nephrurus asper for sale
Abhandlungen Herausgegeben von der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft, 38: 221—251. $1500CAD each (discount on 2+), **Parents pictured. 1,1 Carphodactylus leavis CB20 – $5900CAD/$4720USD/pair, 0,0,4 Pseudogekko smaragdina CB20 – $575CAD/$460USD each, 1,2 Geckoella jeyporensis CB19 – $4400CAD/$3520USD for group This particular locality grows into a golden yellow brilliance, almost speckled unlike the more common King Rats. Axantic poss. het Albino $125CAD/$100USD 1.2 are CBB19 0.1 is CBB18 , Visual is not available. Nephrurus asper — COGGER 2000: 254 Nephrurus asper — OLIVER & BAUER 2011 Nephrurus asper — COGGER 2014: 264 Nephrurus asper — RÖSLER 2018: 23 : Distribution: N Australia (Queensland, Northern Territory, N Western Australia) Type locality: Peak Downs, Qld. Nationwide shipping and Export is extra. An incredibly smart, active colubrid. Whitesided $710CAD L.g.californiae “high-yellow” 10.8 more expected – $150 each. Inquire for more details and quantity discounts. Striped bronzeback / Dendrelaphis caudolineatus $115/ $95, Elegant bronzeback / Dendrelaphis formosus         $195/ $165, Painted bronzeback / Dendrelaphis pictus                $90/ $70, Redtail green ratsnake/ Gonyosoma oxycephalus  $250/ $210, Keeled slugeating snake / Pareas carinatus               $195/ $175. 4.6 CB2012 Suriname redtail boas (Boa c. They enlarge their heart!-, EU Export is for September. Bright $195 SOLD, B. dendrophila Physignatus cocincinus/ Chinese Water Dragon SMALL $20 each More photos towards the end. Make sure it’s a less frequent schedule in that case. They will make a Börsenbesuch down under. Super Mojave Ball Python One has a small nose rub healing from when they shipped over (big time nose rubbers in a bag, Dry people will know). Unicolor Chocolate $75 3,0 White bellied rat snake / Ptyas fusca                           $550    rare! $500CAD/$375USD, 1.1 Boiga nigriceps cb2019 FIRST EVER OFFERED! ♂♀ Chondrodactylus angulifer Namib CB 2019 $1280CAD/pair Armadillidium vulgare “magic potion” $41/10 pcs Cubaris sp. 1 @ $100CAD Nationwide and export is extra, 1,1 Saltuarius cornutus Breeding pair – $5250CAD/$4200USD 1.1 “unrelated” (Russia and NL produced) Albino King Rat Snakes! This includes shipping to Europe from Canada. Live frogs/tadpoles possibly Shipping from EU to Canada is included. Nationwide and export is extra, Prices include EU to me(Ontario, Canada) shipping. Other Elaphe, E. bimaculata Normal $65 2,5 B. d. gemmicincta $160 SOLD Not even green rhinos do. Shipping to EU, USA and in Canada is possible. ♂♀ Nephrurus deleani CB 2018 $1400CAD/pair Nephrurus amyae and N. asper Text by Rob Porter. Phyllurus caudiannulatus CB 2019 $700CAD each So we have some gooodies for December import. $1800 for all 3 Stunning Species. 3.1 Nephrurus asper CB2019 $6600/pair $1800 male $9200 for all Sugar Blast Ball Python Nationwide shipping available via Reptile Express. So we are doing a surprise June shipment. Armadillidium werneri $57/10 pcs Fairly uncommon species in Canada and USA still. $85CAD each Nephrurus amyae subadult-adult males - $350-400 each (hatched 2009) Nephrurus amyae … Saltuarius kateae CB 2019 $2650/pair Please be prepared for 1.1 incase** We are also working with Nephrurus deleani, N. levis pilbarensis, and N. asper, and hope to have those species to offer for sale soon. N.amyae babies $750 each I will try and get photos if required of others, but no promise I can get photos of each. We have the following offer available! ———————————, For the list below, females MUST go with at least 1 male, 2.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless, het albino CB 2019 $1750 each $2600 all, 1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Albino Het patternless CB 2019 $2200, 1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600, 3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino, het patternless CB 2019 SOLD, 3.