uss south dakota (bb‑57)
From the size of the hole it is estimated that this hit was an 8-inch AP projectile. 16, USS Liscome Bay CVE56 War Damage Report No. 2, frame 72 port on first superstructure deck 7 over 1.1-inch mount No. 41. Damage to spray shield and splinter shield around 40mm director. As a result of this failure, numerous control shifts had to be made and it was reported that all power on the after part of the ship was lost for about a minute. Three glass panels on the flag bridge were broken by blast or fragments and the operating mechanisms rendered unserviceable. North Dakota was laid down at the Fore River Shipyard in December 1907, was launched in November 1908, and commissioned into the US Navy in April 1910. But after the automatic bus transfer operated, the fuzes protecting the emergency supply "blew." Because no mention was made of trouble on the alternate power supply to the director, it is inferred that the rupture of the normal feeder cleared the short-circuit on the alternate supply which then continued to supply the director. Hit No. Other fragments spreading forward pierced the superstructure on the main and first superstructure deck levels. SOUTH DAKOTA, WASHINGTON, PRESTON, GWIN, BENHAM and WALKE comprised Task Force 64 on the night of 14-15 November 1942. 27. The port longitudinal structural bulkhead was perforated by at least five holes about two feet in diameter. 6 and 8. These holes were reported to have been caused by an 8-inch and a 5-inch projectile. 2. The AQB circuit breakers in the distribution panels, which were in unattended locations, were "locked in" in accordance with outstanding instructions. During the last part of the engagement contact with WASHINGTON was lost. (e) U.S. 4 from generator and distribution switchboard No. She was commissioned in March 1942 and in August was transferred to the Pacific where she was soon involved in the Guadalcanal Campaign. It is estimated that this was an 8-inch AP projectile. Bulkhead 84 had a 30 by 60-inch hole torn in it and the fourth level above the housetop had a 12 by 18-inch and an 18 by 36-inch hole. 24. 13. 6 in port side of 5-inch secondary battery director foundation as viewed through hole in port splinter shield. transverse passage and the radar plot and out the port side, demolishing the top of the port spray shield between frames 83 and 86. This projectile, probably 8-inch, hit the Mk. Watertight door 1-58 was buckled. Fragments from this projectile penetrated the deck of the flag bridge in the vicinity of frame 74 and the watertight door between the signal bridge and signal shelter. 2. Hit No. Simultaneously SOUTH DAKOTA's secondary battery commenced firing on the illuminating. USS South Dakota, lead ship of a class of 35,000-ton battleships, was built at Camden, New Jersey. Entry hole in starboard longitudinal structural bulkhead. Damage to main deck around barbette. 22. Another projectile, probably 8-inch AP, hit at frame 83-1/2 about 8 feet above the deck of air defense forward. Hit No. At 0000 15 November, Task Force 64 was about thirteen and a half miles southeast of Savo Island on course 270° true. 23. 8. Click here for a larger version of this plate. If so, the performance of this 50-pound STS plate was most unusual. circuits in approximately three minutes. 45, USS New Orleans CA32 War Damage Report No. Hit No. 6. Starboard flag bag 6. As it was probable that some of the enemy combatant vessels would bombard Guadalcanal during the night in preparation for the arrival of their transports, Task Force 64 was directed to take a position southeast of Savo Island by midnight of 14 November 1942 in order to be in a position to intercept the expected enemy bombardment group. Action was expected and SOUTH DAKOTA. 16. One report of enemy vessels on the starboard bow at a range of 7000 yards had been overlooked in conn while directing fire on targets bearing 112° relative. U.S.S. The shock produced by Turret III firing astern caused the contactor for the alternate power supply in the automatic bus transfer switch to close, thereby paralleling generator and distribution switchboards No. The alternate feeder (FE0420) circuit breaker to the bus transfer panel was closed at generator and distribution switchboard No. About thirty seconds after illumination, the enemy opened fire concentrating on SOUTH DAKOTA. Three fragments penetrated the 15-pound STS splinter shield around the mount exploding the ready service ammunition on the shield and six fragments pierced the deck within the working circle of the mount. SOUTH DAKOTA identified the first ship as a battleship and the second and third ships in column as cruisers. Bureau of Ships Damage to 5-inch mount No. Point of entry of hit No. 5 and 6 and the alternate feeder (FE0420). Exit hole of hit No. Port longitudinal structural bulkhead. Because of this long time delay, most projectiles passed through the superstructure without detonating. This is believed to be the reason that, even when there was no detonation, fragment holes were frequently found near the projectile hole. South Dakota (BB57) Gunfire Damage . Displacement. It ripped through the director apparently without exploding. One fragment gouged a hole 3 inches in diameter to a depth of 3/4 inch in the 1-1/2-inch STS bulkhead of the signal shelter. III Use this chance to destroy them. Although structural damage was extensive, it was considerably less than would be generally expected from this number and caliber of hits. Damage to bulkhead 129 above second deck. Hits Nos. 33. 26, USS Saratoga CV3 War Damage Report No. Fully upgraded with flags, she can hit a shocking 257k hp. Note damage to 5-inch mount No. At 0018 SOUTH DAKOTA opened fire with the main battery on the second ship in formation at a range of about 15,700 yards. At Battleship South Dakota Memorial in Sioux Falls, SD, we pay homage to the USS South Dakota (BB-57) and its crew. Hole in starboard structural bulkhead and foremast housing in battle dressing room. A16-3/S62/(0179), of 8 December 1942. To accommodate this, two of the ship's twin 5" gun mounts were … Fragments went aft and pierced and distorted frames 109, 110, 111 and 112 and penetrated the third deck between torpedo bulkhead No. 1 and to secondary battery director No. It is possible that they came from the detonation of hit No. 46. The projectile pierced the foremast housing tube and passed out through the port longitudinal structural bulkhead near frame 86. The loss of all search radar was a serious handicap to SOUTH DAKOTA.


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