the expanse goths
That means the Goths were willing to play tit-for-tat with what they probably think is the Romans resurging back into existence. What if interacting with it accidentally triggers a reboot of the entire Roman network. Goths – the very name alludes to the chaotic times in continental Europe that derailed the existence of the Western Roman Empire. Now by the late 2nd century AD, the Roman Empire was indeed surrounded by various Germanic tribes who shared some common lexical borrowings and pantheons, but many of their languages were mutually unintelligible for the most part. That may be how the Goths view the civilizations from 4-space. For the boldest and most warlike men have no regular employment, the care of house, home, and fields being left to the women, old men, and weaklings of the family. In the ensuing campaign, the Romans, while suffering significant casualties, finally managed to subdue Athanaric in his mountainous stronghold, incidentally aided by the arrival of another ‘super tribe’ – the Huns. That's an unfounded assumption but it seems likely to me. Life on all of the Roman's planets remained intact. If not, then they’re doomed. The experiment was carried out in the Tecoma system, which was judged to be a safe testing ground owing to its lack of habitable planets. Pertaining to Christianity, it was Ulfilas the Goth (or Wulfila – ‘little wolf’), a 4th-century missionary, who was responsible for translating the Bible from Greek into what we know as the first known record of the written Gothic language. The situation became even more complicated when some bands of the Greuthungi Goths, still hounded by the Huns, tried to join their brethren across the Danube. All Rights Reserved. Maybe it never was. To that end, while early Roman authors, like Tacitus, were clearly not impressed by the ‘barbarians’, later authors like Ammianus, made no distinction between the equipment quality of the Romans and the Goths. In that regard, historians have hypothesized that the workmanship of some Germanic smiths perhaps even outclassed their Roman contemporaries – as suggested by archaeological evidence of smelting furnaces and funerary items. Simply put, the Gothic tribal structure was eroded and instead replaced by a multinational character that aimed for united fronts (for protection) instead of ethnocentric preferences. And recent historical analysis rather challenges the typical view that Goths, along with other Germanic entities, continuously made large-scale forays into the Roman territories that ultimately led to the downfall of the Western Roman Empire. The goths played tit-for-tat with humanity. The Expanse is a space opera, mystery-sci-fi drama television series based on the bestselling novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. The reason I called the Goths benevolent is that they did not kill all life on each Roman planet. As for armor, chainmail (or ring mail) was the common type of protection used by the affluent members of the 4th-5th century Visigothic comitatus, often complemented by the spangenhelm helmet. There is a certain element of mystery when it comes to the original homeland of the Goths, given the scant documentation by ancient sources before their contact with the Roman Empire. The former Roman-influenced Goths were known as the Thervingi – and by 5th century AD, most elements (although not all) from this group formed the Visigoths. This unique political scope was rather mirrored by how the Romans perceived the Goths as threatening entities who were either to be appeased or to be restrained, but never to be ignored. Unsurprisingly, these semi-professional retainers bore the brunt of the fighting and even conquering other proximate territories, while the Romans were left relatively unharmed in charge of civic administrations, especially since conflicts tended to be of a smaller scale in 4th-5th century continental Europe. They wiped out whole systems and all the live within them to protect themselves.


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