royal scots greys service records
Forces War Records Ancestry Army Museums Ogilby Trust Commonwealth War Graves Commission First World War Imperial War Museum (London) McCrae’s Battalion – Great War Memorial National Archives National Army Museum Scotlandspeople Armadale & District Roll of Honour Newbattle at War. Although the regiment was part of the 23rd Armoured Brigade, the regiment's three squadrons were split up to provide armour support for the three brigades (167th, 169th and 201st Guards) of the 56th (London) Infantry Division, nicknamed "The Black Cats". [26], The Scots Greys passed the seven years between the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle and the start of the Seven Years' War moving from station to station within Great Britain. [142], Although the same basic uniform was worn by the heavy cavalry of the British Army at any given period, for centuries each regiment had its own distinctions and variations.

[14] The original grey coats were replaced with red, or scarlet, coats with blue facings, proclaiming the Scots Greys "Royal" status. It is said that this tradition of giving the loyal toast while seated started during the reign of George III. Military research. Each troop would now contain an automatic weapons section. There the Scots Greys, brigaded with the Bays and the Inniskillings, charged the advancing French infantry. As word spread through the camp, the British prisoners over-powered the guards, mostly men either too old or too young to be out on commando, pushed their way out of confinement to meet with the Scots Greys. There is a nominal roll of the cadre of the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) which appears as an appendix after March 1919. In January 1944, the regiment turned over its tanks to other units needing replacements and was transferred back to England. Terms of Service apply. Like the other cavalry regiments, the Scots Greys contributed a troop to the front. Initially intended to be part of the exploitation force, as at the Battle of the Somme, the plan failed to develop the type of break through which could be exploited by the cavalry. [39], With the French Revolution in 1789, and the increasing tensions between Great Britain and Revolutionary France, the Scots Greys were brought up to strength and then expanded with four new troops to nine troops of dragoons, each of 54 men, in 1792 in anticipation of hostilities. This post will look at numbering in the two regular battalions of The Black Watch between 1881 and 1914. [132][133] In 1952, the regiment deployed to Libya, joining the 25th Armoured Brigade. At senior levels in particular, ownership and command were separate functions; 'Colonel' usually indicated ownership, with operational command generally exercised by a Lieutenant Colonel. For the next four years, the Scots Greys continued to suppress Jacobite supporters in Scotland. Although Scarlett had spent precious minutes ordering his line, it soon proved to be unwieldy, especially in the sector occupied by the Scots Greys, who had to pick their way through the abandoned camp of the Light Brigade. [7], Charles II's commander in Scotland, Lieutenant-General Thomas Dalziel, 1599-1685 was appointed Colonel with Charles Murray, Lord Dunmore as Lt-Colonel. Soon after this final review, the horses were traded in and then they who had spent their lives as dragoons were retrained to act as drivers, loaders, and gunners for tanks. Eventually, the two forces collided on 1 August 1759 at the Battle of Minden. “C” Squadron moved into Fampoux with an interval of 100 yards between troops. After almost three years of static warfare, the rapidity of the German advance caught the regiment flat flooted as the German attacks penetrated the Scots Greys position. [126][128], After nearly six months of fighting in the low countries, the Scots Greys entered Germany as part of Montgomery's Operation Plunder offensive. [67], Leading men into battle for the first time ever, Scarlett ordered his brigade to form two columns. [138], An album called Last of The Greys by the Royal Scots Greys regimental band was released in 1972 – from which the track Amazing Grace went, astonishingly, to top of the "Top 40" charts on both sides of the Atlantic. The vast majority of these entries are for the period 1919-1942. The Scots Greys would now fight wearing khaki. Army Order 289 of December 1906 changed the numbering as far as cavalry of the line was concerned. This has been compiled from original sources, principally WO 363, WO 364, WO 96, WO 97 and WO 372 at the National Archives in London. The regimental history also contains a record of all the officers who served in the Scots Greys between 1914-1931 noting promotions, medal entitlement, honours etc. The team is based in The Old Provost Marshal’s House, the building up the steps to the right as you look at the Museum entrance. I offer a copying service for these records. 1864 - 1904: G WO 76. Self Help – Researching a Royal Scot. [126] After crossing the Somme, the Scots Greys, along with the rest of the 4th Armoured Brigade, moved north into Belgium, near Oudenarde. J. [32] The following year, 1760, saw the British cavalry more aggressively led at the Battle of Warburg. At various times throughout the history of the regiment, there were pipers in the regiment, but these were unofficial. Noting the distinction between the regimental sequence used by the 2nd Dragoons until the end of 1906 and the corps sequence used by the 2nd Dragoons and all other regiments of Dragoons and Dragoon Guards from late 1906 is an important distinction to note. Sir John Frederick Maurice, Maurice Harold Grant. With the Kitchener Armies still not fully ready, men were still needed for the front. [34] Still attached to Granby's command, the Scots Greys were present for the Battle of Wilhelmsthal, on 24 July 1762. G. H. D. Ascoli and 2/Lieut. could not hold the position against the German onslaught, the Scots Greys became part of the rear guard, protecting the retreating I Corps. We add around 200,000 new records each month. [45] Six of the ten troops were sent to the continent, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel James Inglis Hamilton, to join the army forming under the command of the Duke of Wellington. [139][140] In the UK, the recording went to number one.


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