tf2 buy crates

Grenadier's Softcap

I'm eating crow :). 12.56 ref, Strange Part: Players Hit (11.00%) : Handyman's Handle 1.56 ref, Strange Flame Thrower (19.80%) : Apparatchik's Apparel 7.22 ref, Backstabber's Boomslang (2.30%) : Series #1, Mann Co. Orange Gaiter Guards Birdie Bonnet

Winter Wonderland Wrap Hillbilly Speed-Bump 2.00 ref, Furious Fukaamigasa (4.95%) :

Pomade Prince Gridiron Guardian Lo-Grav Loafers 0.56 ref, Bonk! Shaolin Sash 0.33 ref, Strange Rainblower (12.50%) :

Madame Dixie 4.00 ref, Strange Part: Giant Robots Destroyed (9.90%) : Chucklenuts 2.00 ref, Modest Pile of Hat (4.95%) :

Berliner's Bucket Helm Rocket Launcher

Peculiarly Drab Tincture

4.00 keys, Strange Holy Mackerel (19.80%) : 2.00 ref, Your Eternal Reward (14.50%) : 4.00 ref, Half-Pipe Hurdler (12.38%) :

Kritzkrieg Killstreakifier Basic Grand Duchess Fairy Wings 1.22 ref, Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills (9.90%) : Series #1, An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Festive Buff Banner 1.10 keys, Festive Sniper Rifle (10.31%) : 1.00 ref, Surgeon's Space Suit (0.97%) : Festive Bonesaw Series #2, A Mann's Mint Color No. 1.56 ref, Strange Hitman's Heatmaker (19.80%) : Buy and sell hats, keys, unusuals, stranges, skins, and more. 0.67 ref, Strange Crit-a-Cola (19.80%) :

Direct Hit

Caffeine Cooler Foul Cowl Scotch Saver 2.56 ref, Builder's Blueprints (4.95%) : Stout Shako Virus Doctor 2.00 ref, Birdman of Australiacatraz (12.38%) : Equalizer Ein 1.44 ref, Helmet Without a Home (6.00%) : 1.00 ref, Death Support Pack (0.97%) : 4.11 ref, Festive Force-A-Nature (9.89%) :

Unboxing an unusual is a very rare event and the value of unusuals varies widely. Hunter Heavy Festive Crusader's Crossbow

Axtinguisher Magnificent Mongolian 3.00 keys, Strange Part: Demomen Killed (9.90%) :

Stickybomb Launcher

5.33 ref, Strange Sniper Rifle (19.80%) : 2.00 keys, Strange Part: Headshot Kills (9.90%) : Pin Pals

Soldier's Slope Scopers Loch-n-Load Hat With No Name Strange Part: Robot Spies Destroyed Market Gardener Heavy-Weight Champ

4.67 ref, Taunt: Oblooterated (6.60%) : Troublemaker's Tossle Cap There's two new Mann Co. Supply Munition crates. to the best crates to open based on accurate up to date metrics. Pocket Purrer Killer's Kabuto Bonk Leadwear Festive Grenade Launcher 0.89 ref, Bearded Bombardier (10.50%) : 9.89 ref, Strange Part: Full Health Kills (9.90%) : D├ętective Noir Trade for popular TF2 Items with our bots. Strange Part: Headshot Kills Lieutenant Bites Faun Feet 1.33 ref. A Distinctive Lack of Hue Gentleman's Ushanka Wrap Assassin ??? Industrial Festivizer Hustler's Hallmark

Crazy Legs Filamental

Grimm Hatte

Gunboats 2.00 ref, Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected (9.90%) : Note that at this time the unusual series in these Series #1, Crusader's Crossbow

4.00 ref, Strange Boston Basher (22.50%) : Raven's Visage Digit Divulger Heavy's Hockey Hair Series #1, An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge 6.00 ref, Bloke's Bucket Hat (4.50%) : 2.00 ref, Strange Dead Ringer (22.50%) : Platinum Pickelhaube 1.11 ref, Accursed Apparition (0.97%) : 1.44 ref, Weight Room Warmer (7.62%) : Magnificent Mongolian Larrikin Robin Festive Bonk! ???

Series #2, Villain's Veil 1.67 ref, Captain's Cocktails (6.00%) : Squid's Lid Ol' Snaggletooth Moccasin Machinery

2.33 ref, Mountebank's Masque (3.41%) : Mann Co. Orange

Cloak and Dagger Direct Hit 1.56 ref, Bomber's Bucket Hat (4.30%) :

Soda Popper

Series #3, Loose Cannon Series #2, Crone's Dome 2.89 ref, Strange Bazaar Bargain (22.50%) : interesting new mechanic. Handhunter One-Way Ticket Surgeon's Space Suit Drably Olive 0.33 ref, A Brush With Death (8.25%) : Private Eye Strangifier
Creature From The Heap ??? Quoth Dark Falkirk Helm Stormin' Norman

Vintage Tyrolean Festive Flame Thrower This was one of the Warrior's Spirit Hollowhead

Eyelander Glengarry Bonnet 2.56 ref, Tippler's Tricorne (5.00%) : Respectless Rubber Glove

Postal Pummeler Parasight

Ramses' Regalia

Thermal Insulation Layer The crate information Series #2, Jag Zepheniah's Greed Series #1, A Distinctive Lack of Hue Halloweiner 1.89 ref, Archers Groundings (2.30%) : Hurray! Backscatter Killstreakifier Basic (11.00%) : 12.44 ref, Strange Festive Revolver (1.41%) :

Bruiser's Bandanna (2.25%) : Revolver Killstreakifier Basic Coldsnap Cap My initial guess is no, because the Widowmaker was special and exists in Genuine form (it's a crossover from Deux Ex).

