umineko strongest characters

PR Beyonder & PR Molecule Man & Oblivion & Beyonders (entire Race) & Thanos & Galactus (composite) & Abstract Entities & the LT & God Killer Armor & Dormmamu & God Doom & Shuma Gorath & Scathan with all the Celestials & Protege, Elaine Belloc (composite) & Lucifer Morningstar & Michael Demiurgos & the Endless & Anti Monitor Over Monitor & Thought Robot & Mandrakk & the Specter & WF Mxy & Emperor Joker & Featherine Augustus Aurora with her Cats & bernkastel & lambdadelta & Hadou Gods. This has led to the concept of brane world models. I mean, the threads doesnt have a limit of messages now, do they?

It's infinite. Beatrice. Hax isn't durability related, hence why its called hax. Using omnipotents is banned. Understand? It's a much bigger scale. Doug Mahnke did a great 3-D drawing of an inter-brane corridor in the Superman Beyond segments – and it ties in fine with how I see things operating on recursive, isomorphic scales, or dimensions.

There is currently no text in this page. Witches with this ability, such as Beatrice, are known as Endless Witches and are greatly respected, though they often lose their concept of life and death entirely and are easily corrupted. Its name is an abbreviation of mystery fiction writer S. S. Van Dine. It does actually since for top 8-C they should definitely lose due to the lack of magic in which the Officio Assassinorum rely on meaning the goats invulnerability and powernull is pretty useless. Just beating Culexus won't get him to first spot though, see. Throw them at Six fold, Zach isn't here anymore. My list goes. There's a big fight at the end between two witches where they're described as creating and destroying universes. Even affecting Type 1 NEP requires either feats of effecting Non-existent things in-verse or being able to interact with Concepts, which Type 1 NEP still has. However, that power is extremely weak against the toxin that rejects it. I think its fine to discuss it here. As long as guns, knives, and bullets exist within 1986, which they do, then that shouldn't stop said guns from killing them when they land a hit. @ovy7: Didn't notice them on the same team, and nah I would say the other Hadou Gods are more Ange level.

- I can't afford it! Even though the magic blade should have cut through the metal like butter, the 'gun', with its extremely high magic resistance power, was able to block the blade as easily as if it were a rolled-up newspaper. Beyond even the Source Wall is Destiny holding his book, which contains everything above.His book contains everything, even itself. I don't think anyone on team comics can even deal with Ren's time armor Or Mercurius' resets/grand cross, let alone Hajun.

- Oh my, I'm scared. Branes are hypersurfaces embedded in the extra dimension. It is also possible to enter the space between Hypertimelines, where all possible worlds are visible through an endless series of dimensional "window". These weapons do not cause physical damage, but instead attack concepts. Well, if we go by this logic, everyone here is a glass cannon since everyone here has higher D hax or something like that. @sungsam: Those threads were a blast lol. The infinite timelines, the infinite multiverses, the sphere of gods (Which would already be greater than Uminekos afterlife), everything that exists outside of the multiverse, etc. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These timelines occasionally intersect, resulting in changes to history that are usually not even noticed by the inhabitants of a timeline. This is, of course, nothing to do with Witches and Demons being weak, but High Magic-Resistance being a good hax to use against them. ABC logic: Destinys book has the destiny of the sea of fragments/books/multiverses, the afterlife (Hell and Heaven), the voyager witches and of Featherine in his book. That would make a high-balled Beyonder double infinite-D (Metaverse Level 3 by our tiering system), which would make him equal to a Voyager, as they are described to be at the top of the Witches Domain; so high-balled Voyagers Vs. maximum high-balled Beyonder are equal in raw power, but a Voyager would beat Beyonder despite being equal in power due to superior conceptual abilities. It is as close as possible to the Red Truth, If the truth is given, the sword will be allowed only for that matter alone. Umineko's characters also have many abilities like reality warping, time manipulation, regeneration, resurrection, etc. The current members of the Ushiromiya family gather on Rokkenjima every year for their annual family conference. DC just sits back and laughs at the carnage. Human Weapons like Guns have strong Anti-Magic Toxins mixed in them, so they are even fatal to Witches and Demons. I'm ready to accept that our entire lives are playing out across a 2-D film as thin as soap bubble skin, since – as above, so below – we already have our own examples of such branes in the form of movie and TV screens, the pages of books and of comics. After the first second of the fight the only ones I see remaining are PR Beyonder, WF Mxy, Elaine, and Featherine, which devolves into a "Choose your favorite Nigh-Omnipotent character", so I'll go with Auau cause I like her more. The Chiester Sisters Imperial Guard Corps (シエスタ姉妹近衛兵, Shiesuta Shimai Konoehei) are bunny-girl weapons who can only be summoned by witches and sorcerers with a substantial amount of summoning skills. Anti-Magic Toxins are toxins that are born from people's disbelief into magic.

Marvel is extremely low-tier in the multiversal department. The term "furniture" (家具, kagu) in Umineko is used to refer to those who serve others, similar to that of a servant, except those termed furniture are summoned or created by a magician or witch. User blog:MAD SOULER/Dragons are really convenient, aren't they? This blog will explain the General Abilities that Umineko characters posses in detail and what ability those grant them.

