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Jaune shivered as memories began to surface, "God… the mines… The dark… the beatings…". "Ruby!"

"A stupid little girl who lived in a bubble.


As they got past a particularly stubborn group of guards, they heard the sound of helicopter rotors and the wind picked up. "That, or Adam is as vengeful as ever. 'Could I do that?' Human, Faunus, women, children, it didn't matter. Today, we will send a message to our corrupt and arrogant leaders.

For vengeance! Yeah," said Blake as gasped for more air, "Sienna… never forgot… what we did for her that day. Jaune gave his shotgun to another prisoner, and got the guard's assault rifle for himself. "For our plan to work, we need every man to play his part," said Reznov. "We're moving up to the statue!" Everyone watched the scene in horror. "Shit," said Jaune, who then shot a White Fang grunt attempting to flank them, "We need to get to the safe house.". Image Gallery In "Seeing Red", she supports him as they walk over to the rest of the group. Jaune almost let go of the ladder in shock. "What didn't they do to me…?" Raven grumbled, as she prefer to raid rather than just sit and watch with weaklings. asked the interrogator after a moment. Watches the cast of RWBY watching themselves in a whole different world. Out-of-character? In "A Much Needed Talk", Jaune blames Qrow for Pyrrha's death because he thinks that he, along with the rest of Ozpin's Group, forced her to become the Fall Maiden. "Thousands of souls… Extinguished by the push of a button," shuddered Blake, as tears appeared in her eyes. "That's Jaune. gasped Winter. "Blake, my love, you never should have come here," said Adam on her radio.

I remember the dogs and soldiers that would patrol the terminals, and just how thorough TSA was too. Mr. Arc's a little too cooperative with his questioners.

"Did… Did the prisoners know?"

He pumped it, pulled the trigger, and a grenade shot out and took out a machine gun position.

yelled Weiss, with her ears covered. Then screen went black.

I could be wrong though.

said Neon, who went to his side, "You have to go, now!". Everyone's jaw dropped, even Raven broke out in a cold sweat. "To be able to plan such an operation while under heavy guard is quite impressive," said Winter. Jaune heard a noise behind, and he saw more motorcycles, this time ridden by the gulag's guards. I remember when I was a kid, dad could lift me up with one arm…" Ilia said fondly. Upon taking the time to train in Atlas, Jaune had Crocea Mors upgraded with several modifications, including the ability to channel both hard-light and gravity dust. That's it! On the roof of a hotel, Jaune sat on one of the towers. Yay! "How can people not want freedom?" The scene then goes back to the group Warbirds with on them starting to uncloaked next to Qrow's Warbird. "See! "No… no, no, no, NO!" In "Sparks", they train alongside Ren and Nora against Team FNKI, and manage to win through strong teamwork, Oscar even smiles at a few of Jaune's moments of humor. Rose?" Chapter(s) 40 and 41 are up. "He's slowing them down," pointed out Raven. His work after the war won our family the trust of Menagerie's leader and people, which gave our family the position as the chieftain of Kua Koana.".

"Well, this was a short one," said Raven. Neptune happily accepts this and tells Jaune that he is a really cool guy. Who do you think they'll believe?". "It's the resistance!" "Nora…" Ren grasped her shoulder, and gave a reassuring squeeze. In "Lost", he feels guilty about what he did to Oscar and uncertain what he's going to say to him when he find him. Reinforcements will soon arrive to defend the main armory!". said Reznov over the noise, "Yes!".

This is wrong! Sign up Log in. There's the bastard. That shocked everyone watching the screen.

In "Argus Limited", Jaune makes Ruby promise that she and their allies meet up with him and his team in Argus as they are forced to part ways.

"What caliber of rifle is that?" A bullhead flew overhead, and Jaune slinked into the shadows cast by the morning light.

cried a prisoner. "Just work-" said Raven, but was caught off by a chill in her spine.

As the gunship tugged, the whiplash of the sudden maneuver sent it careening into a nearby building and exploded. shouted Neon, who pointed out the window. "No… I have to… I have to stop them…" gasped Blake. However, upon Pyrrha explaining to him that a team can be made of four students instead of two, Jaune quickly hits on Pyrrha to recruit her too. Goodwitch said. The guard fell dead on the ground, and Jaune dropped the rock and offered a hand to the old Russian. Overview Then the screen went dark. "There's also the issue of non-aura protected soldiers fighting alongside the specialists," said Glynda. In "Argus Limited", Jaune helps Ren in masking the emotions of the passengers on board the train by amplifying his teammate's Aura. Jaune heard the roars of engines in the distance, and he kept low and out of sight from the bird in the air. We have been beaten. Instead, given her traits and her appearance, she was put on espionage, and the occasional kidnapping mission. Burning a hole through the vault was long work though, and as time went on, the gunfire dwindled as the defenders fell to the gulag's guards. I did not have the heart to change Reznov into a RWBY character. shouted Jaune over the gunfire.

"What happened in Vorkuta, Jaune?" "We have to get off the street!" Pyrrha gasped, and covered her mouth in shock. As soon as the gun fire ceased, they made their move. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Blake saw a human drop dead, and Sienna's arm get blown off. "Taurus would have had to know in advance the exact spot," said Ironwood. They aren't complicated to use, and they're less likely to quit on you," said Winter. Then I got curious as to what a candy bar tasted like, and the refrigerator just had so many to choose from," said Penny.

