semex norwegian red
Being an Orraryd son I’d bet he’d be able to fix some bad udders. I’d like to change that as when I take another look at his proof, I like what I see. Geno Global has more information that they are passing along. So what Scandinavian Red bulls are people using for service sires in 2012? Actual 305 day (Herdmate Dev.) I am milking a number of O Brolin daughters and very satisfied so far as the first one will soon enter her second lactation. Norwegian Red. Peterslund is above average for feet and legs and below average for hoof health. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. An individual example from today perfectly illustrates the power of Norwegian Red semen. This bull doesn’t look to have many holes. Read more about the Norwegian Red breeding program here. Udders and fat percentage are traits that his proof suggests his daughters excel in. Ravn – Another polled bull, I’ve been wanting to use Ravn for quite a while now. I like the profile of this bull, high production with good components, complete with the package of longevity and excellent daughter fertility. Udders might not be best in the breed but there are no big red flags in the individual udder traits. There are numerous different flavors of Red breed. She’s synchronized to be bred tomorrow and I was thinking the Finnish bull Ullimulli. For the most part I have some darn good animals from each of the Red variants. We just move on at dehorning. Geno is a farmer cooperative conducting research and development for cattle breeding and distributing genetic material to more than 30 countries worldwide. Maybe Nordic Red bulls as a whole are more fertile? However, for a hard breeding Satire (service #8) I went with a $5 Holstein. Part of what helped was the fact that Semex was looking for a home for a lot of NRF semen now that ABS is the exclusive distributor in the USA for NRF. While the majority of my crossbreeding continues to be the rotational variety, I like to do a little experimentation on the side like this. Oran and Natif were two Jura Betail bulls that I have one daughter each of. We believe the guys from Geno when they show us that the Norwegien Reds have superior fertility to the Swedish Reds. We’re starting to see the word VikingRed used to describe Red bulls from Sweden, Finland and Denmark. I’ve got some other Royal Treble daughters out there and this one certainly gives me reason to be encouraged about the others and I still maintain a stock of semen in my tank that I use here and there. At +28 NTM, he ranks tied as the best Viking Red bull. The article can be found here. If you look for polled in your breeding program, Lekve seems to be a no-brainer. Cardiff JB – This bull intrigues me because of the sire stack. I don’t have the opportunity to work with any purebred Scandinavian Red cows so this is as close as I can get (even if some of these have Canadian and Australian genetics in them). Ravn – Another polled bull, I’ve been wanting to use Ravn for quite a while now. We are starting to get a fair amount of data on daughters from the Nordic Breeds (Swedish Red, Norwegian Red, Finnish Ayrshire, and Red Dane). Most of my heifers are bred to VikingRed bulls from Viking Genetics. Pretty good. I’ll also use this opportunity if any of the folks from Geno happen to be reading to ask them to export the bull Amdal to the USA! ( Log Out /  This ones out of a Swedish Red dam. Even after looking at all the numbers, they don’t really seem all that drastically different from each other. Close teats are becoming a problem for some. The Danish bull R Facet was the most used VikingRed bull in 2011. COWTALK Coloured breeds Northern Dairy Shorthorn: Chat room Support Search RSS: Register for a free global account (learn about it) | Log in: (), globally (lost password?) Today was pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant, pregnant. Originally I had hoped to figure out which one was the best. So how has it been going? I just got done putting a block on another Peterslund hoof this morning. Geno Global has a selection of Red bulls from Norway. The TwoPlus research study was initiated by an AI Industry group led by Gencor Inc., Westgen Inc. and EBI Inc, the Semex Alliance, and Geno Global, Norway, with support from an Agriculture Canada CanAdvance grant. While that’s not even close to make enough of a judgement on, I really like both daughters and Cardiff has a very nice proof. My oldest cows tend to be short to moderate in stature and strong. 0 Obviously a few years down the road I will be milking a pretty high number of Bosnes daughters and if his proof holds true, I’m pretty sure I’ll be satisfied. Type wise, he profiles as an average udder bull. While he liked the 1st cross, the 2nd and 3rd were more disappointing. Originally I had hoped to figure out which one was the best. The co-operative nature of the Norwegian system is a superb example of integration at it’s very best and has helped create a unique health card system of data collection, where every single treatment is recorded throughout an animal’s life. Her biggest issue is her barn temperament at this point. I’ll probably stay within the realm of Scandinavian bulls for her. Shes averaged 9,599 litres in her previous 7 305 day lactations. First let me say that the title of this post is misleading and incorrect. I'm most interested in seeing the five bulls that ABS will be marketing to start. Choosing non-HO sires for crossing to HO females should use the same degree of care as choosing HO sires. Last week i attended an open day at Richard Parks farm near Kendal in Cumbria. While I won’t use these bulls on heifers, Valpas and Tossiko are bulls I have semen from and need to get it into some cows. The Ayrshire X Swedish Red X Holstein is from a decent Sperringe dam. ( Log Out /  Part of what helped was the fact that Semex was looking for a home for a lot of NRF semen now that ABS is the exclusive distributor in the USA for NRF. The other Redondo daughter. Digging deeper, he scores an 87 for other diseases which probably likely will have some affect on the longevity of his daughters. 0000001406 00000 n With all that production he still sires a nice mammary system at 114. Velsvik daughters will have high solids content coming from excellent udders. These days I’m utilizing Braut a little differently. But once those are gone, he will be replaced by Föske. This bull’s proof suggest solid production with decent udders, all in a very small frame. A lot of the successful cleaning up that NRF semen is doing in those numbers is on crossbred cows.


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