sony bravia a8h
The A8H features the X1 Ultimate picture processor, the same processor we use in our flagship 8K HDR TVs, giving the TV an impressive boost to sharpness, contrast and color enhancement.

It analyzes and processes data in every image to make colors even more natural and precise so pictures are closer than ever to real life. Watch what you love. This allows an unprecedented level of calibration, and the ability to fine-tune adjustments simply not possible through conventional picture settings. Over 5,000 apps, more than any other smart TV, Our Android TVs are recommended by Netflix, Enjoy studio quality with Netflix Calibrated Mode. With a subwoofer integrated into the rear of the TV, you’ll hear more dynamic, bass-heavy sound—ideal for action movies and music. The image is spectacular, the blacks are black. Be among the first to get the latest Hello feet, The width and height of the feet in the standard position for the XBR55A8H are approximately 39 5/8 inch (1,004 mm) and 27/32 inch (21.3 mm). Choose from a wide variety of movies, shows, music, games, sport, and more with Android TV, simply by talking to your BRAVIA. Be among the first to get the latest Hello HiFiLyfe, The A8H is an excellent choice for a replacement for your plasma TV. With pictures created by millions of individually controlled pixels, everything is sharp and clear on OLED. With Google Home, you can find and cast your favorite videos to your Sony TV, without lifting a finger. Our slim and simple one-slate design keeps you focused on the screen while blending harmoniously in any room environment. Apps start fast and there's no more waiting when you switch between apps—Netflix starts 3x faster than before. ©2020 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.

All Mobile, Tablets & Smart Devices products, Approx. This OLED was on sale the other day for the 48 hr Black Friday sale and I couldn’t just pass up this deal. This 4K OLED TV includes an embedded light sensor that optimizes picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones, so you get the perfect view. We're very pleased to hear you appreciate the picture quality of your new A8H OLED TV. Control it with your voice. 55 3/4 x 32 7/8 x 7 1/4 inch (1,416 x 832 x 184 mm), Version 4.2; HID (mouse/keyboard connectivity)/HOGP (Low Energy device connectivity)/SPP (Serial Port Profile)/A2DP (stereo audio), MPEG1: MPEG1/MPEG2PS: MPEG2/MPEG2TS (HDV, AVCHD): MPEG2, AVC/MP4 (XAVC S): AVC, MPEG4, HEVC/AVI: Xvid, MotionJpeg/ASF (WMV): VC1/MOV: AVC, MPEG4, MotionJpeg/MKV: Xvid, AVC, MPEG4, VP8. 57 1/8 x 33 x 2 1/8 inch (1,448 x 836 x 52 mm), Approx. Regular TV viewing looks natural and smooth. Thank you for your purchase. It’s just stunning

Sony's Android Smart TV has an unbeatable number of apps. A wide range of unique features lets you enjoy studio-quality entertainment in your own home, just as the director intended. Also the stability (so far) of the newer Android platform has been great (after suffering with the old 2015 version). Replaced a Sony 810C 4k from 2015 and the TVs have no comparison. With Voice Zoom, you can hear human speech clearly without having to turn up the volume—ideal for news bulletins and documentaries. Risk of burn in, they say. There is no evidence of back lighting where the blacks are greyed from being illuminated from behind the image. $1900 is EXPENSIVE for a television, but honestly, the quality from build to picture is just stunning - I can say better than the Samsungs I have had in the past (but the past is the past and technology is constantly improving!). An innovative actuator vibrates discreetly to create sound so what you hear comes from the place in the scene where the action is happening—dialogue from characters, engine noise from a car—rather than from speakers at the sides. Award winner "The A8 has the sharpest and clearest motion we've witnessed on … Our slim and simple one-slate design keeps you focused on the screen while blending harmoniously in any room environment. By upconverting inputs, S-Force Front Surround virtually reproduces a multi-surround speaker system within your TV so you can enjoy all the thrills of more immersive sound. With our super-slim one-slate design, the screen meets the edge of the TV, immersing you in the picture without distraction. Each database has tens of thousands of references, amassed from our experience creating content for TV and movies over the years. Used under licence.

