maintenance schedule for bmw x5

BMW Intermediate Oil Service. To get an idea of how often your BMW X5 needs general maintenance outside of the CBS, use the following BMW X5 maintenance schedule as a general guide. An SUV like this gets put to the test often, whether you're loading your vehicle up with the whole neighborhood's gear for baseball practice, or you're heading off-road for a camping adventure, so it's important that it be reliable.

The CBS will provide an alert, referred to as the Service Interval Indicator System, via the iDrive and instrument cluster when a BMW vehicle’s maintenance is due. To find out via iDrive when your service center was last notified, navigate again to the “Vehicle status” menu, then select “TeleService Call.”. Make the most of your secure shopping experience by creating an account. 10,000 Miles or 12 Months: Schedule your first check-up for basic maintenance …

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This applies to the BMW Maintenance Program, the BMW Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) maintenance plan, and the BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade. Motor Era offers service repair manuals for your BMW X5 - DOWNLOAD your manual now!

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The BMW Maintenance specifically covers parts of the vehicle that need to be maintained regularly over the specified time period per the BMW owner’s manual.

Green “OK”: No service is currently required.

These include brake inspection, fluid inspection, oil and filter change, and a tire pressure check. Yellow triangle: The deadline for scheduled maintenance or a legally mandated inspection is approaching.

Please note, this Extended Vehicle Protection program applies to the 2016 and prior model year BMWs only.

Done with the tools you need? Complete list of BMW X5 auto service repair manuals: BMW E53 X5 Workshop Service Repair Manual 1999-2006; BMW 5 Series 1982-2007 Factory service … Yellow exclamation point: The service deadline has already passed.

For more information, visit our, BMW Outdoor Sporting Gears and Essentials, Top Pet Travel Accessories to Have in Your BMW, BMW Head Up Display: How It Works and What Information Can You See, BMW M5 M Carbon Ceramic Brakes – The Complete Guide. The symbols are as follows: In addition to letting you know when your car is due for maintenance, your BMW X5 will also create a service request using TeleService. To find maintenance requirements through your BMW X5 iDrive interface: Once you’ve navigated to your service schedule, you’ll see a series of symbols letting you know the status of each type of maintenance.

Refer to our complete guide to the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection for detail. BMW Alpina Intro BMW is not without its rivals from its native Germany.

BMW X5 Maintenance Schedule. The 2-year Maintenance Program Upgrade covers an additional 2 year or 50,000 miles, for a total of 6 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first) including the original 4-year BMW Maintenance Program. We would love to hear from you!

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. They are not guaranteed to be accurate information as the data was collected when this article was published. However, the information on this website is based on our best knowledge and the most objective research and analysis. Get the updated BMW X5 maintenance cost, schedule, coverage, service item list and more. Rochelle Park, NJ 07662. The BMW related company names, products, logos, designs, and brands mentioned herein are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective owners.

Drop by our BMW service center near Paramus at the intervals above and let our friendly and knowledgeable technicians work our magic! These include changing the fuel filter and spark plugs, evacuating and recharging the air conditioning system, and replacing the thermostat. Instead of using a mileage-based BMW X5 maintenance schedule, BMW personalizes service recommendations to each individual vehicle using a combination of driving conditions, sensor information, and time intervals. To get an idea of how often your BMW X5 needs general maintenance outside of the CBS, use the following BMW X5 maintenance schedule as a general guide. Recent BMWs will let you know when service is due, but regardless, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the maintenance schedule.

The cost of the 1 and 2 year(s) Maintenance Program Upgrade may vary depending on the vehicle’s model. The information below provides details of the BMW service items covered and not covered under the CBS system for the 2016 and prior model year BMWs. 30,000 Miles: Your first in-depth examination should take place every 30,000 miles. The BMW Extended Vehicle Protection program, on the other hand, is the extended warranty program. This information may be different than the information you find on the specific product or service provider’s website. The 1-year Maintenance Program Upgrade covers an additional 1 year or 25,000 miles, for a total of 5 years or 75,000 miles (whichever comes first) including the original 4-year BMW Maintenance Program. We will discuss this in detail in a little bit.

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All BMW maintenance plans are strictly determined by the Condition Based Service or CBS system. Once you've saved some vehicles, you can view them here at any time. By keeping up with routine maintenance, you can be sure that your X5 is ready to go anytime you are, for all the adventures ahead.

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BMW X5 service repair manuals. Under “Service Required” look for the following symbols to identify if maintenance is due on a BMW. Owners should bring in their vehicles for maintenance on or before the due date or the mileage mark, whichever comes first.

