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Of course she can't resist causing some mischief—particularly to get Waffle’s attention—and drags her sisters along for the ride. Racial strife is rampant - the cats of the world, lacking government representation, feel oppressed by the dogs who rule over Prairie. He has a history with the leader of the gang, Alicia Priss of the Priss sisters, having once been friends with her in their childhood. [33] The promotional materials for the program reveal that Mamoru-kun and his friends live in the country of "Nipon," which, along with Tail Concerto's Prairie Kingdom, is part of a larger world called "Little Tail Bronx. He gives Waffle new missions and updates from time to time. Both games also use an anime-style. Some of them have bombs or dangerous aircrafts. It was published by Bandai in Japan in April 1998, and France the following December, with an English version released in North America in November 1999 by Atlus. Games Main Series Tail Concerto | Solatorobo: Red the Hunter | Little Tail Story | Strelka Stories | Solatorobo 2(TBA) Other Mamuro-Kun Alicia's sister is the quiet type. In one stage, Waffle can equip his suit with a jetpack, fly about a huge debris field, and hop from island to island, occasionally pausing to let his jets cool. Tail Concerto is a 3D anime-style Action-Adventure and platform game for the Playstation, published by Bandai in Japan in 1998 and by Atlus in North America in 1999.. [20] Although delays caused the title to miss this date, Atlus later made a statement on their website that they would begin shipping the game to retailers on November 3, and for players to expect it in stores shortly thereafter. Tail Concerto's furry world and gameplay basics could create an exceptional game when fleshed out beyond their current state. Tail Concerto was first released in Japan on April 1998 and the following December in France, with an English version released in North America in November 1999 by publisher Atlus. He loves Terria, which leaves him in competition with Waffle for her affections - a competition Waffle doesn't want part of. Tail Concerto has a great story & colorful characters.The difficulty of the game ranges from easy to hard,but not so hard that it's not fun anymore.If you have or planing on getting Solatorobo for the Nintendo DS,then this should be the game to get.It's an introduction to some of the characters that you'll meet in Solatorobo & the use of your mech. The website would elaborate that the series "comes across as a combination of Laputa and Porco Rosso. "[7] The website also felt that although the spoken dialogue was "very well done", the translation became "curiously awkward" as the story progressed, and that certain voice samples had a tendency to play over the wrong text. Virtually every surface is textured, and each environment is alive with animation and detail. Panta ( パンタくん, Panta-kun) is Waffle Ryebread's partner and supporting character in Tail Concerto. The game's sound effects are clear and effective, using voice often to tell the game's story and add personality to the boss encounters. Waffle with his trusty Police Robo must pursue the Black Cats Gang and stop them from harming the dog-people. It's destructive rampage was put to an end when the crystals were removed from it's heart, and his limbs scattered. The graphics are impressive for a PS1 game as well. Skies of Prairie ... a Tail Concerto fanlisting, Tail Concerto official page at CyberConnect2, https://en.wikifur.com/w/index.php?title=Tail_Concerto&oldid=523827, This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to. The graphics in TAIL CONCERTO are very good! She goes along with whatever her sister says, although she's a lot more critical out of the three. As Therria has taking a liking to watching Duel Tournaments, Cyan accompanies her and is continually impressed by Red’s skill. This adorable little pup carries a communications radio on his back. Although a bumbling guard who's mostly good for falling into traps to "warn" Waffle about it, he still aspires to have some of Waffle's glory. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The police chief may seem like a tough guy, but he's a soft one deep down. Cyan is the obnoxious captain of the palace guards. "[18] As the deadline passed, publishing rights changed hands between multiple US studios, including Activision,[6] before Atlus U.S.A. announced in July 1999 that they would be releasing the North American version of Tail Concerto as part of their company strategy to "broaden its domestic library through eclectic acquisitions",[19] and that it would be released by the end of the following September. Simply a top notch performance in my opinion but I'm sure you will think the same after playing this game for 10 minutes. With Lani Minella, Amanda Winn Lee, Carrie Gordon Lowrey, Ari Ross. The kittens are out of control and it is your job, as a police officer, to keep them under control. She's the youngest of the three and, although she doesn't hate dog-people, she goes along with whatever Alicia says. Players control the character Waffle, who pilots a semi-humanoid mecha called the "Police Robo" with the ability to run, jump, climb on ledges, and hover in mid-air for brief periods. [36] Another game in the series titled Fuga: Melodies of Steel was announced as part of the Trilogy of Vengeance series, commemorating CyberConnect2's 20th anniversary. Everything is hand drawn and it looks like you are watching a real cartoon show. Limited as it may be, the standard viewpoint is sufficient almost all the time, with the extra camera angles just helping out in a few situations. Name: Oliver "[27], Despite the low sales of the original game, CyberConnect were interested in creating a sequel as early as one year after Tail Concerto's release. Reviewed in the United States on September 17, 2010. With gaping holes of opportunity like that, some players are bound to feel a tinge of dissatisfaction after completing the game. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/TailConcerto. Players control the character Waffle, who pilots a semi-humanoid mecha called the "Police Robo" with the ability to run, jump, climb on ledges, and hover in mid-air for brief periods. The coolest thing in the game is that you never have to read anything for the most part. You'll be a hit until at least the party is over, guaranteed. [10] Due to its unique geographical configuration, the nation's inhabitants mostly commute by way of airships, and their society is characterized by steam-based technology and mysterious crystals culled from the ruins of an ancient civilization. Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2002. [3], Tail Concerto's background music was composed by Chikayo Fukuda and Seizo Nakata,[15] and features the Japanese opening theme song "For Little Tail" by J-Pop singer Kokia, which was replaced by an original instrumental piece in the English version,[6] but retained in the French version. An infamous weapons merchant and the one behind all of the illegal activities in Prairia being perpetrated by the Black Cats Gang. He is smart, brave, and always looking to help - qualities that make him a great addition to the Prairie police force and a ladies man to boot. The story occurs in the Kingdom of Prairie (Country of Meadow), a kingdom made up of islands floating in the air, and populated by 30 000 Dog-People (he and she-dogs) and 3 000 Cat-People (he and she-cats). [6] Some areas require the use of different means of travel, such as mine carts and a jet pack, or attacking enemies using heat-seeking missiles. [6] Game Informer similarly called it charming and a "cute-fest" with "delightfully clumsy anime cutscenes", but that the gameplay was "nothing too complex or innovative. For example, the jetpack stage is practically only a bonus stage, but it could've been used as a training session for a real jetpack action scene. Ni no Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch is also available on the Nintendo DS, and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, Tail Concerto's spiritual sequel, was released for the same device. Waffle soon encounters the cats again after they kidnap the adventurous Princess Terria, and learn that they are seeking five special crystals that hold an unknown, potentially dangerous power. She's initially captured by the Black Cats Gang so that Waffle will hand over one of the crystals they need, but after she's freed she continues to try and help get the thieves brought to justice, while also making sure Waffle is recognized for his heroism. Waffle Ryebread The protagonist of the game, a police officer trying to stop the Black Cats Gang from …


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