Elaine Belloc maked it to a stomp for the DC team.

Well... Beatrice could also make so no magic except hers could exist in Golden Land, which also means Red Truth hasLaw Manipulation. And you know what? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

", "You're joking. That survey just made things needlessly complicated. Battler stomped YHVH, therefore he should be first in low 1-C. Btw, most DW characters seem to be 4B with weapons, it would make them invalid for 4B. The dreaming contains all which is not, was not, and shall never be. Their AP does not follow their durability, and Meth is 5A with his Jaws (Someone said they are part of his body and not just attacks), just like Accel is 5B with his wings. Blue Truth is the type of truth Human Side (or Human Player in the game) can use to deny the existence of witches/supernatural beings. It is a redemption enforcement agency supervised by the Great Court of Heaven, tasked with carrying out interrogations and executions of those who have committed heresy, particularly witches. I wanted to make a match here, but after looking at the profile who's currently nr 1, it would just be such a stomp that it would make me feel like a bully. 4 1. On top of that, anyone that understood Beatrice's game and reached the truth, or anyone who understands it, in general, is able to use Golden Truth, even if they are just pieces. I am really feeling it! 926 133.

Here's the link btw: Battle for Han Jee-Han's spot on High 7-C: So, anyone else agrees with Eddie's point? On top of that, there is the afterlife (Hell and heaven), which exists on a higher plane in existence than the sea of fragments/books. Duedate8898. Even the low interpretation from Pre-Retcon Beyonder, who is a infinite-D multiverse could stomp them.

The gold text is something that anyone can use if they understand the rules of the game, so ultimately, even 'pieces' in the game can use it.

And for what tiers? Eiserne Jungfrau boasts a great number of spectacular achievements in witch-hunting, and is extremely well known among other agencies. NGL, I was thinking of having Willard fight Niang-Niang from Toaru just to see how much of a stomp it would be. The goats that packed the decks of the ships numbered in the tens of thousands. Can you name any other verse besides DC and Umineko that's superior to them? With the sole mission of defeating his father, who … Aliester's 5-B is a glass cannon no matter what because his main attack tier is higher than his actual durability. Unless these goats know exactly how all guns work and the exact amount of force they can output, I think it NLFish to say that they can just null one because it outputs more damage than a normal gun is supposed to. Why I use only a infinite-D Beyonder is because of the reason, that this is the most plausible for the Beyonder. Most of the current characters on the list are physically in their tiers while also just having good hax amongst those in their tier. The goal of the game is to discern whether the murderer is human or of some other supernatural source, while the witch Beatrice tries to prove that murders are done in Supernatural ways and the main character, Battler tries to prove it is done in human ways. Oct 12, 2020 #233 LMAO, aren't Umineko's 1Bs very low in the tier? In the world of Umineko When They Cry, witches are beings who hold powers that allow them to surpass human limitations, and are able to use that power freely.

The other servants and staff members are normal people hired by Krauss and Natsuhi. I lost track. Witches of an even higher order are Creators, beings who hold the ability to create something from nothing. Including limbo, sphere of gods, etc. "There is no youkai! 1st 8-C. Their small range doesn't matter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. messed up some DnD profiles. After all, even though magical being like Seven Sister of Purgatory can cut through metal like butter, a Highly Magic Resistant Gun can block it: The arm Leviathan swung was trailed by a purple curve. It can even make a rain of fire fall from the heavens or divide a sea, and reviving a lost life isn't impossible either. 12. More generally speaking, in brane world models the standard model particles are confined on a hypersurface (called a brane) embedded in a higher dimensional space (called the bulk). That is extremely inconvenient for us. I figure it gives us a scope that every comics universe exists somewhere in there. That survey just made things needlessly complicated. 4-Dimensional universes attached to a membrane of a 5th-dimensional bulk which contains infinite membranes. The Keys take different shapes depending on the Inquisitors who wield them. It's not resistance to magic, it's resistance to the supernatural (beyond 1986).

General Abilities. Last I saw that have a limit lower than 500 but I could definitely be wrong. - 余裕じゃねぇか!なら俺の土俵で勝負させてもらうぜ!!貴様ら妖怪の存在を概念否定してぶっ消してやるぜッ!!. Since majority of the cast knows Beatrice's past and motives by the End of the Series, they can use it. Also, Umineko Characters for 1st place in 1-B. Hajun shit stomps them. Oct 11, 2020 #196 Completely agree with Edward. Balance has been restored.

The Umineko When They Cry visual novel series features an extensive cast of characters created and originally illustrated by 07th Expansion's Ryukishi07. Limbo is outside the story of DC and is part of the Monitor Sphere, which is the boundary of existence and non-existence. See, E9 nulls Umineko's magic. Admins and Mods Rules and Guidelines Accepted Calcs Top Strongest Project Word … The multiverse of DC, as it stands now, has infinite universes and each of these universes contains infinite timelines. Our universe may be such a brane–like object.

Thankfully, DC has a decent amount of fodder like CAS and Mandrakk, making this slightly more balanced. But the DC Universe is the one we're familiar with - the Orrery of Worlds, as we've called it - and it's floating in this source with multiple multiverses.".


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