stallion range oryx hunt

This was the first hunting draw Olivas Jr. had ever made.

buzz4me2 Sorry for the problems. I had to go to Minnesota to haul a bunch of personal belongings and spent 2 weeks with it loading and moving stuff in the pole barn up there.

I developed a bad case of plantar fasciitis a month ago. at 48" to the shoulder that would be about 11" per mil dot or just over 300 yards. Didn't see any Oryx, but 3 miles later my Grandson and I got to the Avalanche where the other friend met us. Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. By far the best game meat that I have ever tasted. If you need help send me a pm. I am better in these - but still cautious. (too high). I drew a Stallion tag many years ago and also went on a couple other hunts with friends. The game brochure specifically states that camcorders are prohibited so I guess that would rule that one out. Friday was a briefing day, and if nothing was planned/going on, they'd let you hunt. We positioned ourselves behind some 6x6 posts and waited about 30 minutes. Figured we would just work our way down there. . I missed the top of the lungs by possibly 1/2". I'm not sure if there are many guys that have been successful with bow on the 2 or 3 day hunts but that's totally up to you. . ??? Onx Hunt Map Legend. Have a plan for the meat, (there will be processors parked outside the gate if you want to go that route).

Oryx is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth and some great table fare. Oryx hunts on Stallion Range, Rhodes Canyon, Fort Bliss, Red Canyon and the small missile range are some of the best free-range hunts New Mexico has to offer.

I put the scope on them and found both to be right at 4.5 mil dots high from the ground to the top of shoulder. We then hobbled back the 2.5 miles to the vehicle and I dropped the stock. So, it turned out to be a pretty good hunt as a first big game hunt with the Grandson. And again that is what I did. It was a tough hunt then and I shot a nice cow. Again, I figured I would trust the equipment (how do you mess up a mil dot?)

Now I have to figure out just what is going on with the mil dots.

Joined Apr 22, 2013 Messages 2 Location Omaha Nebraska. new mexico guide 2009 by patricia dg issuu from stallion range oryx hunt map , . Last time i was there, the guy I was helping got 8 or 10 stalks and maybe 13 shots before he filled his tag.

It was like a bull but the horns were only about 4" long but about 7" around at the base.

Good luck on your hunt. When I got there my guide told me "this is how it works, 1st day we look for the 40"er, 2nd day we look for anything respectable". Saw a herd of about 25 north about 1500 yards and headed slowly NW, the way we had come from. There are high points that you can drive to so you probably don't need the step ladder like you do on Rhodes. So for anyone going to Stallion later, I would recommend that you plan on a very hard hunt and we found the Gallegos area to be productive. The MPs will toss you off the base in a heartbeat if you go down the wrong road, exceed the speed limit, etc. Hello all, I was drawn for the September WSMB Stallion Range area. Tried dry firing about 10 times and same thing. It is personal choice but my reasoning was it was a 2 day hunt, there is no pre-scouting and I had no previous experience with an Oryx or their habits.

The antlers measured at 36 ½ inches. Once you have made 10 posts, you will be able to start new threads in the forum. Those are really nice looking animals. Set back in the passengers seat and finished my sandwich. Thanks for any comments. I stopped quartering animals ever since I got my ATV BUT I have not drawn an elk tag in NM yet (no ATVs for that).

Its always nice getting answers on this website from people who have hunted in your specific location and have actually harvested what your hunting. JavaScript is disabled.

. Just turn you loose. If you plan on putting in for this tag you may want to consider Rhodes Canyon first. Their spine drops really low behind the shoulders and if you hit a little high, you will knock them down bu they will get up and be gone. 5 is ny son-in-laws 09 bull from the small range. First off, at Stallion Range, you are going to be on the WSMR base, so be sure to know all the rules and regs about being on base ahead of time and follow them. . I have killed on oryx with a bow and lost one with a bow and photographed many. Hard to believe, but after 7 years of applying, I finally got lucky enough to draw a Returning Iraq/Afghanistan Resident Oryx tag on the Stallion Range for Feb 2018. Backed of the top screw on the front of the trigger and all was good again.


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