male lorikeet for sale

Will sell Stella when not siting. Looking for a colorful lory/lorikeet that hops and talks for educational programs. The crown is dark purplish-blue. I will pay for shipping but you must have proof of great care, Looking for breeders...either a pair of single female & male breeding age. if interested call 310-800--1977, I have what I thought male and female green naped rainbow Lory but I have two females for sale ....carla, 1 male black cap lory $700,1 male chattering lory $700,1 pair M/F violet neck Lory $1250,1 pair M/F of yellow bid lory $1400. I'm looking to get either a rainbow, black, blue streaked or green naped Lorikeet. I am looking for a female rainbow lorikeet between 1 and 4 years old. $2000 for the pair. Hen is 18 months old.

I do not take payments on chicks that are not even hatched yet.
I'm actively looking for one of these.. a Yellow Bibbed Black Capped Lory, Black Capped Lory, Red Lory, Chattering Lory or a Blue Mountain Lorikeet. Have a great day! Lots of toys and a proper diet, the veterinarian suggested captive foraging.

Immaculate birds, and very healthy. Pet Breed : Lories Experienced shipper United $100/shipment. Swainsons or Rainbow preferred, Want a rainbow lorikeet w blue head, orange breast, Looking for a male Swainson's.

Other birds not sexed. They are perfect breeding age from prolific parents.

Hi. Male melanistic Stella Lorikeet. Thank you!! Thank you! I am a student studying ornithology seeking deceased birds to supplement my studies. It would be best for me, the seller, and the bird if the animal is in Florida or pretty close to it. We need young unrelated birds if possible.thanks. Great with kids. The beak and the irises are orange and the legs are grey-green. call for info 201-637-5895 or E-mail me, Green naped lory baby, Swainsons lory baby for 786-606-6110, I have 3 weaned Yellow-streaked babies for sale $750 ea. $350/bird. I only sell/commit chicks after they are hatched and I feel that they are on track. Lorikeet Birds available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals. Advert Type : For Sale

Super hilarious and fun bird.

Hi I am looking for a hand feed and hand tame young black lorikeet.

Let me know...? DNA sexing available for $25/bird. Looking for females to pair up or possibly trade. Please confirm back your availability and if you ship outside the USA because I am located in Beirut - Lebanon. Ages 1,2, and 6.

Make offers. Also looking for adult male Yellow Streak lory for adult hen. Must be able to provide DNA. I have 3 beautiful Female Shih Tzu puppies for sale. All DNA confirmed. $899.00. Would prefer a different variation of color / type. Looking for a female Black-capped Lory, erythrothorax ssp. Frustrated and pulling all feathers out.. rnMy situation has changed and can not get her a mate or aviary built. Shawn: Grand Junction, Michigan (United States) April 26, 2018: Email: Need a male scaly breasted lorikeet for a breeder. Text if interested (626)428-6467. 1 male blue streak for my hormonal hen. We are looking for 5 to 10 pairs of young Swainsons for A new breeding program. Please contact me if you have any, I'm looking for a male forsterns lorikeet I have a egg laying female that needs a male 1814-203-8293 if have one please contact me by text or call, Port Allegany, Pennsylvania (united States), Looking for pairs of Goldie Lorikeets, Pairs of Musk Lorikeets will buy whole clutches.

I have the greatest red lorie in color and personality. They may start breeding in September to October. Wanted: REALLY need the following hens for breeding with my lonely guys:Chattering Hen,Yellow Back Chattering Hen ,Goldie's Hen ,Iris Hen. Looking for male black capped. Shipping via Airlines only, Hello, My name is Gregory. Tame and playful. $1000 plus shipping if needed.Beautiful bird!! rnText easiest for me 817-360-0228, Proven pair of blue Mountain Lorys $899, Proven pair of raindow lories $800, Female friendly Edwards lory $1200 Sergio (776)326-7698, Young Yellow bib Lory, hatch date June 22nd. Why buy a Lorikeet Parrot for sale when you can adopt! 615-806-0925. The beak is orange-red, the irises are dark orange, the eye-ring is dark grey, and the legs are grey. Its head above its eyes is purple-blue and its face below its eyes is red. 3 stellas Lorikeets (males). No male Stella babies available. They are funn....Lorikeet, California » Redding, Hand fed lorikeet.

$300 each, or will discount for all 4. Need Yellow Backed Chattering lory and Male goldies lory, I am looking for a red lory please email if you have one. In search of female Stella's lorikeet to pair with a three year-old male that I have. $200 for both, sold as a pair, cage included. We will not be having the aviary this year so they are for sale $450 each. Almost a year old. Would like to get at least 2 to 4 pairs the kind of lory I am not sure.. any and all information would be great Thanks, Looking for males. Thank you. Contact me for more information.

Shipping available via Delta Airlines. Not a pet Needs to be paired with unrelated female.very rare! We ship weather permitting via airlines.

Swainson's - $600 ea - 3 available, Green nape - $600 ea - 2 available,also available for trade for lories: Hwamei males - from imported stock, White rump Shama thrush Shipping available at buyer's expense. Two melanistic and one red. I have at least 5 Swainson's Males that I can work in trade as well Need:Red Chattering Lory hen,YB Red Chattering Lory hen,Iris Lorikeet hen,Two Goldie's Lorikeet hens,Goldie's Lorikeet male,Thanks! Phone 817-400-9554 or 254-688-0818 or email.