BRAVIA® uses a powerful computer model to analyze and compensate for inaccuracies in speaker response. This Resolution is 4K UHD. HEVC/WEBM: VP8/3GPP: MPEG4, AVC/MP3/ASF (WMA)/LPCM/WAV/MP4AAC/FLAC/JPEG; WEBM: VP9/AC4/ogg/AAC/ARW (Screen nail only), HDMI™ signal: 4096 x 2160p (24, 60 Hz), 3840 x 2160p (24, 30, 60 Hz), 1080p (30, 60, 120 Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (60 Hz), 720p (30, 60 Hz), 720/24p, 480p, Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Game, Graphics, Photo, Custom, Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, Netflix calibrated, Standard, Dialog, Theater, Music, Sports, Dolby Audio, AFRIKAANS, AMH, ARABIC, ASSAMESE, AZE, BEL, BULGARIAN, BENGALI, BOSNIAN, CATALAN, CZECH, DANISH, DEU, GREEK, ENGLISH, SPANISH, ESTONIAN, BAQ, PER, FINNISH, FRENCH, GLG, GUJARATI, HINDI, CROATIAN, HUNGARIAN, INDONESIAN, ISL, ITALIAN, HEBREW, JAPANESE, KAZAKH, KANNADA, KOR, KIR, LAO, LITHUANIAN, LATVIAN, MACEDONIAN, MALAYALAM, MON, MARATHI, MAY, BUR, NOB, NEP, NLD, ORIYA, PANJABI, POLISH, PORTUGUESE, ROMANIAN, RUSSIAN, SOL, SLOVENIAN, ALB, SERBIAN, SWEDISH, SWAHILI, TAMIL, TELUGU, THAI, TGL, TURKISH, UKRAINIAN, URD, UZB, VIETNAMESE, SIMPLIFIED CHINESE, TRADITIONAL CHINESE , ZULU, ENGLISH / FRENCH / GERMAN / HEBREW / ITALIAN / RUSSIAN / SPANISH / VIETNAMESE / JAPANESE, AC 120 V for UL cUL AC 110-240 V for other, Wallmount Bracket (SU-WL855 [Refer to Country/Area Handling Chart]). Imagine and Color with the motion was ALL AWESOME! Our X900H and Z8H models will support this with a software update to be determined. Remote controller better then A8G. The A8H is easy to set up.
© 2020 Best Buy. A newer version of your browser may be available, "The A8 has the sharpest and clearest motion we've witnessed on a consumer OLED to date", "We have yet to see such excellent control, refinement and black level depth and consistency from any other OLED TV—or any other TV period, actually", "The Sony A8 is an absolute belter of a TV", “By far, it's the most accurate TV you can buy this year”, “Sony has continued to do what it has done best for decades by making its picture processing the star.”, “Picture processing is everything, and it also happens to be Sony’s strongest suit in television.”, "For the best OLED TV picture quality you can find with a truly cinematic experience, the A8H is a top choice.”, The processor that brings the best out of OLED's beauty, Sound and picture in harmony—the screen is the speaker, One-slate design concept, incredibly thin, A faster way to the entertainment you love, Boosting color and contrast for extra depth and realism, Supreme resolution, whatever you’re watching, Reproduces a wider, more precise range of colors, Making fast-moving scenes bright and clear, Sound from the screen, incredibly immersive, Enjoy multidimensional sound with S-Force Front Surround, See how our beautiful design immerses you in the action, Flexible Metal Blade Stand, soundbar-ready, All your favorite content and services in seconds. See real-world colors, discover the detail in deep shadow and bright highlights. Even images filmed in 2K and Full HD are upscaled close to 4K by 4K X-Reality™ PRO using a unique 4K database. You can ask your Google Assistant to find your favorites. LEARN MORE ABOUT SONY AND THE ENVIRONMENT.

This Sony 4K Smart TV is an IMAX Enhanced product, ready to meet high-quality color, contrast, clarity, and sound. -Vincent, Hi HTGuy, Yes, it will fit. Set up was pretty basic to me, but to each their own. -Vincent. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Thanks! By widening the color spectrum, TRILUMINOS powered by our X1 processors reproduces more colors than a conventional television. But I’m using my old x900e remote which is better. The A8H features the X1 Ultimate picture processor, the same processor we use in our flagship 8K HDR TVs, giving the TV an impressive boost to sharpness, contrast and color enhancement.

This TV is Calman Ready, allowing customers to benefit from software used by visual creators in post-production quality-control workflows, further demonstrating our commitment to deliver pictures with professional-grade-color-calibrated accuracy in the home. I am watching 80% time cable TV and sports, sometimes Netflix. Jay. Sony's Android Smart TV has an unbeatable number of apps. What a Gem! Samsung and LG are making a few top end models this year with the tuner.

It upscales lower resolution content well, which is great for watching cable TV or sports. We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: Our site is not optimized for your current browser. Full Review Digital Trends Caleb Denison on June 5, 2020 Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews. Sony A8H 4K HDR OLED TV review: Superbly cinematic. And with our X-Motion Clarity™ technology, even fast action stays smooth and clear. Connect Google Home for seamless hands-free control of a Sony TV. Experience endless entertainment powered by XUMO with over 190 free channels seamlessly integrated into your TV programming guide. With Netflix Calibrated Mode, the creator's vision and intent is faithfully preserved. I was on the fence about a QLED vs OLED, because of the burn ins but slap a geek squad plan on it and you’ll be fine! With our Acoustic Surface Audio, the screen is the speaker.

Connect set top boxes and other devices via HDMI to your OLED Smart TV and control them all using one smart commander. how wide is the stance of the feet and how deep? So hope that helps someone else who’s frustrated with the issue as this is a great TV. We always strive to deliver the best picture quality with our TVs. Share your photos with everyone in the room. It already has built in apps, you can download the apps from the app store if they are not on tv.. Hi Bob, The A8H Android TV does not support the Apple TV+ app. Cast your content then continue browsing on your phone or tablet. It's truly effortless and offers the ultimate viewing experience.

Don't be confused by popular hype.


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