I was trying to find something that will give a bit fun, but unfortunately there will be some mixed in. "With my life," he said kindly, "He and us, are not so different… We are all soldiers, without an army. When they got to a security station, Reznoved ushered everyone to him. "Perhaps it's a bit of both," said Ozpin, "Perhaps the interrogators need to know how something happened, but it occurred in Mr. Arc's past.". Cardin is labeled a bully and is shown to have bullied Jaune at several points in the first few weeks of them being at Beacon. "They've been planning this for months. Jaune laid Ren down at the statue's base, and fired upon the approaching enemies alongside Blake with deadly accuracy. The audience was silent at the sheer venom in Jaune's voice. You can do it!" "All across Vorkuta, our comrades will rise to the cause!" Wake up… Please… wake up…!

"Y-You mean a bunch of bombs, right?" asked Ilia. "Well, after we finished that delicious popcorn, I wanted more. Seeing Blake fighting as well as she did, made him think about some of his older plans for Menagerie. We have to move!" Jaune harbors an intense grudge toward Cinder for killing Pyrrha. Jaune's grudge ultimately proves to be homicidal, as when Cinder is stalled by Ruby's brief use of her Silver Eyes, Jaune, albeit somewhat clumsily, moves in and attempts to impale Cinder through the head, only to graze her mask and trigger the fallen Fall Maiden's murderous rage at his attempt on her life.

After all the time he had spent in the gulag, he had little sympathy for his keepers' situation. Both seem to be pleased with this outcome. shouted Nora. "Unfortunately not trustful enough."

"Oohh? When Ruby starts to blame herself for everything that has been happening in "Kuroyuri" Jaune is quick to reassure her that she has given him, Nora and Ren the courage to follow her despite the dangers. She stumbled, and froze in horror once she looked up. "America have been trying to install democracy in nations for a century..." the screen then turns black for moment to then show an older looking Jaune about 25-30 (Yes I make a little younger then the origin from AW.)
A simple rwby reactions of Arc in multiverse. Ironwood explain. RWBY Jaune x Weiss reunion (CM) By Seshirukun Watch. ), The audience nodded as they have taken their seats.

Later, his plan of stealing an Atlas airship is supported by Ruby, who stands up for him following Qrow's rebuttal. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share.

This cause her spine chills. Ozpin said frowning as well. Jaune calls Weiss and Ruby and begs them to save Pyrrha before throwing his Scroll to the ground and falling to his knees in frustration and despair. "Head's up, Taurus's convoy is arriving now," said Jaune. The man, Sergei, flexed, and the struggling guard's neck gave a sickening crunch that made Jaune wince. "Like some of the SDC mines," Ilia got out.

"Before an operation like this?" Blake shuddered at the memory of getting stabbed. Jauen tried to help Ren, but the wounded man tripped and fell.

That should be for thanking Jaune saving her. There they will watch their friend Jaune in a variety of situations. Jaune using his Aura to amplify Weiss' Aura after she was impaled.

Following her meeting with Weiss, Jaune introduces himself to Ruby with the hope of making a new friend. Nothing can stop this. cried a man. Open the door!". The bullhead from before flew overhead, with machine guns on the nose that rotated toward them.

"Fine. "Understand, Blake," began Adam, "This is only the beginning.
I must stop the monster I helped create.

"Not a thing, Jaune.

"Your turn! After several months have passed, in "Remembrance", it is revealed that Jaune has not gotten over Pyrrha's death, as he watches a video recording of her on repeat to help him train at night. ", (A/N: Too lazy to make an explain, so lets fast forward. 1 Affiliation 1.1 Crocea Mors 1.2 Arc Family 1.3 Beacon Academy 1.4 Team JNPR 2 Family 2.1 Saphron Cotta-Arc 2.2 Adrian Cotta-Arc 3 Team JNPR 3.1 Nora Valkyrie 3.2 Pyrrha Nikos 3.3 Lie Ren 4 Team RWBY 4.1 Ruby Rose 4.2 Weiss Schnee 4.3 Blake Belladonna 4.4 Yang Xiao Long 5 Team CRDL 5.1 Cardin Winchester 5.2 Russel Thrush 6 Team SSSN 6.1 Neptune Vasilias 7 Ozpin's Group 7.1 Ozpin 7.2 … Or not, considering some of the content in this one. "Yeah," said Ruby, "Just needed a moment to gather myself is all.". Ren coughed up more blood, and when she looked up, Jaune grabbed her hand and pulled her up. ", The scene then return to bridge again, but it seems to be taken place before it was destroyed now focusing on the van that is releasing a drone, to the soldiers forming in line on top of bus, and to the a group of soldiers in the Razorback heli looking outside to a hover tank as one of the soldier tap the screen on his arm only for the hover tank to exploded. The three got to a nearby mine cart that was large enough to provide all three with cover. Blake pulled herself into an elevator, and pushed herself upward to sit upright against the elevator wall.

Cinder: "So what you are saying is that we are watching …

In "A Night Off", Oscar watches Jaune whilst training, impressed by his high aura recovery. Yang said waving.

said Raven.

"Okay as much as I hate it, that was cool." Faster! However, after hearing that Neptune was just insecure of himself and his lack of dancing skills, Jaune encourages him to go talk to Weiss to make her night, showing he may have given up on his feelings for Weiss but still cares for her as a friend. Countless bodies littered the floor. Unfortunately, he overhears Weiss asking Neptune to the dance and is left devastated, prompting him to drop the flower he brought her and walk away. Jaune picked up the pace, and when he rounded a corner, he saw a heavy door slide down. "We agree, it seems," said Ghira in a frighteningly level voice.

Jaune looked down at her, her face still in his sights. After Saphron suggests that he and his friends go to Mistral to get their licenses, Jaune later turns down the offer to continue to Atlas.


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