If your car is telling you that it’s time to schedule routine maintenance, our technicians near Westchester County and Yonkers, NY, are happy to help you out.

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The maintenance items are dynamically computed by the CBS into specified intervals based on accumulated mileage, high or low engine speeds, and short or long trip driving. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to use your car’s Condition Based Service (CBS) system to find out what maintenance your X5 is due for, as well as some general mileage-based maintenance services you should keep an eye out for.

If you're due for maintenance, simply make an appointment at our BMW service center near Paramus by calling our team at (877) 666-6310 today! See everything you need to understand how the BMW Maintenance Program, Maintenance Program Upgrade, and Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Maintenance plans work per Condition Based Service (CBS) schedule on 2016 and prior BMW … Tap on an entry to call up detailed information. The BMW Maintenance Program, BMW Certified Pre-Owned (CPO), and BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade are all maintenance plans which provide coverage to engine oil, front brakes, rear brakes, vehicle check, and brake fluids. Review the Maintenance Schedule and cost for a 2017 BMW X5. Please note, all prices and specs quoted are based on the BMW USA information provided from the company’s website.
Where the likes of Mercedes-Benz turn to their subsidiary Mercedes-AMG when they're looking for customized luxury models, BMW turns to Alpina. Building an open platform to connect BMW enthusiasts worldwide, Sharing the same passion, we exchange ideas and inspire each other, Empowering you with the right information to make better decisions. Anti-corrosion service: underbody cleaned at least once a year, in Spring, with plain water in order to remove mud, chemical sediments, and other deposits. Enter your registered email address to request a password reset link.

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The BMW Maintenance Program is based on the criteria set by the BMW Condition Based Service or CBS system. Would you like us to send you price alerts?

For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. BMW Released Only 300 Units of the Special Edition M4 GTS in the US, The 7 Series is BMW’s Most Technologically Advanced Luxury Sedan, The 7 Series is One of BMW’s Best Performance Sedan, Find the Model Year 2017 and Later BMW X5 Maintenance Plans. Road test check of Shock absorbers (visual), Replace spark plugs at intervals of 60,000 miles or at every 4th Engine Oil Service, Air filter: replace at every 3rd Engine Oil Service.

We'll have this time-saving information on file when you visit the dealership. For the 2017 and later model year BMWs, please refer to our complete guide to the BMW Limited Warranty and Extended Service Contracts. If necessary, correct pressure. BMW X5 Maintenance Schedule.

BMW offers this comprehensive, fee-based coverage plan to extend the limited warranty for the repair of major components that the BMW maintenance plans do not cover.

This service is the most frequent and least costly service. Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly. Below are the three levels of the Extended Vehicle Protection plans, aka extended warranties, offered by BMW: Within the above three levels, each level has six variations of the plan which specify different lengths of the extended warranty. Ignition System spark plugs replaced at intervals 60,000 miles.

For certified pre-owned BMWs, this maintenance plan provides coverage for an additional 2 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. These items need to be maintained over time for the better performance of the car. Road test check of Brakes, including burnishing of parking brake pads.

For example, if you tend to drive at lower speeds through flat city streets, your brakes will probably last longer than they will for someone who often finds themselves coming to a hard stop on the highway. 60,000 Miles: As your BMW X5 approaches 60,000 miles, you can anticipate needing a few additional services. Select “Service schedule.” Here, you’ll see required maintenance procedures and legally mandated inspection due dates. BMW has a Condition Based Service (CBS) system that lets you know right from your dashboard when your car will need various types of maintenance.
Directions Our team at BMW of Westchester has put together this BMW X5 maintenance schedule to help you determine when your next service appointment should be. Get Driving Directions. We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience, personalize content and ads, and analyze how our sites are used.

Top 6 Amazingly Useful Technologies in the BMW 7 Series, BMW M3 M Carbon Ceramic Brakes – The Complete Guide, BMW M4 M Carbon Ceramic Brakes – The Complete Guide, BMW Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Maintenance Plan, Cost of the BMW Maintenance Program Upgrade, BMW Maintenance Plan Condition Based Service (CBS) System, Service Required Under the BMW CBS System, 5 Maintenance Service Categories Under the BMW CBS System, How to Find Out If Your BMW is Due for Maintenance, 3 Levels of the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection, Check parking brake functionality while the vehicle is being driven into the workshop, Replace ventilation microfilter every 2 years based on the vehicle production date, or in connection with schedule brake fluid change, After every 3rd Engine Oil Service: Intake air cleaner: replace air filter element (reduce replacement interval in dusty operating conditions). Clean brake pad contact points in calipers.


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