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Bottles, booties, and diapers galore, Amy is expecting just one more! We’re having a diaper raffle. Changelog They’ll be changing baby for a while, so let’s help them with a big diaper pile. In exchange for these diapers of any size, you’ll be entered to win a special prize. Ev, Listen to your motherly instincts. No commitments, cancel anytime. Everyo. One pack of diapers will enter your name. All you will need is the perfect diaper raffle wording and a great diaper raffle prize!. You can use our Photo Vote Contest template in a couple of ways. They will be up all night changing poo. Refer-a-Friend Contest. If you want to play, please bring a pack of diapers on the special day. As a baby shower host, there are few baby shower activities that are easier to set up, than a diaper raffle. Use the resources below to make your life A LOT easier. Optional Diaper Raffle: To participate, please bring one small package of diapers for a chance to win a prize. Step 3: Offer an awesome diaper raffle prize. Copyright © 2020 AllWording.com | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Sitemap | Contact. Style Panel For example, you could say: “Each package or diapers equals one diaper raffle ticket. When the first one arrives, there are showers of blessings… from furniture to toys, and clothes for each dressings! And the onesies don’t last past just one little tyke. Please bring diapers, any brand or size, for a chance to win a special prize. Double the mouths to feed. Not much is needed, just the basics will do, like diapers or wipes or gift cards too! Since you’re ready to build your social media contest, use these 10 templates to help you turn your vision into reality! But what do you do with baby number two? Once followers upload their photos, encourage them to share the contest with their friends so they can receive more votes on their photo. To enter, please bring one package of diapers (any size) in lieu of a card. YouTube Contests A comprehensive List: Baby Shower Invitation Wording, 54 Breathtakingly Beautiful Baby Shower Centerpieces, Expert Tips on How To Host A Baby Shower That Everyone Will Remember, 89 Beautiful & Totally Doable Baby Shower Decorations, Spectacularly Beautiful Baby Shower Flowers On A Budget, Easy Baby Shower Desserts That Are Truly Irresistible, Strictly Baby Shower Activities, Not Games, Gender Reveal Cake Ideas To Amaze Everyone, 72 Mostly FREE and Hilarious Baby Shower Games To Play, 52 Easy & Delicious Baby Shower Food Ideas, 41 Ridiculously Easy & Delicious Baby Shower Punch Recipes, 55 Easy & Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas To Fit Any Budget, Baby Shower Prizes Your Guests Will Actually Love, 55 Easy & Delicious Baby Shower Food Ideas, Baby Shower Cupcakes That Are Too Cute To Eat, Easy Video Instructions On How To Make A Watermelon Baby Carriage, Grandma’s Recipe For Easy Homemade Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks, 230 Remarkable Yet Uncommon Girl Names To Choose From, Memorable But Unusual Boy Names To Consider. The Instagram Video Vote Contest Template works the same as the Instagram templates mentioned above, except it features videos instead of photos. Similar to the previous template the Extra Points Sweepstakes Template  is another way to collect information from your followers in exchange for entry into your sweepstakes. While this is certainly an option, the separate diaper raffle card is preferable because that card would be the guests’ diaper raffle ticket.). You’ll be entered to win a special prize, and mom will be ready when her baby arrives. Once your fans have entered your promotion, they’re encouraged to vote on their favorite submission and get their friends to vote as well. Comment to Enter Contests Since we always send you a proof if you have uploaded a logo, we take a lot of liberties in the layout to make your ticket look great. Her work has appeared in national, award-winning publications and sites, including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Fast Company, Inc. Reach her on Twitter @dsullyk. If you could do this for us Invite friends and family to watch you say I do (again). Rights Management P.S. Email Support If not, you’ll give new meaning Please bring any size to enter your name. [ For a twins baby shower.]. We have one request, we hope it isn’t too hard. A great prize will entice people to participate. Embedded Contests That’s why we give them pampers to wear on their batootie. Privacy Policy We love contests here at Wishpond because they’re one of the best ways a business can interact with their fans, build a strong community, and generate leads to turn into sales. Similar to our Instagram Contest Template, the Instagram Photo Vote Contest Template is another photo contest template but it adds a voting element. We hope this isn’t too much to ask, but diapers for babies go really fast. Bring a pack of any size, for a chance to win a special prize. A third way to use extra entries as motivation is to ask your followers to provide more information about themselves for additional chances to win your prize. Step 4: Have a diaper raffle bowl for people to throw their raffle tickets in. Considering how many diapers a baby goes through in the first year, new parents need all the help they can get! Testimonials [Insert diaper raffle ticket] Bring this ticket and a package of diapers (any size) to be entered into the Diaper Raffle. Diaper Raffle: For each package of diapers you bring, you will receive one entry in our prize drawing. Templates This template allows businesses to provide extra entry opportunities to followers who enter the contest and then get their friends to enter the contest as well. Contest Rules, Integrations But the diapers are gone and so are the wipes. Changing baby will be their duty, so lets help them diaper that little booty. We’re having a raffle, entering is not hard. This