sig sauer p229

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  • , , U.S. & Canadian Military and Law Enforcement. Select from one or more online firearms distributors then click "continue offsite" where you can begin the process of purchasing your firearm. The SIG SAUER P229 has exceptional ergonomics and balance, that make this Compact pistol easy to handle. The SIG Sauer P226 is a full-sized, service-type pistol made by SIG Sauer.
  • JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I've been the proud owner of a German framed P229 chambered in 40 S&W with a 357 conversion barrel. It has essentially the same basic design as the SIG Sauer P220, but is developed to use higher capacity, double stack magazines in place of the single stack magazines of the P220.

    Sig Sauer P229 Price As a standard issue for federal law enforcement agencies for decades, the SIG P229 for sale at Omaha Outdoors has proven it is the most trusted and reliable pistol in existence. I bought my P229 used but like new, maybe 50 rounds through it before I bought it.

  • Available in 9mm, .40S&W and .357 SIG, the P229 Nitron is one of the most popular SIG SAUER pistols and carried by thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the country. Along with many Americans, I'm new to gun ownership... bought my guns primarily for home defense, but I also like to go plinking as well. I've run about 200 rounds through it without any issues. The one-piece, reduced-reach ergonomic grip features an updated stippling pattern.
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