metropolis discussion questions
It will all be street address or postcode-driven. The repeated scenes of railways and buses show the velocity of modern cities; the batch-type production of bottled milk illustrates a healthier and securer lifestyle; the movie production itself is a kind of demonstration of the technologies within the camera. What part of the city would you specifically include/exclude to manipulate your audience. They are never a separate entity, but rather have to co-exist in sustaining the lives of both parties. Examples of this are the images of secretaries at work on their typewriters, printing presses churning out newspapers and operators connecting calls. Museums, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Ground Zero, Empire State Building filmed with the same lens and sound quality at an upward angle as the structures stand intimidating. Many significant iconographic buildings and areas are filmed. How does the aspect of the film relate to Berlin and Man with a Movie Camera? Lifestyle:                In the district of Kennedytown there is a stretch of road straddled by a seafront park and a long row of bus stops. The lives of the city dwellers are dictated by the economy created from this fast-paced, machine-driven world. The crossing, when time lapsed, would also show the interesting character between the two flows of traffic: people and vehicles. Here she tells them the story of the Tower of Babel, and how a great city was being built in order to exalt human innovation. Those finishing their long shift and heading home are marching at half speed compared to this starting their shift. But largely, the above ground scape in Berlin is a mixture of both fancy buildings and industrial buildings. Food:                      The fusion of British and Chinese food has created an interesting dining experience in Hong Kong. Considering the title "Berlin Symphony of a Great City", speculate on a similarly formatted title for another city, and the film that you would create about that city. What sorts of scenes. In Metropolis, the major struggle lies in the tension between classes. But there is a greater sadness, I believe; the real message, caught in visual affect by the directors, is that : there is no time to mourn, we must stare in horror, take it in, and contemplate it later in our new empty modern dwellings. This is also echoes back with the beginning of the trial, which is interesting effect: what is the connection of the women with the train? You will need a smartphone and access to Google maps. 2) What did you think of the Acting? However, Metropolis gives us a strong feeling of fear towards machines. What might these films look like if they were reduced to 10 minutes in run time? They are either intentionally hidden or disregarded; thought of as unimportant and things that a ‘regular’ person doesn’t come into contact with on a day to day basis. Hillard, Derek. How does a city deal with crime, and what is the nature of the places in which a city’s criminals are born and raised? The utilitarian, industrial and urban "styles" are established. In the film, everyone goes to the cafes, shines their shoes, makes due on time for work, goes out to dinner, dances and nobody stops to question it or feel to release themselves from it. One is the human tower built with the erotic dancing by Maria in Yoshiwara nightclub as the peak and the homicidal fits of sexual jealousy of the riches as the base. While Berlin is purely illustrating the minor events of today, Man with a movie camera is trying to convey a Marxist idealistic world that is futuristic from the time. These effects had never been seen before on such a large scale, and worked so successfully. Describe the content and presentation of a 30 second “trailer” for Man With a Movie Camera? The answers are due in my Inbox on the day that they are presented in class. What types of angles. That the underground workers live in dystopia is beyond question. Time is presented unconventionally as the 24 hour clock becomes the 10 hour clock. After this a sarcastic look of several dolls moving their heads pops up, indicates a change in mood, followed by images of children’s slower movement and simpler life (3 seconds). The viewer sees this sequence as the workers and their actions being placed on the level of the machine, instead of aiding them, it is oppressing them. Unfortunately we can't help with writing speeches or papers on this short answer forum. Although one class seems better off than the other, both are somehow manipulated by repressive social control. In Man With the Movie Camera, Vertov portrays the life of the city in a relatively realistic, non-idealized way. Both Ruttmann and Vertov used the medium of film to show us a ‘day in the life’ of their cities, allowing us to take a critical look at our lives in the ‘modern’ age. Then, abruptly, scenes of the protest are shown: vandalism, head to head stand-offs between special enforcement police and people protesting, and others just starring at the rioters. “'intervals,' that is, upon a movement between the pieces, the frames; upon the proportions of these pieces between themselves, upon the transitions from one visual impulse to the one following it.’ He indicates that not less important than the movement between images is "the spectacular value of each distinct image in its relations to all the others engaged in the 'montage battle'. The day and night scenes depicting the City of the Sons with the Tower of Babel in the background show polished modern towers glitter between smoothly-flowing transit routes. The JR, Shinkansen, and the Tokyo Metro work in conjunction to move people within the city as well as between the suburbs and other towns near the municipality of Tokyo-to. Archetypes of the wall, the column, the building, the street facade; down to the personal scale of the door, the window, the stairs; even the material quality of concrete, of glass and steel and of the trees and vegetation of the "garden of brothers" so-to-speak are communicable and resonant with human experience. Yes, I think the above ground representation of transportation is significant in Lang’s Metropolis for a variety of reasons. In the story, the city was destroyed because the people only sought to glorify themselves, and because there were huge inequalities within that society. What themes should i write about and they have to relate to the film 'V for Vendetta'. Along with the city, comes the vertical stratification of the classes. machines personified as evil in Lang's Metropolis. While Lang can rely on his plot to signify a change in time, Vertov and Ruttmann must illustrate their movement throughout the day, in much more subtle ways. When I watch Berlin: Symphony of a Great City, I see the character which commits suicide in the movie as the main character. However, I think contemporary "green" city might focus more on meaningful place and occasion.


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