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Marlys now believes that Pamela is buried underneath her own tombstone and that another baby was buried where Mary Agnes was supposed to be. On June 12, 1962, she went into labor, but after she gave birth, Marlys was told that her daughter died shortly after being born. One week later, George’s abandoned vehicle is found on a hilltop in a rural wooded area over 100 miles away and piles of kindling […], April 23, 1995. 13-year old Noreen Greenley leaves her best friend’s house and heads towards the bus stop, but never returns home. 20-year-old Marlys left her husband to raise her daughter on her own, After she had given birth, Marlys was told that her daughter died shortly after being born. Her mother was also not allowed to take pictures of the baby at the funeral home. Silver Spring, Maryland. When Marlys looked at the photograph, she felt that the baby looked just like her estranged husband, Mary Agnes's father. Teaneck, New Jersey. While working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, 32-year old Australian astrophysicist Rodney Marks becomes seriously ill before he dies. Mystere du monde est un site spécialisé On one visit in 1989, she was shocked to find Pamela's gravestone placed atop her daughter's grave. There was no letter or return address. Lorena eventually returns home, but when she wakes up later that morning, she discovers that Tamra is missing. Links: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Mary Agnes is given a funeral and buried in a grave, but months later, Marlys is mailed a photograph of an […], January 16, 1985. Mary Agnes was born on June 16, 1962, at Worthington Regional Hospital in Worthington, Minnesota. We love learning and researching about the local ghost stories. El Paso, Texas. 20-year old Marlys Gross gives birth to a baby daughter named Mary Agnes, but is told by the hospital staff t… Height: Unrevealed A week after the funeral, Marlys was well enough to visit her daughter's grave. Mary Agnes Gross on Unsolved Mysteries Archive. 20-year old Cherita Thomas borrows her friend’s car in order to pick up her daughter from a babysitter, but the vehicle breaks down before she arrives. Todmorden, England. While attending a neighbourhood social gathering, 12-year old Martha Jean Lambert tells her mother that she will be taking a brief trip back to their mobile home, but Martha never returns and is eventually reported missing. In this episode we talk about the mystery of Mary Agnes Gross, an infant who reportedly passed when she was born. Marlys questioned the funeral director and he said that her daughter was not buried there. Weight: Unrevealed Marlys discovered that Pamela had passed away just a few hours before Mary Agnes, on the same day in the same hospital. Recently, there have been several stories where children have been reunited with biological parents, and the biological parents had been told that there child was deceased. Les médecins lui apprennent que son bébé n'a pas survécu. The following day, Geetha’s body is discovered inside one of the facility’s water tanks and her cause of death is determined to be drowning. Mary Agnès Gross, le bébé disparut. Marlys asked Pamela's mother Margaret for help, but she preferred not to disturb her daughter's grave. Judy did not see any marks on the baby's head, and the hair on the baby was light brown, and that there was not much of it; this was the opposite of what Marlys saw. The remains were old, but DNA testing was able to be done. Marlys Thomas, Mary's mother, found a marker of another deceased child where her … 25-year old Joseph “Joe-Ed” Edwards is seen leaving his place of employment, the Shamrock Motel. Occupation: Minor Even though there are some unexplained discrepancies, as well as suspicious behaviour from the authorities, Keith’s death is ruled to be a suicide. Puis à la catastrophe succède l'incroyable, une série d'événements contradictoires et déroutant laisse penser que la petite fille serait toujours de ce monde. Additional tests on unearthed skeletal remains of baby fail to reveal identity. Suspicion starts to fall upon on Martha’s 14-year old brother, David Lambert, after […], November 8, 1985. or Pamela Ray Dickey either. Regina, Saskatchewan. This suggests that a similar occurrence could have definitely happened to Marlys and Mary Agnes. After failing to pick up his wife from the bus station, 79-year old George Owens and his car are discovered to be missing from his home. People Projects Discussions Surnames June 12, 1962. Date: June 16, 1962. Joe-Ed is […], December 6, 1975. 00:47:49 - June 12, 1962. When Marlys was twenty, she left her husband to raise her daughter on her own. Worthington, Minnesota. Zigmund’s official cause of […], July 5, 2000. 20-year old Marlys Gross gives birth to a baby daughter named Mary Agnes, but is told by the hospital staff that the child died shortly after she was born. She asked to see her daughter, and when she was shown her, Marlys did not believe her baby was deceased. In 1962, she moved to Minnesota to be close to her mother. Sadly, Marlys Thomas passed away in 2012; she was seventy. Shortly thereafter, an eyewitness sees Joe-Ed’s vehicle pulled over by the side of the highway and three white males and what appears to be an unmarked police car are also at the scene. The birth certificate said that she was born at 6:23PM, but the death certificate said she died at 6:20PM, three minutes before she was born. Shortly thereafter, one of Noreen’s sisters is nearly struck by a car and hears a female scream from inside, and it turns out the car matches the description of a vehicle […], May 12, 2000. Marital Status: Married 00:47:49 - June 12, 1962. Details: Mary Agnes Gross is the daughter of fifty-five-year-old Marlys Thomas. She has been severely beaten and strangled to death, but since she carries no identification, she remains a Jane Doe and is given the nickname, “Buckskin Girl”. Mary...– Lyt til The Trail Went Cold – Episode 175 – Mary Agnes Gross af The Trail Went Cold øjeblikkeligt på din tablet, telefon eller browser - download ikke nødvendigt. Marlys began doing more research into her daughter's supposed death. The South Pole, Antarctica. Mary Agnes Gross on Unsolved Mysteries Facebook, Mom seeks baby that may — or may not — have died, Dirt from baby's grave contains bone chips, Bone chips from Worthington grave were baby's, expert says, One mom's blood test may help solve puzzle of Worthington baby, Additional tests on unearthed skeletal remains of baby fail to reveal identity, Mary Agnes Gross Unsolved Mysteries. St. Augustine, Florida. One year later, Marlys bought a headstone for her daughter's grave, but found that the stone had been placed a few feet off to the side. Totowa, New Jersey. Mary Agnes Gross (Allen) Birthdate: circa 1869: Birthplace: Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom: Death: Immediate Family: Daughter of James Allen and Nancy Allen Wife of Almore Gross Mother of Sophia Lambert Studley. However, her other children are still searching for the truth regarding Mary Agnes. She did not recognize the people in the photo, nor did anyone in her family. Massillon, Ohio. Unfortunately, Marlys lost the photograph of the other family. Even more puzzling, hospital records stated that Mary Agnes was healthy at birth, but the death certificate said that she had never drawn a breath. Nolensville, Tennessee. 64-year old Bill Wacker informs the local sheriff that his home has been ransacked and this is the third time such an incident has occurred. Results: Unsolved. Mary Agnes Gross is the daughter of Marlys Thomas. Mary Agnes Gross is the daughter of Marlys Thomas. Geni requires JavaScript! Eight days later, Rey’s partially decomposed body is discovered inside a locked conference room at the Belvedere Hotel. 20-year old Marlys Gross gives birth to a baby daughter named Mary Agnes, but is told by the hospital staff that the child died shortly after she was born. Shelby, Ohio. Date of Birth: June 12, 1962 Coffin allegedly holding Mary Agnes Gross. The body of 19-year old Keith Warren is found in a wooded area, hanging from a tree in a noose. She hopes that she will one day find her daughter. Marlys showed the photographs her mother took of Mary Agnes's casket to Margaret Dickey.


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