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis Poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $450 each $1000 all, 0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis patternless albino CB 2019 $3500, 0.3 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis poss het patternless albino CB 2019 $1850 each $5100 all. het Speckled Albino $195CAD/$156USD $7260CAD/$5445USD LANDED in Canada for all, Export to USA or nationwide Canadian shipping is extra. It’s very last minute, to help a customer get a stuck might as well share the shipment , PRICING IS IN CAD. This can change quickly Here is a photo of some of our holdbacks. Females are possible later in the year, We use Reptile Express nationwide and can ship to the USA (please check Services page) Snakes are due to land in 2-3 weeks time. Red / Rose Contrast $200 2,2 Gastrotheca peruana CB 2019 $135CAD each (many avail) CBB from some of the best Eating rodents with gutso! ♀ Plica plica WC 01/20 $135CAD Scolopendra gigantea $320CAD each (several avail) A complete guide to reptiles of Australia, 3rd ed. $280 CAD /each or 4+ at $250 each. im -, Breeden, Stanley 1988. Anolis pogus $50CAD/$37.50USD each 1.1 Nephrurus amyae $2200 pair Ailuronyx trachyscopaeus babies $365 each 1.1 Nephrurus asper CB2020 $6800CAD/$5450USD or $2350CAD/$1880USD 0.1 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino, het patt (CB2020) $2250CAD/$1800USD Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, 7th ed. Tentatively looking at end of September.Everything is CBB Look at the intensity of orange on his head! ♂♀ Nephrurus amyae CB 2019 $2150CAD/pair 2 @ $185CAD nov. and N. sheai sp. Lovely little Spiny Skinks and extremely uncommon! Hella nice Vietnamese Blue Beauties! (Reserve for December,Hamm Kunashir $150 SOLD, Euprepiophis conspicillatus ♂♀ Nephrurus vertebralis CB 2019 $1280CAD/pair Boana punctata CB 2020 $180CAD each Albino T+ 350 7,4 ONE MALE LEFT!. High ventilation One of my favorite North American species. Pricing is in CAD. Good discount on the entire lot! They’re eating live Mouse pinks . 2@ $200 This is just the first little bit available. This boy with get HOT PINK once mature. Purchase back out wasnt for any bad reason – just color change impatience. D. meridionale $180 / 1.0 mutilans $45CAD each 1.1 CBB19 Egernia epsisolus! Babies: $100 Podarcis s siculus $165 each Journal des Museum Godeffroy 5 (12):45-47 - get paper here; Laube, A. $1850CAD/$1480USD all, 3.7 of these gorgeous, rare cbb20 Lacerta. contact for L.alterna 3.4 more expected – $175 each. Cooler kept, humid, semi arboreal geckos. Boulenger, G.A. ♂♀ Polychrus peruvianus $3000CAD/pair There will be roughly 30 of each pairing available. These are not for my main EU shipment us for more information Avicularia avicularia $75 each (several avail) They are shy and secretive, so would require plenty of cover. Het. Pricing has EU to Canada(me) shipping INCLUDED. Nationwide shipping and export is extra (Export to USA is $260CAD/$190~USD* MORE INFO ON SERVICES PAGE), – 1.0 Western Green Rat Snake $500CAD/$400USD I. Geckonidae, Eublepharidae, Uroplatidae, Pygopodidae, Agamidae. Apparently should have even sex ratios, so you may reserve in pairs, however expect that this might change slightly. Het. Mabuya macularis/Orange Skink $15 each “shiro utsuri $341/10 pcs canariensis (Fuerteventura) $57/10 pcs A rare treat to see these CBB and eating rodents! Armadillidium cf. Rare, uncommon, GORGEOUS CBB P. garrulus. 60-80% humidity Mex mex striped line $350CAD/$263USD each or all 4 for $310CAD/$233USD each, Shipping EU to Canada included, Nationwide/Export is extra $700CAD/$525USD each for them. $2650CAD/pair ($1990USD)- Shipping EU to Canada included. I consider melanota one of the best “first” dendrophila complex species to keep, and really of the entire genus. 1.0 100% het Axanthic For the right keeper who wants to establish this EU line in North America, **THESE ARE GOOGLE IMAGES USED. Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni $50CAD each (several avail) Nephrurus asper N. asper are large, difficult to come by (in my experience) geckos. Avicularia huriana $150CAD each Sphaerodactylus parvus $160CAD/$120USD each No sexes marked = multiple sexes available. Descriptions of new species of reptiles from Australia collected by Hr. 1.0 WC19 Chironius fuscus $300 Occidozyga lima/Floating from $5.50 each aff. 1.0 Naja pallida DNZ 111.1 Naja naja Hatched out Super Snow and then developed bright yellow and orange tail stripes. Hypomelanistic III $200 2,3 / S.spinigerus males $180/each Bufo marinus СB 3cm+ 0.0.100+ $20CAD/$15USD Fabulous, easy to keep species, Nationwide shipping or Export to USA is extra, Animal cost, EU to me shipping and 5% duty fee included in price below. Porcellio sp. 1.0 Nephrurus levis pilbarensis het albino poss Het patternless CB 2017 $600 1.2 tangerine het albino tricolor $165CAD/$132USD, **HOUSE SNAKES** -sexes will be added soon* Melanophryniscus klappenbachi CB 1,5cm 0.0.100+ $100CAD/$75USD each or 3+ for $85CAD/$65USD each $195CAD/$156USD each. Red Yellow Striped $130 2,1, Black Mozdok Variant Male Western Coachwhip for sale. A crazy opportunity popped up for me soooooooo… looking to sell my project.


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