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It might have helped to paint the scalp a darker color: While Elise's hair feels nice and thick overall, parting the hair anywhere other than how it came doesn't work very well: The glasses have little metal-pegged hinges on the sides and fold up: The glasses fit the older My Life dolls, like my. Please feel welcome to comment--I'd love to hear your own honest opinions of these dolls or your suggestions for things you'd like me to review. Desert Animals Pictures, Elise's skirt wanted to fall down on Jill. Reviews and opinions about dolls and doll-related toys. Bottom line? However, the older Madame Alexander dolls are just $13.00 when it is rung-up at the register. Yeah they need to improve hair in back. I was pleasantly surprised. I have a little friend who has an older version of the MLA doll and the hair is an absolute unplayable wreck after 2 years, and it upsets my friend who loves her doll! She listens to all her woes. The tights left a very small amount of staining on Elise's legs. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! 18 Inch Dolls; 18" Doll Clothes & Apparel; 12"-15" Doll Clothes & Apparel; Furniture, Play Sets & More; New; Sale; Subscribe to our newsletter. I have My Life as a Party Planner redhead and her face and hair is so lovely to me. I got confused at times when I was shopping, trying to tell the older dolls from the new ones. Can you please tell me if American Dolls Shoes will fit the My Life doll, Thank you. The hair is terrible. (Sorry if I missed this in the review. The toys children play with impact them more than you think. Maybe that's the intent here, but it didn't work for me. Listing includes: Handmade Dress, Pinner Cap and Pantalettes Made to fit 18 inch American Girl dolls and similar sized dolls Dress Features: - green tonal floral cotton fabric - LINED bodice and sleeves have gathered white lace and woven pink floral trim - sleeves have attached pink satin ribbon bows - 2 LAYER SKIRT-dress skirt and the attached white slip that has lace along hemline - dress skirt has white woven cotton trim with pink satin ribbon beading - 4 attached satin ribbon bows along…, Photo of McKenna's hair styles for fans of American Girl Dolls 30700499, Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Free shipping for many products! I had to cut the threads with scissors...very carefully. It is pleated all of the way around and has a velcro closure. Get the best deals on My Life Dolls when you shop the largest online selection at Awesome review. Emma Lockhart Bio, :)Thanks for the clarification on the arms. As soon as you mentioned being excited about something in the My Life As line, I had a strong feeling it was horse related.Thanks for another great review! It feels so right when it’s right. Jill, my Madame Alexander My Life As doll, A 1:9 Scale Horse and Rider by Paradise Kids. You know, i'm blaming you for pulling me out of the Monster High world into Liv, Ever After High, and even bigger scales. Check out our list of 50 cute ways to say goodnight! Here's one of the tangles up close (circled because it's hard to find): Once I cut out all of the tangles, the hair brushed perfectly. I agree that this is one of the things that has not changed for the better. Two books that I am so excited about. I bought because I needed a model for my doll clothes I was making. My Mouth Is A Volcano Printable Book, First of all, Dana's skin tone photographs much more naturally (Kelsey seems a day-glo pale color in comparison): And...either my Dana is badly defective, or the neck articulation on these dolls has been changed. Or do I just need to buy a new one? A better idea would be to think you discovered a new niche to start another competive company for yourself instead of complaining to Walmart about their idea of what a competitive doll should be. "Wow, look at these huge red berries!" I didn't realize! I bought a doll for my daughter in Oct 2014 and just recently the dolls arm broke off how can I get it fixed please email me @ thank u. I have the same problem with my Cowgirl? The simplicity of it made me facepalm.A seam ripper. Turn around, Shelly! You cannot compare them to an American Girl doll because the price is MUCH different so the quality will be too. However, I wasn't sure how I felt about the new face molds , I knew I didn't like the hollow, bendy style of articulation, and $30 was a bit much to spend on a doll that I knew wouldn't be my favorite. Alex. Hi Tam! Anti Venom Drugs List, Light Blue Princess Dress, Wand & Heart Tiara Set For 18" Dolls - ON SALE thru October 28 I think Hazel is a pretty name for your curly-haired doll! I'm ashamed to say I wanted to try it out...and proud to say that I resisted. When I first started brushing this hair out, I had a lot of difficulty. You then should be able to use the free market to your advantage and if successful get your point across and be very wealthy thanks to the free market and capitalism. The sculpting is different throughout the body, though. Anyway, when I was done, new was in new and old was in clearance. Ours can sit easily. I hope you like it too. It's neat to hear your thoughts about Isabelle--I assumed her pink hair was quite visible. Trending Boston News, Here he is with the blanket and halter removed: The plastic body underneath the fur looks like it is dark grey. The other MY LIFE doll that I think is really cute is the AA Hairstylist. But that could have been a fluke hat. When I first saw this new face, I was turned off by the shape of the