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This includes things like rack extension, monolift attachments, safety straps etc. I've bought a lot of equipment from Titan (T3 Short Rack 36" deep, Competition Plates, 1500 LB Capacity Bar, Landmine Handle) and for me most of the packing was fine with the only exception being the rack as some of the metal was exposed but it wasn't scratched or damaged. I wanted safeties and a pull up bar. I have the T2. But I am glad I spent a little more money on my bars and flat benches from rep, and on making a level and sturdy lifting surface with stall mats and plywood. Basically, the rack works fine, and will do what you want it to. I have the Rep PR-1000 and it is a great entry level rack.

Titan T-2 or Rep PR-1000? I agree with OP that they look almost identical. It was pretty easy to put together (did it myself other than a bit of help getting the uprights into place). Not a titan fanboy but everything came in one peice and went together with no problems and for the price i was happy. I will say this, the rep fitness safety arms are awesome. The T-3, as I understand it, has more attachments, as well as greater compatibility with other company's attachments due to similarly sized peg holes. So the real question: A Titan T-2 pops up locally for $225 supposedly still new in box, haven't verified in person yet.

It helped clarify a bit what's important to me. I don't own a T3, but the floor stands look much better to me.

To piggyback of this thread, are all. I'm glad I got it. I know what the specs say. If I was spending more than $200, I'd think a little harder about other racks because of potential for accessories. Incredible value. I can see the appeal of the nicer ones from Titan, Rogue, and even Legend. Be careful...the attachments aren't fully swappable between the two manufacturers...IIRC you can use the Titan ones on a Rogue rack but cannot use the Rogue ones on a Titan rack? An 11ga rack by comparison should last forever without any signs of wear other than scratches and scrapes. The attachments interchangeable? Also, I willing to take suggestions on a bench (in a similar price range), since Titan doesn't sell any. For just the basics, I don't think you can go wrong with it. I know. And if you ever need to upgrade or replace it, it's cheap enough that you will have gotten your money's worth for how many years it will last you.

The build quality of their products is fantastic. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lifting weights is my main hobby and it feels nice to have nice things. Press J to jump to the feed. That T2 sold earlier today, so I'm still waiting. Titan T-2 Reddit reviews. Thanks for the thoughts. The hole spacing near the bench area allowed me to dial bench in perfectly with the safety bars. Not saying a cage isnt the way to go but just saying I am very happy with it. Big motivator for me going squat rack instead of power rack was not being able to bolt to the floor. It's very solid. Edge: T-2 T-3 Power rack. So the real question: A Titan T-2 pops up locally for $225 supposedly still new in box, haven't verified in person yet. As a few mentioned, accessories may be the deciding point. I have the t2.

I see very little reason to go with the T3 over the T2. Unless I missed something the T-3 just has dip bars. All of the 2x2 12ga steel racks from China appear to have an almost identical design. Wondering if anyone has tried this before? So much more safety for heavy lifting alone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ie. The only deal breaker might be the accessories so take a look at what you can get. Press J to jump to the feed.

Plus the T-3 has better bolt-hole spacing for said accessories and safeties. Press J to jump to the feed. I think these are the things that make a bigger difference than whether your rack can theoretically hold thousands of pounds and doesn’t wobble as much when you re-rack. If I didn't plan on ever squatting over 315 I probably would have bought the T2 (or other budget rack). I was looking at the T3 short as well (similar height to the T2), and it only comes out to $50 more. Buying used though seems to be the best way to save some money. I would say part of it depends on your ceiling height. You can't really go wrong in getting the T2 unless you're already squatting like 500lbs, in which case you probably wouldn't be here asking this question to begin with. I didn't feel like I would be confident squatting heavy in the cheaper racks. Titan makes some pretty good equipment at the price they're selling. As for bench, I went with Rogue flat utility 2.0.

Also, spotter arms on the T3 are relatively useless (unless you're planning on using the rack primarily for weight storage) as you can very easily bench inside the rack. I'm putting my order in this weekend, but I'm constantly dancing between the Titan Fitness T-2 Power Rack or the T-3 Squat Rack. Yeah, when I saw your post I thought for sure it was a Rogue squat stand until I read your description of the equipment. I ask because I have the Fitness Reality 810XLT - which has the same size peg holes, so I look to titan's T-2 stuff for attachments. Other than this they don't seem to be much different so I'm a bit torn deciding between the two. T-2 Has safety bars so you can push harder on bench and squat. Its not a full cage but i can do everything with this wall mount that someone can do with a cage and i only paid 230 with it.

Since mine is practically set on carpet, it isn't an issue. Heres my imgur for my set up... if I were in your shoes I would have a hard time choosing to because I just recently discovered rep fitness and think their prices and quality are spot on. To me it looks like Titan multigrip pull-up might not fit on the rep rack but it’s hard to see from the pictures. While I don't have the rack, I do have some thoughts. (Also open to other suggestions in the entry-level, ~$300 range, but these seemed the best bang for buck). The T-2 also comes in a short version that’s only 71″ tall. still do it again? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The Titan T-2 Power Rack power rack is a staple for your home gym or garage gym. It is not the cost, it is the hassle of drilling into my basement floor.

I would say Titan also has a leg up on Rep with the amount of accessories they offer for their rack. Titan T-2 vs. T-3 The main difference I see in these two racks is the weight storage on the T-3.

I would prefer the T-3 over them both, but I don't want to rent a bunch of tools just to secure it. Both of these racks seem virtually identical for entry-level options. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. T2 Series Power Racks Great gainz. I know a lot of people tend to dislike Titan for shipping/packaging purposes, but I'm looking for opinions on these.

A subreddit devoted to working out at home. Since I'm already an intermediate lifter, I decided to get the T3 since I know it will last me forever. A subreddit devoted to working out at home.

My new home gym https://imgur.com/gallery/y1sdf, My rep fitness bench Rep fitness FB 5000 bench https://imgur.com/gallery/CoEsc, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In Titans, they’re a mix of teenagers and adults, meeting each other for the first time. T-2 Power Rack pros being a full rack for extra safety and longer safeties. Going the home gym route despite having a gym half a mile away.

I think if you're going to bolt it to something either the T-2 or the T-3 will be fine. I don't regret my purchase, cause it was $100 ($150 on sale and I got $70 for applying for a AMZN Prime card, ~$100 after tax). Let’s take a look at what Redditors have to say about the Titan T-2. I know what the specs say. A disadvantage to the Titan 2 is the weight capacity. http://www.titan.fitness/squat-rack.html, T-3 Squat Rack pros being 5/8" hardware, 11 gauge steel, and westside hole spacing. But is the T-2 really good enough? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. They look very secure and strong.


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