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Guo Degang recently posted on Weibo about stepping into the wine business. Xie Na (1981), also nicknamed ‘Nana’, is a popular singer, actress and designer. 19 Kim Woo Bin 金宇彬  5,321,067 Han Han 韩寒 41.933.102 followers. It is an online subculture that has been around for more than a decade, and it is not likely to die out any time soon.

7 Jung Il Woo 丁一宇  14,553,243 With a viewership of tens of millions, it often holds the first place in China’s total viewing rating. Man Beats His Wife to Death in Street in Shanxi, Bystanders Look On, Your email address will not be published. According to China’s cyberspace regulations, online content should adhere to the “correct political direction” and “strive to disseminate contemporary Chinese values.” Over the past few years, there have been various moments when displays of homosexuality were targeted by censors. In comparison: the celebrities with the most followers on Twitter are Katy Perry (75 million), Justin Bieber (67 million), and Barack Obama (63 million). Liu Ye (1978) is a famous Chinese actor, who is known for taking on difficult roles. The ambiguous relationship between Holmes and Watson – and the very fact that they are not explicitly homosexual – suits the fantasies harbored by China’s fǔnǚ. 30 Kim Hyun Joong 金贤重  3,558,929, 31 TAKE Lee Seung Hyun  2,948,208 There are countless examples of how BL fans photoshopped Sherlock images into homoerotic scenes, making up their own stories and endlessly discussing the relationship between Holmes and Watson. There are various explanations and interpretations of why female fans enjoy writing and reading about male homoeroticism. 33 Song Ji Hyo 宋智孝  2,725,265 Although the Rotten Girls have been increasing their sphere of influence, it hasn’t been without controversy. 56 2PM Jang Woo Young 祐荣  1,214,836 Manya Koetse erklärt das chinesische Internet,,, 29 EXO-K  3,580,750 69 SUPERJUNIOR   838,339 Would love your thoughts, please comment. Nabbing the top spot is TV host and presenter Xie Na who is famous for co-hosting the popular variety show Happy Camp. 96 T-ARA Jiyeon 智妍  370,845 “The son of the village chief took liberties with a huadan actress who rejected him, and then he kicked her, causing her to lose consciousness. “If there is no relaxed online environment, it doesn’t matter how professional we are,” one commenter writes: “We might come to a standstill.”. Although Weibo is not really similar to Twitter, it does have the same ‘follower-followee’ system. (Chanyeol has just returned to Weibo after 2.5 year absence). Another major topic that went trending within the Rotten Girls community some years ago, even attracting the attention of western news media, was the British crime drama Sherlock. 2020. Chen, Xin. She has also released several albums, founded a personal clothing line, and published two books. Chen Kun is not only popular because of his acting work, but also for his looks – he is known to have a large gay fanbase. Yang, Ling and Yanrui Xi.

67 2NE1  854,395 The popularity of danmei came up with the growing influence of Japanese popular culture in China. Korean drama really hits China these days. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. 82 Super Junior Yesung 艺声  552,115 “腐女心理 [Funu Psychology]” (In Chinese). This is a list of celebrities from mainland China with the biggest fan base. © 2007 - 2020 6Theory Media, LLC. ‘Rotten girls’ do not just consume these stories, primarily written by and for women, they also create and share them with others to discuss. Must Read : Top 10 Celebrities With The Most Weibo Followers, [TOP100] Hallyu star popularity ranking in China by Weibo, 1 Lee Min Ho 李敏镐   28,267,398 80 Lee Hyo Ri 李孝利  594,506, 81 2NE1 Sandara Park  590,483

