white horse dream meaning
As stated above, black often represents the death of new ideas, so could your dream be telling you to prepare for the transition? On the other hand, painting the house white symbolizes the need to purify and recover something you have lost. I know this is true because I myself am a person of strong passion, especially about matters of faith. The meaning is, that the proper seeking for salvation, or the proper conduct in reference to religion, is like the conduct of a “merchantman.” In his searches he found one pearl of great value, and sold all his possessions to obtain it. If afterward she sees the pig sliding gracefully along the telegraph wire, she will by intriguing advance her position, For a young woman to dream that she is riding a white horse up and down hill, often looking back and seeing some one on a black horse, pursuing her, denotes she will have a mixed season of success and sorow,{sic} but through it all a relentless enemy is working to overshadow her with gloom and disappointment. (Also see Colors)... Islamic Dream Interpretation. To mount a horse bareback, you will gain wealth and ease by hard struggles. The characteristics of the clothes are what make the meaning of the dream, as it can be of various shapes, colors and materials and may appear in many different situations. Folklore: Horses can be messengers of death. Dreamed of killing a horse hints that (the) dreamer is hurting the sensitivity of people who have trusted him (her). If instead will gallop, it may indicate that by ambition, he is losing control of its affairs…. See Racetrack. This dream has a positive meaning. Depth Psychology: A swing means your moods are constantly “swinging back and forth.” In a man’s dream, it also might imply that—if married and having an affair—he can’t decide between his wife and his lover. Something bothers you very strongly or have the intuition of danger from an allergy or insect bite…. The state of hair in your dreams is important for interpreting meaning. Those ten thousand angels are moving. Dreamed of buying or premiering new clothes and good presentation either man’s suit or dress woman, means upcoming changes in the life of the dreamer. The vision might be showing you the qualities (purity & strength) of your own spirit, and that you have the power within you to overcome your besetting sin(s), IF you chose to follow its promptings and those of God’s Holy Spirit. Being chased by a white horse reflects trouble in dealing with sexuality. White horses stand for death. Black dress suggests dreamed nearby lawsuits, difficulties, misunderstandings and generally annoying and difficult to resolve situations. To ride a horse to ford a stream, you will soon experience some good fortune and will enjoy rich pleasures. -Sell A threat horse property loss. If the horses pulling a carriage are out of control in your dream, this suggests loss of control in your waking life but if the carriage is plodding along, it suggests an old-fashioned approach to life and reluctance to look forward to the new. Galloping: Ecstasy, ambition, and the emotional self. Gypsy Dream Dictionary. In myths and folktales, horses sometimes speak. ‘And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.‘” “Thus did the devil, and his great minister antichrist, rage with violence and cruelty against the church of Christ! To see a white horse while dreaming is an indication of prosperity. The mare: femininity, re- ceptiveness, fertility. A gray workhorse in a dream represents a high rank, and a black workhorse means prosperity. This building is itself a symbol for the United States, modern democracy, and the American Dream. Also, such a dream image may appear when your association with the state of affairs in politics is either inspiring you or causing you to despair. [Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible]. If white: same as any person dream. A horse that can get through any door and batter down all obstacles is the collective shadow – those aspects of the personality that most people attempt to suppress. Tied-up horse: A symbol of inhibition. For some, white is the color of highest spirituality. Dreaming a horseshoe hanging on a fence suggests that soon there will be a marked improvement in your life, perhaps higher than desired. While it would be hard to believe the white horse in my dream symbolized the false Christ because of its regal, noble character it is possible that the white horse could be that of the Antichrist. According to Freud, horses symbolize the sexual drive. The Big Dictionary of Dreams. Now turn your passion towards your new Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and be willing to do anything He asks of you. The meaning is the same as the horse = If a sick dreams of galloping on a horse through forests may worsen your condition. I had a dream last night actually I just woke up from it not even ten minutes ago. Other classical authors see in the horse a symbol for the woman the dreamer would love to possess physically. Cars were driving fast and close to all of us the horse never got hit and nethier did we I kept calling the horse to come closer but the horse hept walking in odd circle patterns. Dreamed of riding a horse of any color other than black and other than a skinny or sick animal, he intimates successes nearby. Men are harassed with fear of impotency rather than death when they dream of dangerous horsemanship.... Psycho Dream Interpretation. Purity (white horse). Purity and wholeness are represented by white, as this is the unification of all the colors of light that are visible to the human eye. 1) a pearl If the horse is black, you will be successful in your fortune, but you will practice deception, and will be guilty of assignations. Dream a black horse suggests bad temper and brutal mistreatment and even to respectable people, but such behavior will not be an impediment to succeed in their business. It is also the color of completeness and innocence. -Sell A threat horse property loss. This is a dream warning to avoid falling into dangerous temptations. When a woman dreams of riding and carrying on haunches suggests a man who wants a marriage proposal from a suitor who knows. A black or brown one indicates power and position. The horse- shoe is also connected as a lucky symbol to weddings. An adult woman, and even more if you have children, who dreams even white-robed priest officiating a mass, is announcing that one of her daughters or other family soon marry.


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