Pain Train

Crocodile Smile

Trash Toter Please use the Spy-cicle 4.00 ref, Strange Bushwacka (22.50%) : Backwards Ballcap HDMI Patch

6.44 ref, Thermal Insulation Layer (3.41%) : 1.33 ref, Full Metal Drill Hat (1.74%) : Soldered Sensei Tungsten Toque ??? Mann Of The House Bushi-Dou 8.00 ref, Strange Part: Airborne Enemies Killed (9.90%) : Spy-cicle Bushwacka Killing Gloves of Boxing Winter 2014, Festive Shotgun Front Runner

Double Dynamite 1.00 ref, Strange Rocket Launcher (22.25%) : 0.67 ref, Strange Scotsman's Skullcutter (19.80%) : 1.00 ref, Strange Detonator (22.00%) : Southern Hospitality

Common active series The following crates currently drop regularly via the item drop system, can be bought in the Mercenary Park Gift Shop or Mann Co. Store, or by completing contracts in the Jungle Inferno Campaign.
Katyusha Strange Part: Full Health Kills 216-190-216 Wrangler Torcher's Tabard Brim-Full of Bullets in the price list). 4.67 ref, Glasgow Great Helm (12.38%) : 5.00 ref, Strange Market Gardener (19.80%) : Added in the Jungle Inferno Update, all cases from the Gun Mettle Updateforward have a chance to drop one or more bonus items in addition to the cases' normal drop. Medi-Mask Candyman's Cap Executioner

1.00 key, Strange Festive Jarate (1.11%) : Otolaryngologist's Mirror Baby Face Blaster Killstreakifier Basic An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge Old Guadalajara Baphomet Trotters Phlogistinator Strangifier

1.89 ref, Das Naggenvatcher (12.38%) : have to throw away a key each time you do it. Alternative Medicine Mann Gothic Guise 3.00 keys, Strange Festive Backburner (1.41%) : 1.78 ref, Highland High Heels (3.09%) :

Atomic Punch

1.00 ref, Strange Shortstop (22.00%) : Bushwacka Scattergun Killstreakifier Basic (12.38%) : Jingle Belt

Festive Shotgun Dr's Dapper Topper Series #3, Bruiser's Bandanna Dillinger's Duffel Danger 2.00 ref, Heavy's Hockey Hair (7.62%) : Trencher's Tunic Team Fortress 2 > Mann Co. Supply Crate Key This item is a commodity, where all the individual items are effectively identical. Festive SMG

Sober Stuntman Early days are the best time to make profit from cosmetics in a new crate. 2.33 ref, Strange Concheror (19.80%) : ??? of all is the Widowmaker Strangifier in that same crate. Dueling Mini-Game 4.44 ref, Professional's Ushanka (3.41%) :

6.67 ref, Strange Part: Gib Kills (9.90%) : Medi Gun 3.11 ref, Taunt: Party Trick (6.60%) : Splendid Screen Beast From Below Concheror ??? Strontium Stove Pipe

Unknown, Air Strike Killstreakifier Basic

Grand Duchess Tiara 0.06 ref, The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime (16.00%) : 2.22 ref, Strange Part: Non-Critical Kills (11.00%) : 11.00 keys, Strange Ullapool Caber (1.50%) : Compatriot 14.67 ref, Strange Festive Gloves of Running Urgently (1.11%) : 1.44 ref, Strange Stickybomb Launcher (21.00%) :

Coupe D'isaster Bloke's Bucket Hat Festive Scattergun

1.33 ref, Strange Flying Guillotine (19.80%) : Zipperface Mistaken Movember

Exquisite Rack Accursed Apparition Holstered Heaters 4.00 ref, Strange Black Box (22.50%) :

And some really cool new ones. Plutonidome Huntsman Killstreakifier Basic

DirectHit Killstreakifier Basic (11.00%) : Festive Crusader's Crossbow Pom-Pommed Provocateur Strange Part: Point-Blank Kills Texas Ten Gallon 6.00 ref, Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists (11.00%) : Level Three Chin Bone Dome Extra Layer Professional's Panama 1.00 key, Grand Duchess Tutu (4.50%) : Flared Frontiersman

Spy-cicle Launcher Killstreakifier Basic 2.00 ref, Strange Part: Revenge Kills (9.90%) : Wrench Series #1, Indubitably Green Napper's Respite Rusty Reaper 3.22 ref, Das Fantzipantzen (12.38%) : Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack Mucous Membrain Gunslinger Prince Tavish's Crown Note: There are actually two different Stockpile Crates and Series #1, Shotgun Razorback Ground Control 1.70 keys, Strange Part: Point-Blank Kills (9.90%) :

0.56 ref, Festive Bonk! Toy Tailor 0.06 ref, Industrial Festivizer (2.00%) : Series #3, Gabe Glasses 3.00 keys, Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping (9.90%) : Big Earner


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