Fanart: Holmes and Watson share a passionate kiss. Zhao Wei is the world’s wealthiest working actress. Zhang Chunyu (2016) also highlights the genre as an outlet for female writers and readers to explore sexuality and pleasure in a “subversive” way. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Oh, the drama! 26 Jessica Jung  4,057,539 9,’ is also still popular among BL fans in China. 4 Jang Geun Suk 张根硕   18,270,578 Vicky Zhao (1976) is a Chinese film star, singer, entrepreneur and director. But besides the special BL fiction forums, there are also many fǔnǚ accounts on the more mainstream social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo. What’s on Weibo has compiled a top 10 of people with the most followers on Sina Weibo. In “Producing Gayness” (1997), Sho Ogawa describes how one Japanese magazine even offered readers a “Gay Toybox”: full color paper gay dolls to cut out, including matching clothes from jackets to sports uniforms and even leather bondage gear. Where did this all begin? Although the past decade has demonstrated that Rotten Girls are not easily scared away by censorship and shutdowns, their future eventually does depend on the online accessibility to BL media and forums. 25 EXO Sehun 世勋  4,305,073 Spotted a mistake or want to add something? China’s Rotten Girls subculture is also ‘subversive’ in another way. The two have to make some taunting decisions, including possibly being forced into sexual activity with each other, in order to make it out alive. 9 LUHAN 鹿晗  11,776,533 She posts personal pictures every day. He is married to award-winning actress Li Xiaolu. Korean drama really hits China these days. She is also known for her work as ambassador for various brands, which has added to her wealth. 27 EXO-M  4,008,593 79 CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin 李正信   622,789 88 T-ARA Hyomin 孝敏  464,421 99 MissA Min  342,128 What Do You Think? It is an online subculture that has been around for more than a decade, and it is not likely to die out any time soon.

Whether met with controversy or censorship, for now it seems impossible to put the Rotten Girls back into the closet they came from. The man is charged with disorderly conduct and is currently detained. Park Shin Hye is on the verge of crossing the 10 million line. 16 Lee Da Hye 李多海   6,715,428 Look at the names, Jang Gun Suk, Lee Jun Gi, Jung Il Woo, Lee Jong Seok, Kim Woo Bin etc. Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can contact us at Your email address will not be published. In traditional Chinese opera, the Huadan characters are young female roles, often seductive in appearance and quick with their words. Together with actresses  Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun and Xu Jinglei, she belongs to China’s ‘Four Dan Actresses’ (四大花旦): the four greatest actresses of mainland China. what about byun baekhyun he has 2.3 M followers. Since the first Chinese BL-focused monthly magazine appeared in 1999, the genre has mixed with various local and other foreign media and celebrity cultures (e.g. 63 2PM JunK  948,920 China’s ever-buzzing social media sphere sees trends, topics, and movements pop up every single day and then fade away quickly when their novelty is gone. In order to circumvent censorship, the words and images used are often coded or nuanced enough not to get deleted – but BL fans will still understand and enjoy the subtext. The   Sina Weibo social media platform is often called the “Chinese Twitter”. she is a kpop artist, maybe she left sm but she still has the title of kpop artist. Contact at, or follow on Twitter. But many people on this list are actually Chinese. Throughout the years, the Chinese genre of danmei has become much more than just an imported entertainment genre from Japan, and it is also somewhat different from the subgenre of ‘slash fiction’ in the West. ‘Happy Camp’ (快乐大本馆) is a prime time variety show aired by Hunan TV. Throughout the years, dozens of danmei authors have been arrested and many sites were closed or deleted for creating and distributing homoerotic content (Chen 2017, 9; Madill et al 2018, 6; Zhang 2016, 250). 12 Park Shin Hye 朴信惠  9,986,738 She is a writer and consultant (Sinologist, MPhil) on social trends in China, with a focus on social media and digital developments, popular culture, and gender issues. 23 CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa 郑容和  4,774,034

According to them, it is the most romantic type of love because it transcends the boundaries of gender. The top two of China’s Weibo celebrities have over 78 and 77 million ‘followers’: the largest online fanbase in the world. 49 Super Junior M Henry 刘宪华  1,648,755 45 Super Junior M Zhoumi 周觅  1,838,331, — Manya Koetse (@manyapan) October 11, 2020.

She is also the co-host of ‘Happy Camp‘ (快乐大本管), one of China’s most popular variety TV shows. The case received even more attention on social media when it turned out that the 33-year old troublemaker is the son of the head of a neighboring village. 86 Haha 河东薰  501,101 Last year, the new mother to twins also received two Guinness World Record titles for being the first person to accumulate 100 million followers on Weibo as well as having the most followers on Weibo. I miss Jang Geun Suk.
Many Chinese netizens feel that the man is spared by Chinese news media outlets, which only report about a “drunken man” who was “causing trouble.” They insist that the real story should be properly reported.
84 JYJ Jaejoong 金在中  546,808 They are China’s super stars and have the largest online fan base in the world. They have become a phenomenon that is often discussed in the media and is even researched by many academics. 15 Lee Kwang Soo 李光洙  6,830,186 48 EXO Chanyeol  1,698,481

In addition, members of variety show ‘Running Man’ Lee Gwang Soo, Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Song Ji Hyo attract fans in China. First-time commenters, please be patient – we will have to manually approve your comment before it appears.


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