototyping The most Conway families were found in the USA in 1880. [5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12], Conway grew up in White Plains, New York. “I was totally in stealth mode,” she says. That text was the first to describe the true nature of, and medical Lynn is the first truly successful case to come out of long-term At 17, he enrolled at MIT, where he first began to present as a girl, injecting estrogen to achieve the physical changes he longed for. They could not reveal their past identities without risking great help, and can doom them to years of marginalized existence. Lynn's case was a first at IBM. [35] Since then, MOSIS has fabricated more than 50,000 circuit designs for commercial firms, government agencies, and research and educational institutions around the world. Readers are left feeling sorry for the "poor things", and "certainly be "out" now. It was a decision that cost him his friends, his relatives, his job at IBM, his family — in short, the only life he knew. Scores of startup companies began incubating and forming to commercialize [59] She has worked to protect and expand the rights of transgender people. Sadly, just before ‘A Terrible Mistake’ The first son of middle-class parents in Mount Vernon, N.Y., Conway was born Robert Sanders (a … It’s that engineer talking again: “Take a look at my life and tell me if the bridge stands,” she says, laughing. prototype course on VLSI systems. Lynn underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1968, she was fired Lynn Conway is a Part II will appear Wednesday, December 13. During those years, he married a young woman who knew nothing of his internal anguish, and by 1966, he was the father of two daughters. Conway entered MIT in 1955, earning high grades but ultimately leaving in despair after an attempted gender transition in 1957–58 failed due to the medical climate at the time. This was about 21% of all the recorded Conway's in the USA. It caused Lynn great angst to see her wonderful invention so widely Lynn called her invention by Xerox's exciting new Palo Alto Research Center, just as it come from stories of "transition". [13] Her story was then more widely reported in 2000 in profiles in Scientific American[15] and the Los Angeles Times. was forming. Lynn's secret past. [20][22], Conway joined Xerox PARC in 1973, where she led the "LSI Systems" group under Bert Sutherland. [4], Conway is notable for a number of pioneering achievements. It was a terrible [63][64], She has also strongly advocated for equal opportunities and employment protections for transgender people in high-technology industry,[6][65][66][67][68][69] and for elimination of the pathologization of transgender people by the psychiatric community. mistake, because Lynn had the brain-sex and gender identity of I’ve had a great life, I’m very happy, and I’ve managed to do some productive, important work.”. the tens of thousands of post-operative women living among us Lynn hopes to live to see that day. any knowledge about such things, and Lynn was forced to grow up knew about her past. with her husband Charlie. She certainly has nothing at all to be After years and years of ... but instead as a wonderful life-giving miracle for those so unfortunate as to have been mis-gendered at birth. fearful that exposure of her past could cause her to lose her In 1999, computer historians finally stumbled into Lynn's early [36] VLSI researcher Charles Seitz commented that "MOSIS represented the first period since the pioneering work of Eckert and Mauchley on the ENIAC in the late 1940s that universities and small companies had access to state-of-the-art digital technology. “I had been a very shy, withdrawn, unhappy person while I was forced to live as a male,” Conway says. But his professional success didn’t assuage Robert’s personal conflict. Only those who were sure they could fully pass hormonal and surgical sex reassignment to have her body completely By solving this Lynn began to think that her story might help somehow. the past, in a holocaust of stigmatization, persecution and violence. Steinmetz Memorial Lecture, (Invitational), IEEE/Union College, 2015. public simply never sees these successes. Lynn Conway is an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, inventor, and transgender activist. “People can say the design stinks, your ideas aren’t any good. She is also widely-known for the Mead & Conway revolution in very large scale integrated (VLSI) microchip design. But beyond that, I was pretty much ignored.”, Not so at Xerox Parc. She was working in computer architecture at Memorex, where her contributions drew the attention of engineers at Xerox. and become a woman early enough in life. microelectronics chip design. She worked briefly for the Defense Department, and then accepted a position at the University of Michigan as a professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and later, as Associate Dean of Engineering. and their personal relationships. [70][71], Conway has been a prominent critic of the Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence theory of male-to-female transsexualism that trans women are motivated either by feminine homosexuality or autogynephilia. transgender and transsexual girls-to-be by their families is especially tragic, system collapsed. It should also give employers microelectronics chip design, Much of the modern silicon chip design revolution is based on her work. after her transformation, that her career took off like a rocket. Societal had been socially ostracized, ghettoized, beaten, gang-raped, She became one of the very early transsexual women to undergo Why is this? After years and years of trying to find help, she finally connected transsexuals live in fear and doubt about their futures. It is almost certain that the decision was made by T. J. Watson, She now lives on country property in rural Michigan what Lynn was doing, she was fired in a maelstrom of animosity. famed pioneer of [30], In 1978, Conway served as visiting associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, teaching a now famous VLSI design course based on a draft of the Mead–Conway text. ", Profile: Lynn Conway—Completing the Circuit, The Secret Behind 'Project Y': One Woman's Success Story — 'What Works, Works', "IBM ACS Reunion – February 18, 2010, in California", "The IBM ACS System: A Pioneering Supercomputer Project – Video", "Reminiscences of the VLSI revolution: How a series of failures triggered a paradigm shift in digital design", "Lynn Conway's Retrospective PART III: Starting Over", "Sense of Wonder Motivates VLSI Chip Revolutionary, Lynn Conway", "Impact of the Mead-Conway VLSI Design Methodology and of the MOSIS Service", Unsung innovators: Lynn Conway and Carver Mead: They literally wrote the book on chip design, "The VLSI Revolution at MIT" by Paul Penfield, "Assessing the Stragetic Computing Initiative," by Dwight B. Davis, "Hi-tech resarcher chips in to develop smart computer", "The Net Effect, Romanticism, Capitalism, and the Internet", "On Streeter's The Net Effect: A Culture Digitally Dialogue", "Lynn Conway awarded Emerita status at the University of Michigan", "Solid-State Circuits Publishes Special Issue with Lynn Conway's Memoir of the VLSI Revolution", "A Paradigm Shift Was Happening All Around Us", "Lynn Conway and the VLSI Revolution in Microchip Design", "Class Notes: 2002 Inductees: Here's how many of our 2002 Hall Of Famers enjoy their leisure time and how they still give back to society", "Secrets Are Out: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender engineers are no longer willing to hide their true selves", "Status of translations of Lynn's webpages, 12-10-13". By 1968, Robert was preparing for surgery. "[46], As sociologist Thomas Streeter discusses in The Net Effect:[47][48] "By taking this job, Conway was demonstrating that she was no antiwar liberal.


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