mouth. The older dolls have bendable arms without wire inside of them (at least my Jill doesn't have wired arms...).The neck is a bummer. This blog reviews and discusses dolls and toys that have caught my attention. What on Earth goes on in those design meetings?!? And June is a very pretty name for a doll. Watford City, My girls have had 3 of the My Life dolls (Madame Alexander version) and we have found that they are great play dolls as far as their body and their hair. I'm glad to hear the hair is an improvement. He is one of my favorite…. I choose a name for my doll as princess lia. Posted by on October 19, 2020 in Uncategorized. I have a comparison review in mind for her and a few others... ;)The new dolls have hard arms, yes. Answer: I hope you like one of the names in my article or even in the questions and answers section of the article. Be warned, though, you may need to make another birth certificate for your reborn if you decide to change their name (we'll show you how in the previous link). But, a couple of them still had three or four mixed in. Our Generation dolls are primarily sold in Target, but there are other retailers in international areas. On every one of them we have had. Also, the rigid arms give the new dolls less flexibility (and therefore less expressiveness) than the older dolls. It feels like you're wearing a copper pot on your head when the sun hits it! She is not the most high quality doll for movement but but I really like to dress and display her because I just think she's lovely. The sleeveless bodice is completely lined and the skirt is box pleated. That is another excellent question! Something went wrong. I can't wait to get my new AG doll and try on clothes on her. Sophia's. She'll be a part of the plan. ©2020 Avid Aero Group. Yes, the clothes fit American Girl. The stretchy places around his legs make it look like he's wearing spotted long underwear. Complex Dissociative Disorder, I do like the scale when its posed with the larger horse though. Answer: A baby name like Babà or Tiny or Ninna, I think. I was very, very close to getting one simply out of curiosity.I'm glad the hair is better quality than it had been, but sad to see Madame Alexander apparently is no longer involved. Congratulations on the new addition to your doll family. We actually got the red-head party planner doll for my 5 year old recently as her first 18in doll and with her side swept bangs, she's actually very cute. I don't think the workers knew the difference even with their scanners because a lot of the new stuff was in the clearance section. I hope that whatever caused the decapitation was a rare fluke. It wouldn't budge. You HAVE to cut them out. Saying goodnight is a great way to bond with your children and your significant other; and who knows? Many of you might be wondering why I didn't get a redheaded doll myself...which is an excellent question. Blue And Gold Macaw Price, The shirt has an unfinished mock turtleneck collar and a full velcro seam in back: The skirt is worn over black tights. Rereading my comment I just realized how different all those sentences were, sorry. I’m not sure what to name her. We needed it because there was a big snowstorm outside! i have called mine Oliver. No parts were re-used. Kelsey's legs are jointed more like American Girl or My Twinn legs. Required fields are marked *, 7645 E. Ray Rd. There's no articulation in the fetlocks: He comes with a nicely-made lightweight purple blanket and a matching purple vinyl halter (ok, so maybe he's supposed to be a girl...). I will go back and make that clearer--sorry! What Was The High Temperature In San Francisco Today, Browns Restaurant In Victoria, I was in walmart to geta few things I f i und a my life lil ballerina with most gorgeous unique hair it is that reddy blondy gold color that you occasionallysee on a human but never on a human and green eyes I looked like that for about 6 or 7 months as a little girl. I deleted a TON of photos of that doll! Thank you for adding your experience with these new dolls!! However, despite the rocky start, I find myself quite fond of Elise. The unicorn outfit also came with a little jacket. By the same token, the newer My Life As clothes might be loose in the waist for the older dolls. The gown is named "Roses, Roses Everywhere" because this gown is as pink rose filled as it gets. Because Walmart is not advertising the change in design, I think it's good to know what the main differences are between these two types of doll. A seam ripper is an excellent idea! . A seam ripper!! The only difficult thing about de-boxing Elise was that her hair was stitched into plastic strips to keep it from getting messy: I am not a fan of this method--mostly because I haven't figured out the best way to remove these strips yet. im looking for a very cute name for a horror doll, can u help me? I was interested in the foal. You all enjoy your dollies. I apologize for not being present in the comments section recently, but I have been reading and appreciating every comment--or at least every comment that isn't spam (did you guys see those crazy ones last week? Windy City Rehab Carpenter, I thought she would work well for a little girl of East Indian descent. At first, Shelly could stand ok without her shoes (which are I named my doll Chloe, and that is my name also, I really need help getting a name for my new baby that I’m getting because it’s gonna be a girl can you please help me out, can you post barbie names (the brand barbie).


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