could further encourage them to participate. We hope you can make it to the shower, to celebrate the baby of the hour! TikTok Contests Custom Domains Here are your easy instructions: Step 1: Send out baby shower invitations with your chosen diaper raffle wording, (see below). Just bring a pack other than newborn size, and you’ll be entered to win a prize. A diaper raffle, along with its cute diaper raffle poem, is an effective strategy to increase the number of diapers you would otherwise receive. SEE PRICING Sign up for our free trial or upgrade today. To enter, please bring one package of diapers (any size) in lieu of a card. Here’s some straightforward diaper raffle wording that’s ideal for adding to the text of a shower invite. The concept is simple: Guests are asked to bring a package of diapers to the shower, often in lieu of a card. Email Analytics Bring diapers in any size for a chance to win a special prize. The Quiz Template allows you to offer a simple fill in the blank or multi-choice quiz to your fans in order for them to enter into a giveaway. P.S. Instant Win Contests If you’re planning a baby shower diaper raffle, the challenge is explaining the rules succinctly. Keeping baby changed is really hard, so please consider diapers instead of a card. Landing Page Contests Quizzes are a fun and easy way to produce engagement within your Campaigns. The Only Baby Shower Checklist You Will Need! Just bring a package of diapers instead of a card. Babies need clean diapers when they do their doodie. Ask your fans to take a photo and post it to Instagram with the hashtag of your choice, connect your Instagram account to your campaign and entries will appear. If you wouldn’t mind bringing a package or two, you’d have mom and dad’s gratitude. They need to be asked, encouraged, perhaps even bribed. Try setting up your survey so that the more questions the entrants answer the more chances to win they receive. If you’re looking to integrate Instagram with your Facebook or Web campaign, the Instagram Contest Template is the way to go. FAQs First prize is getting the baby named after you. Just kidding – it’s a gift card! Take a break whenever you can get one! With ShortStack, we make it easy for followers to share to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Ready to start using one of these templates? Planning an Interactive Marketing Campaign 2. Instagram continues to be the most popular image sharing platform on the web. Bring more for additional chances to win. All Rights Reserved, 31+ Diaper Raffle Wording Options To Choose From, Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Sign up for ShortStack for free! Hosting a social media contest is by far the most attractive option for businesses because social media contests allow you to offer something unique to all of your online followers and attract new eyes to your social profiles. We’re having a diaper raffle! Video Contests A cute little pumpkin is on the way and we’re sure hoping you will play. Please bring a pack of diapers in any size for a chance to win a special prize. COVID-19 Statement Optional Diaper Raffle: To participate, please bring one small package of diapers for a chance to win a prize. If it’s not too much to ask, please bring some diapers to cover that ass. One of the more surprising things for new parents is the sheer amount of stuff you need to care for a baby. Just kidding – it’s a gift card! Diapers seem to be gone in a flash, so lets help build a diaper stash. Step 2: Offer your guests complete instructions so that they know exactly how the game will be played. Please bring a pack of diapers to be entered to win a prize. (Some people print or write cute diaper raffle sayings on the invitation. Bring diapers and wipes and new baby toys – Just little gifts to share in her joy! Vow Renewal Invitation Wording: Ideas and Examples. The toys are still good and the crib’s almost new! We’re having a diaper raffle! A sweet new baby is on the way, so a diaper raffle is what we’ll play. So let’s eat some good food and fun games we will play. The more diaper packages you bring, the more diaper raffle tickets you get. Maybe you own a restaurant and you want to know what night of the week is the best day for your followers to dine out. — they fill out. Security FAQs All you will need is the perfect diaper raffle wording and a great diaper raffle prize! This template allows you to collect image entries straight from Instagram. According to Social Media Explorer businesses see a 34 perfect increase in their fans from social media contests. Email Marketing Every pack equals a ticket for a raffle that somebody wins! After all, the instructions typically need to fit in the invitation text or a small insert sent out with the invites. Compliance If we have sent you a proof, your order will not be printed until you okay the proof. Referral Program [Ticket Insert] Bring this ticket and a package of diapers (any size) to be entered into the Diaper Raffle. The best and easiest option is to simply include a (business card sized) diaper raffle ticket in the invitation envelope. But perhaps the most important items of all are diapers, because those, you never want to run out of. You can choose to upload your own content to be voted on or create a multi-level promotion where your followers upload the content and vote on it. The trouble is, most people don’t get excited about buying diapers as a baby shower gift. Twitter Contests Analytics This is what diaper raffles are all about. In this guide, I’ll cover 25 clever ideas for your next social media giveaway, including types of To enter the diaper raffle, and win the grand prize! Before yo, You know that feeling... when you don't know if yo, One way to get your baby to sleep longer at night, Here's an easy solution for people who think women, What's going to happen if you don't cook dinner to, New mom?


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