Thank you!! Will not ship but willing for personally deliver within reason.

Young female red collared lorikeets for sale.

Thank you, Im looking for DUSKY LORY MALE OR FEMALE THANK YOU, Hi There I looking to buy a ., Lory , chatering lory , yellow bibed lory , red lory , black cap lory, mini macaws, and cape parrot.please let me know if you have , we want to buy we pay for delivery also you can call me at 703 999- 7999.thank you in advance for contact me.

We'd like to find 2 or 3 pairs of either Black Cap E or Yellow Back Chattering or Yellow Bib or Purple Cap.

I am.looking for a hen rainbow lorikeet. We raised them in our home but can't keep t..Conure, Massachusetts » Beverly, The rainbow lorikeet, noodles, is a very sweet fun loving bird! 2010 male Black Lory (Chalcopsitta Atra) perfect feather but is molting currently, dna'd w/cert.

Visual to Visual pairs are available at $1500 pair or 2 pairs for $2500 Single Males are $800 each 2 pairs of Normal Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $900 pair We ship.
Will ship in the continental US via United.

2 are a year old ,1 is 6 weeks[ still handfeeding ] 1000.00 ea. For sale: 2016 hatch female Green-naped Lorikeet - $400. 903-245-4220. Shipping is available. Hand fed, weaned lories available Yellow streaked  $1100, Blue Mt. Please let me know if you are interested in adopting her. I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. Does anyone have a mate for her? Prefer adult. Can send photos and can ship anywhere in USA that Delta services or United if they are accepting birds for shipping. I'm looking to home a Lorikeet. They will all be breeders and they are all full siblings. I have a nice building with in and outside runs for the birds this is my hobbit and would like to make it a full time fun. I have two mature female red lories. Also have some normal colored Scaly breasted lories for $400 ea All just weaned. Both are about 1.5 years old. All birds born between April and May last year (310)800-1977, Violet-necked lory 8 month old pair male and female DNA sexed for sale, I have a pair male and female DNA sexed pair of yellow bibbed Lory for sale, Lorikeet, rainbow female, lays eggs. Preferably Older than 2 years old coconut lorikeet, but any available would be fine. Dear Sir, I am looking a Chattering lories couple Male & female,if have healthy and Youngers I want buy from u.let me know if you havre Red lories, how much I pay for shipping,i also free estimate for these birds.i like red lories.if any kind of that birds Plz contact with me by email.Thanks. I have 4 1.5 year old Swainson's lorikeets. Thanks in advance for any assistance. Weaned to Nekton, delicious red apples, papaya, sweat corn. Now hand feeding baby Green-naped and Swainson's lorikeets. Thanx Paul, Wanted: Red Stella Lorikeet male, breeding pair of Red Lories, pair of Blue Mountain Lories pairs must be unrelated, Im loocking for a 2 years old female green nape lorikeet for more info text me or call me at 915-731-1726. Thank you. I am 14 years old and would love a friendly social rainbow lorikeet to play with and take care of. Male or female.

I have a baby YELLOW-BIBBED LORY JUST NOW WEANING AND ABOUT TO BE SHIPPED TO ME, BUT I CAN HAVE THE BREEDER SHIP TO YOU IF YOU CAN SEND ME $1200 THROUGH PAYPAL. 2017 hatch breeder male perfect Lorikeet. I'm looking for a chattering lory.

The back and the wings are bright green. He loves the outdoors, ki..Lorikeet, Oregon » Medford, A2 year old hand fed rainbow lorikeet. Breeders OK, does not need to be tame.

He’s very ener....Lorikeet, New York » White Plains, I have to get rid of rainbow because my family are moving and can’t being all of our pe....Lorikeet, New Jersey » Millstone, Pet Type : Birds Baby Swainsons Rainbow-hand fed/tame, $600. 8 week old swainson blue mountain lorikeet available, very tame.

Email or call (916)525-0970. Its head above its eyes is purple-blue and its face below its eyes is red. For sale Hand raised Swainson's Lorikeet. Find Lorikeet Birds on www.petzlover.. Looking for a pair of blue crown hanging parrots. She is not aggressive to any of my other birds.rnI am in the Fort Worth area of Texas.. FOR SALE 1 PAIR OF BLUE MOUNTAIN LORIES surgically SEXED,1 YELLOW STREAKED LORY,HAND RAISED, 1 MALENSTIC MALE STELLA LORY  HAND RAISED ROSE BREASTED COCATOO Roland, Adult Female Duvenbode Lory 5 years old $1000,3 year old Male Ornate Lory $750,2 female Edwards Lories 6 months old $750 each ,pair of rare Obi Violet Necked Lories Female little plucked around neck $2000 pair Currently hand feeding baby Green Naped Lories $500 Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $500 .Rare Olive Mutation Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $750. Located in South Florida. Ornate lorikeet for sale.

I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. Proven pair red-red 6-7 year old Stella ($1600).


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