the weather underground strategy

if (d.getElementById(id)) return; var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; At Columbia, for example, the milling masses of protestors “really only came out of four years of hard organizing,” Rudd said. One common but incorrect belief about the Underground Railroad is that it was run by magnanimous whites in order to aid black people otherwise unable to help themselves.

An escalating wave of violent repression occurred, in which abolitionists and their allies were attacked, and their mailings and offices were burned. There’s a difference between destroying or expelling a foreign power, and forcing a power to negotiate or offer concessions, and dismantling a domestic system of power or economics. window.fbAsyncInit = function() {

Violent confrontations began to occur in a scattershot fashion or, to be more precise, defensive violence carried out by abolitionists became more common, since slavery had been based on violent confrontations since the beginning, and none of that was new to black people. Fast forward 40 years and the student left has yet to reclaim the power that was scattered with SDS’s demise, according to Rudd. “I’m not at all proud of that,” said Rudd, who today lives as a retired community college teacher in New Mexico.

The Black Panthers—who were not afraid of political violence or of fighting the police—denounced the action as foolish and counterproductive. Writes Ron Jacobs, “From the Yippies’ vantage point, the idea of setting a date for a battle with the state was ridiculous: it provided the police with a greater capacity to counter-attack, and it also took away the element of surprise, the activists’ only advantage.… Pointing out the differences between the planned, offensive violence of Weatherman and Yippie’s spontaneous, defensive version, Abbie Hoffman termed Weatherman’s confrontations ‘Gandhian violence for the element of purging guilt through moral witness.’ ”18 (This analysis is interesting, if perhaps surprising and a little ironic, given the Yippies’ propensity for symbolic and theatrical actions. Subsequent communiques including Communiqué 2 written on June 9 and Communiqué 3 written on July 26, 1970, were announcements of bombs that they were taking credit for. Destroy Capitalism. Growing up in New Jersey as the grandson of Jewish immigrants who believed America could do no wrong, it was a shock for Rudd when he crossed the Hudson River and came in contact with his peers’ anti-racist, anti-imperialist critique of America. You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows, Stephen Miller’s Second-Term Immigration Agenda Is Worse Than He Wants People to Know, No Matter Who Wins, It’s Time to Get Rid of the Electoral College, A DIY Cartoon for Your Post-Election Spiral, America Votes: Live Updates—and Some Rants. M. R. D. Foot describes it in his writings about resistance against the Nazis in Occupied Europe. -- Hispanic Vote Goes for Trump in Sunshine State, Ruh-Roh -- Chinese Yuan Renminbi Is Tanking - As Trump Continues to Win, Win, Win, 2020 Results Update: TRUMP Wins Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pass the Word - Voter Machines Are Not Immune From Manipulation - They Should Be Guarded At All Times - Any Access Should Be Recorded, BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Late Night Deep State Document Release Shows Mueller Investigated and Chose Not to Charge Assange, WikiLeaks, and Roger Stone For DNC Hacks - Roger Stone Responds to Vindication, BREAKING UPDATE: Early Voter Turnout in Florida Indicates a Very Big Day for President Trump - New Update: Lead for Rs in FL is now over 200K. But the Weather Underground’s most ineffective actions in the aboveground vs. underground department were those that actually harmed aboveground organizations. The Weather Undeground in its early years was notably abysmal at this. It’s good and courageous to want to fight injustice, but resisters who only fight back on a piecemeal basis without a long-term strategy will lose. The good news was that by the 1850s, more and more abolitionists were defying fugitive slave laws and even taking up arms to aid escaped slaves inside and outside of the Underground Railroad. One of these currents was the Underground Railroad, run by both black and white people. His posts have been retweeted by President Trump and have made the headlines at the Drudge Report. “Anyone logical would’ve realized. The Weather Underground came out of this ethos but added a militant spin, believing that violent action was required to effect change. Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. The Weather Underground was far from the only group that had difficulty implementing necessary tactics. Organize the Victim Classes. In part the problem was their lack of a clear and articulable strategy.


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